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Skye and Adam reunited with each other. Laura and Janet also reunited, as did Erica and Dimitri. Liza found out that she was not pregnant. Brooke told Pierce that she couldn't see him anymore.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of August 5, 1996 on AMC
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Monday, August 5, 1996

After Michael had to cancel a tutoring session with Laura, Laura bailed out on a date with Scott and headed down to the Insomniac Cafe. What she didn't plan on happening was Scott also cropping up at the hangout. She begged Kevin, remember that he works there now, if she could dash into the ladies' room without Scott noticing her. Laura took up residence in one of the stalls and Kevin had to bang on the door and ask her if she was ever going to come out. When one of the glamour girls wandered in, Laura asked if she could borrow a hair clip and some make-up to make herself up. With red lips and pulled back hair, Laura emerged into the world once again. But all was not well. She saw that Scott was chatting with Anita and she took off.

Anita gave Scott a baseball cap to thank him for all of his help. She said that she is back home with her parents and is very happy. She added that she wants Scott to wear the cap whenever he goes to a baseball game with Laura. There might not be any abseball games, Scott sighed. He told Anita how he ditched Laura the night Anita needed to be driven to Center City. Not a smart move said Anita. Well we already knew that! Anita said that Scott should not have dunped his plans for her and that she can understand why Laura would be hurt. She may be aching, but she'll get true pain in a few minutes!

Laura rushed back to Brooke's, but she may wish that she had stopped to smell the roses or something as she walked in on Brooke and Pierce in some hot and heavy kissing. Brooke was stunned. She had no idea how she would explain what she was doing. Pierce jumped in and said that he and Brooke were serious about each other for a long time---ever since the art exhibit at Mount Evangeline. Laura put two and two together and realized that janet hit the road because of Brooke and Pierce's relationship. She took everything very calmly and headed to her room. She didn't stay there long. Brooke was concerned because Laura was not partaking in her nighttime tradition of listening to music before she nods off. Pierce said that he was sure everything was fine and that Laura was just too tired to listen to music.

Luara slipped out her bedroom window and went to the cabin. There she walked nostalgically around the cabin and noticed that Pierce had painted over the "Janet" and "Pierce" stars on the wall.

Tad asked Liza if he could have a few minutes with her. Tad explained to Liza how he wants to be there for her when she makes a decision about ending her pregnancy. Liza shook her head and said that she hasn't decided to have an abortion. Tad quickly apologized and removed his foot from his mouth. After some long discussion, Liza said that she wishes the baby was not Tad's. Not because she resents him, but because she realizes that this could foul up any kind of reconciliation between Tad and Dixie. Tad asked if he could drive Liza home and she accepted. When the pait got to Liza's condo, Tad asked if he could come in and stay with Liza.

The words of a murder aren't often listened to as Janet found out when she asked Derek for help in rescuing Erica and Toni from the evil ways of Jonathan Kinder. She begged and pleaded until eventually Jack had a feeling Janet might be telling the truth. See Janet mentioned Skye was also known as Toni. Jack recalled that Skye's given name was Antoinette and then had a flashback to when Erica told him that she was not in trouble, but rather was making trouble. They put a call in to Dimitri and asked him to come down to the station. Dimmie had the same reaction when he saw Janet. He thought Miss Green was playing some evil joke. But Janet knew that Erica callled him saying she had papers that would prove she did not willingly sleep with Jonathan.

Jonathan woke from what everyone assumed was his medication induced sleep. Only Toni did not inject him with the potion. She jabbed him with a B-12 injection. He untied himself and snuck up behind Erica while she struggled to get Christopher's body off of Toni. Jonathan grabbed a syringe, locked the door, and threatened to do away with Erica. He professed a depp love for her, but said that if she doesn't get him any money immediately, he'll knock her out. Erica tried to stall, but the waiting game infuriated Jonathan. Luckily for Erica, Toni woke up and bopped Jonathan on the head with a candlestick. The weeble wobbled, but he didn't fall down as the adrenaline rush kept Jonathan standing on his feet. He turned around and smacked Toni across the face and resumed his terrorizing of Erica. But the cavalry arrived just in time as Dimitri barged through the door.

