Not such a Celi idea:
Raquel's gone
Posted Thursday, July 30, 1999 - 9:16:36 PM
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Not such a Celi idea: Raquel's gone

In the soap world eight months is barely enough time to get your feet wet, yet the writers are ordering Ara Celi (Raquel Dion) out of the pool. Word from the set is that Celi will leave the show when her contact expires later this year.

According to AMC Pages sources, the departure is "storyline dictated." Also leaving is Julian Michael Caiazzo (Max). Both are expected to leave in September.

Celi is not the first actress to take on the apparently difficult role of Raquel. Carolyn Neff played the part from September 1998 to January of this year. Raquel originally seemed to have her sights set on reuniting with Mateo. When fans bemoaned the idea, the role was recast to "take the character in a new direction." Raquel became more focused on her son and gave up hopes of rekindling her romance with Mateo.

Early speculation is that Raquel will mend fences with her family and return home to Texas. A final air-date has not yet been announced.

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