Jennifer Bassey sets the record straight regarding her Delta debacle
Posted Monday, June 08, 2015 2:48:02 PM
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Jennifer Bassey sets the record straight regarding her Delta debacle
All My Children's Jennifer Bassey (ex-Marian Colby) tells her side of the incident that got her kicked off a Delta flight last week.

Obscenities were flying, but All My Children's Jennifer Bassey (ex-Marian Colby) was not after a tiff with a Delta flight attendant resulted in the soap actress getting kicked off a flight last week. With media interest in the story taking off faster than most jets, Bassey decided to try to set the record straight.

The actress made an appearance on the Fox News Channel series On the Record with Greta Van Susteren on Friday to give her side of the story. As Soap Central previously reported, the actress was removed from her Delta flight after allegedly screaming obscenities at a flight attendant who gave her attitude when Bassey refused to use the plane's hand soap after using the bathroom (opting to use her own hand sanitizer instead) and pulling out her laptop while the plane was in line to take off.

According to the Illinois native, who was on her way to Indianapolis to meet her boyfriend's daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren, things got ugly between her and a flight attendant, which resulted in the actress mouthing a swear word and the police escorting her off the plane shortly after. To hear the full story, check out Bassey's On the Record video below.

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