Tuesday, August 6, 1996

Reluctantly, Liza agreed to let Tad come in for a while. She was caught off guard by his wanting to come in. But she may have been even more surprised by Tad being able to make a midnight snack out of the things she had in her kitchen. They sat down and munched on club sandwiches and popcorn while watching one of the late, late movies. When Liza decided to retire for the evening, she prepared to show Tad the door, but Tad asked if he could stay the night so he would be there when Liza found out whether she was pregnant or not. Liza thought it would suffice if she just called him, but Tad insisted that he stay.

Scott dropped by unannounced to see how Laura was doing. Apparently what Anita said made some sense and he was going to try to correct his mistake. Brooke knocked on Laura's bedroom door, but when she got no answer she opened the door and found that Laura had runaway.

Pierce and Scott headed to the cabin hoping that she would be there. Luara was at the cabin, but when she heard a car pulling up to the cabin, she ducked out the back door and hid in the bushes. Pierce and Scott looked around, but when they didn't find her they both figured that either she was not at the cabin or, if she was, she didn't want to be found. The two left hoping that soon the young woman would return to Brooke's.

Laura painted the Janet and Pierce stars back on the wall of the cabin and flashback to her happy moments with Janet. She broke down in tears as she begged for last summer to return to her. She lit a candle and prepared to go the sleep. During her slumber, she knocked the candle over and fell atop of a pile of rags and clothing, the flame still lit. This is a bitter bit of irony, as you remember Laura's mother was killed in a fire.

Dimitri and Jonathan struggled, but the battle last mere minutes as Dimitri was easily able to overpower Jonathan. He got in several hard shots to Kinder's head and stopped his assault only after Erica begged him to stop. Jack and Janet arrived a few minutes later and found Dr. Kinder laying on the floor unconscious. Everyone was taken down to the police station for questioning and Johnny was taken to Pine Valley Hospital where Joe issued the grim prognosis that Jonathan probably won't make it through the night. Jonathan regained consciousness only for a few seconds, but when he did he asked for Gloria, the attending nurse, to contact Marian Colby and tell her to come to his bedside.

Derek through Dimitri in jail for attacking Jonathan even though Toni and Erica swore Dimmie acted in self-defense. Erica begged Jack to left Dimitri out of jail, but Jack said he couldn't risk botching up his case against Jonathan. Besides, he said, Dimitri hasn't been charged with anything yet. Erica went to see Dimitri in his cell and apologized for ever letting "that snake" Jonathan into their lives. Dimitri reassured her that everything was fine because everything was finally taken care of.

Derek was stunned that Janet's story checked out. He never figured that the police would one day be thanking the murderess for assisting them. As Toni was giving her statement on the situations, Scott ran into the station and told Derek that he needs to file a missing person's report on Laura. Of course knew exactly who Tomi was--- his cousin Skye--- but Toni had to fake her recognition of her cousin. Now will Scott tell his father and Uncle Adam that Skye is back in town?

Wednesday, August 7, 1996

While Marian talked to Jonathan, his heart stopped, sending her into a panic. She called out for assistance and Maria and Gloria came running only seconds later. Maria managed to revive Jonathan and Jonathan's condition wa later upgraded to "We're pretty sure he'll make it" status. Outside the cubicle, Maria told Gloria of the bitter irony that she saved Jonathan's life only about a year after he left her to die in a hit and run accident.

Jonathan then mustered up enough energy to tell Marian that Dimitri was the one who beat him so badly. Then Maria figured out that they must have been fighting over Erica and said a few nasty snippets about Ms Kane. Anyhow, Jonathan told Marian that he could not die with Marian believing all the nasty things people say about him but that if he does move on to that pill pushing paradise in the sky he is glad that his final moments were with her.

