Daniel Cosgrove to leave AMC Scott-free
Posted Friday, July 17, 1998 - 8:35:16 PM
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Daniel Cosgrove to leave AMC Scott-free

In late 1996, Daniel Cosgrove was cast in the role of Scott Chandler. The recasting of the role, which Shane McDermott had taken on prior to Cosgrove, created a lot of fuss among viewers. Most viewers were quiet happy with McDermott's portrayal of Scott, but the casting execs at AMC decided that Scott needed to move in "a new direction." Now less than two years after taking on the role, Cosgrove is leaving his prestigious Pine Valley zip code for one of even greater clout -- 90210.

Cosgrove, who had no acting experience prior to being cast as Scott Chandler, had recently wrapped of filming of at least one motion picture. Come the new fall season, Cosgrove will join the cast of Aaron Spelling's Beverly Hills, 90210. Spelling, incidentally, is also the creative force behind fledgling soap, Sunset Beach. Cosgrove will not be alone in his defection from daytime to primetime soap. He'll be joined on 90210 by Vanessa Marcil, General Hospital's Brenda Barrett.

Marcil's departure had been the subject of rumor for at least a few weeks now. Cosgrove's announcement seemed to come clear out of the blue. ABC, as it does in so many situations, refused to immediately confirm Marcil or Cosgrove's departure.

It has been stated that the role of Scott will not be recast. Instead Scott will remain in town -- he'll just never be seen. Several critics have stated that the role should be recast rather than having the son of a prominent Pine Valley resident just "vanish."

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