Dimitri was released from jail after Derek received the word that Jonathan would pull through. Dimitri then set out to find Erica to be with her. Erica returned and announced that she had rustled one of her judge friends out of bed so that bail could be set, but she learned that Dimitri was not in jail anymore. She jumped all over Derek and accused him of sending her beloved up the river. Derek and Jack both laughed at the frenzied vixen and said that Dimitri had been released and was now looking for her. With that goodbit of news, Erica went to Linden House hoping that Dimitri would eventually track her down there. When she got there, however, she heard a prowler lurking around. Armed with a silver tea kettle, Erica prepared to bop the intruder on the head. The intruder was Dimitri and she put down her weapon. Erica then bandaged Dimitri's severely bruised and banged up hands (that Johnny Kinder must have one hard head, I tell ya!) and the two pledged to put all of their differences aside.

Scott called up Stuart and told him to hurry himself down to the police station. Well if someone told you to do that, you'd obviously assume the worst. But Stuart's anxieties were soon turned to feelings of joy as he was reunited with his neice, Toni-hyphen-Skye. She's really gonna have to pick one name soon so I can make up my mind in the Recaps! Anyway, Edmund arrived at the jailhouse after learning of everything that happened that night and pressed for details on Kinder from Derek. Derek turned down Edmund's request, so he turned to Skye and asked her if she could tell him a bit about her husband. Well Skye was still peeved that Edmund took her to the hospital after she told him not to. Edmund wasn't aobut to apologize and said that he could have left her to die on his living room floor. Skye opened up a bit and told Edmund what little she knew. Keep in mind that her memory is so jumlbed from the drugs. Stuart then told Skye that he was going to call Adam and let him know that she was okay, but Skye strongly objected. She said that he'd probably lock her up in the West Wing of Chandler Mansion for marrying a man that kept her prisoner for over a year. Stuart then said that Skye had to go to the hospital to get checked out. She objected, but eventually went along with Stuart.

Julia was glad to see that Maria had moved her bags out of the "oncall" area of the hospital and said that it was great that she moved back to Wildwind. Maria quickly interjected that she was staying at the Valley Inn and had no plans to return to living with Edmund. Julia became noticeably annoyed and reminded her sister that even if Edmund hadn't taken Sam back to Kelsey they still would have eventually had to give him up. Then Maria came up with the new excuse that she isn't mad at Edmund for giving up Sam. Well at least not entirely, anyway. But she didn't elaborate more than that.

Pierce had a vision that the names on the stars at the cabin had returned and quickly realized that Laura was, in fact, at the cabin. He took off to find her. Right after he left, Janet showed up at Brooke's. Now you have to remember that the last thing Brooke heard about Janet was how she was going to masquerade as her. Brooke was very nervous when Janet came to her door. Janer explained that she had changed and went on to say how she was kidnapped and drugged and the whole nine yards. All she wanted, Janet went on to say, was to hug Laura. Brooke told Janet where she could find Laura and Janet trapsed off in Pierce's footsteps. Pierce arrived just as Laura's clothing had caught on fire. He slinked his way along the floor until he got to Laura and carried her out of the burning cabin. Janet arrived at that moment and the two rushed Laura to the hospital. Shortly after she got to the hospital, Laura came to and saw Janet and Pierce standing next to each other. As Brooke walked in, Laura said that the good times were back and that Pierce and Janet were finally back together.

Thursday, August 8, 1996

Liza stumbled out of bed and wandered into her living room where Tad was fast asleep on the couch. Gloria had called to tell Liza that the results of her pregnancy test were in, but as they were both sleeping Liza had to call the hospital to get the results. Gloria informed Liza that she is not pregnant. Tad offered to take Liza out for breakfast, but she turned him down flat. She said that she had work at WRCW and needed to get back on track.

I don't know whether you'd call it relief or happiness, but Tad whizzed down to the hospital so he could tell Ruth the news that Liza was not pregnant. She expressed the same emotions and said she was happy that everything worked out for Tad. But Tad said he wasn't sure if they had because he had a change of heart as far as Liza's concerned. It may just have been because they were in the same condo over night, but he said that he doesn't view Liza as the Ice Princess any more.

With an ice pack on his head, Mateo tried to rebound from his drunken stupor. Hayley promised that she could whip him up a cure all drink, but that she'd need to run down to the store to get all the ingredients. While she was out, Adam stopped by the apartment so he could have a few words with Mateo about his wanting to marry Hayley. Adam praised Mateo for being a good guy, but said that he wants to make sure that this wedding---Hayley's third---doesn't get put in the same category as her others. He said he wants a big to do at the Country Club with all the Santoses (looks like even Rosa will get to male an appearance!) and all the Chandler. No quickie marriages, no elopements, no Elk Green. Mateo said he didn't think the idea was so hot because his parents really aren't ones for big bashes. How soon they forget Noah and Julia's wedding! Adam finally talked Mateo into a family gathering at Chandler Mansion to celebrate the coming together of two families, two ethnicities. Grocery toting Hayley arrived home while her father was still there, but they didn't get to do too much chatting. A call from Stuart came through on Adam's cellphone telling him that Skye was at the hospital. This news made Hayley extremely nervous as she told Mateo that she heard Skye was extremely snobby and pompous. So she said she was afraid to meet her long-lost sister.

Social Services received word of Laura's near death experience and quckly dispatched someone to see exactly what happened. Brooke and Pierce soon found themselves on the defensive as the social worker began questioning them as to how Laura got to the cabin by herself. No matter how Brooke explained it, she came up looking bad. The social worker implied that Brooke lets Laura run off to the cabin any time she pleases and that she can come and go without Brooke even knowing. And when Laura was asked for her side, things looked even bleaker. Laura said that she doesn't want to live with Brooke anymore because she's a "phony." In private, she asked Janet to let her leave Pine Valley with her and start over. Janet told Laura that she needs to stay in Pine Valley and finish school and that when she's 19 maybe they can consider it. Until then, she should stay with Brooke. Brooke found herself torn between her children and Pierce. She came to the conclusion that if she continues to see Pierce it will only hurt Laura. So she told Pierce that her children come first and that she has to stop seeing him.

Tender moments between Marian and Jonathan soon turned to moments filled with lies. Toni barged in to Jonathan's room and flailed every insult she could think of at him. When she realized that Marian had no idea that she was married to Dr. Kinder, she filled her in on everything: how he drugged her, killed Christopher, and the rest of the year long story. Toni bailed out of the room, but not after she told Jonathan that she, as his next of kin, told his doctor to take a long, long lunch break and not to give too much concern to his condition! Jonathan regrouped to rebuild his image and told Marian that his marriage to Skye was filled with unhappiness after she began abusing alcohol. He said Christopher was a manic-depressant and killed himself. Such a loss to the medical community, he added. Marian bought the entire line and said that she would fight to restore his honor.

Stuart tried to convince Skye to stick around and talk to her father, but Skye put up a fight. But before she could be discharged and leave the hospital, Adam arrived. He asked her to come home with him so they could talk. Skye knew she had no choice in the matter and reluctantly agreed.

Tad bumped into Gloria and asked she was up to. She said that she had plans later in the evening to go to on of Tim Dillon's baseball games. Tad decided to dump his WRCW work and asked Gloria what time he could pick her up to go to the game.

At Chandler Mansion, Winifred cooked up a batch of Belgian Waffles for Skye, apparently her favorite breakfast. She then waited around for the masseuse to unmangle her muscles. But that's when Hayyley showed up. Skye, not knowing that Hayley wasn't the masseuse, order her to begin the massage immediately. Oops! Poor Hayley, she's already afraid of meeting her sister and now this?

Friday, August 9, 1996

Pierce tried everything in his power to get Brooke to reconsider ending their relationship. Brooke, however, said that she was not about to alienate Laura in the process of bettering her relationship with Pierce, so she had to make a choice. The choice had Pierce on the losing end. He compared Brooke's feeling for Laura to those she had when she lost her daugher, also named Laura. He said that Brooke could not prevent the drunk driver from killing her daughter, but Brooke insisted that she should have been able to. There was no other way around it and Brooke walked out Pierce admitting that she would miss him terribly, but that she is doing the right thing.

Laura put on her street clothes and tried to escape the confining walls of her hospital room, but Myrtle caught her at the door and ordered her back into her room and into her hospital gown. Laura asked Myrt if she could stay with her for a few days. Myrtle was confused and said that Laura had a permanent home with Brooke. Laura shook her head and said that she wasn't going to be staying with Brooke any more.

Janet ran into an angry and newly dumped Pierce who tried to persuade her to tell Laura the truth about why she left town rather than having Laura think that Pierce and Brooke's affair was the reason. Janet said that she wasn't going to ruin Laura's vision of her. Janet then headed to see what was left of the cabin after the fire. She held her breath as she opened the door, but found that very little had been destroyed. On the floor she found Laura's doorknob, the clear crystal-like one she took when she lived with her mother. Janet then relived some of the moments she spent with Laura at the cabin and broke into tears. She returned to the hospital to visit Laura, but interrupted her visit with Brooke. It wasn't much of a visit actually. Laura was expressing her discontent with Brooke and her living arrangements. Laura really gave Brooke the cold shoulder and did everything short of kicking her out when Janet popped in.

Jack paid Jonathan a visit at the hospital to inform him that when he is physically able, he will be charged with three counts of kidnapping and first degree murder. Jonathan balked at the charges and Marian, still at his bedside, insisted that Jack was way off the mark. Checking on her patient's condition, Maria said that Jonathan was making an excellent recovery and that if she could, she'd release him from the hospital right then and there. Marian called up Joe Martin in the in-house phone and asked that Maria be removed from Jonathan's care because she was not conducive to healing. When the crowd finally left his room, Jonathan had news for Marian. He explained that the bad publicity surrounding him would virtually destroy all hopes of getting his miracle drug approved for sale in the United States. So, he said, he would be leaving for Switzerland. But he didn't want to go alone. He wanted his Angel, Marian, to go along with him.

Hayley played the part of the massage therapist quite well. Skye had absolutely no idea that she was actually talking to her sister. In fact, while Hayley gave Skye the rub down, Skye had some very unflattering things to say about her sister. She said that she is, from what she can figure, a space cadet who is a marionnette controlled by Adam. Why did Skye feel this way? Well because, in her words, Hayley's mother is a drunk and a whore. Hayley made cracks about Skye's lack of muscle tone and even inflicted a little pain on he dear sis while she rubbed her body down. In an act of revenge, Halo got a jar of honey and rubbed the sticky goo on Skye. But before she could finish, Mateo barged in on them. He asked Hayley was was going on and what she was doing to the other woman. Hayley smiled and said that she'd like to introduce her sister, Skye Chandler. Skye was furious and put on her robe and fled the scene. Not after getting stuck to the robe because of the honey on her back!

Erica met Dimitri at the Valley Inn for a romantic let's-patch-things-up luncheon. The peace and quiet was detroyed when a gaggle of tabloid reporters and newspersons crashed the scene and asked questions of the two. "Is it true, Ms Kane, that you were Jonathan Kinder's sex slave?" "Did you attack Dr Kinder, Mr Marick?" Sheesh! The journalists were booted from the Valley Inn, but not before getting under the couple's skin. But there was to be another distraction. Maria walked in and of course had to say hello to Erica and Dimitri. Erica said that she was sorry for Maria and her losing Sam to Kelsey. She insisted that she join them at the table, but Maria declined. Erica then sent Dimitri over to Maria's table to force her to join them. While Dimitri was gone, Skye wandered in to the Valley Inn. She was surprised to see Erica was having lunch with Dimitri, but when she saw Dimitri and Maria across the way, she began to have flashbacks of seeing them having sex the night she escaped from The Attic!

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