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Adam and Liza learned that Mia and Ryan had been sleeping together. After Laura lured her to the condo, Greenlee was arrested for trespassing. In court, however, Leo dropped the charges against his ex-fiancée. Jake warned Laura to stop her dangerous actions. Greenlee's father assured Mateo that he was not Proteus and urged him to go home. Mateo found Hayley unconscious. Roger contacted Chris Stamp, and was told that he would be back in Enchantment soon. Anna continued to follow David, but the doctor had someone of his own keeping an eye on Anna.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of October 22, 2001 on AMC
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Monday, October 22, 2001

Bianca and Erica argued over Chris. Bianca was upset that Erica preached against sex when she had obviously gone to bed with Chris. Chris tried to explain to Bianca what had happened between Erica and him. Erica stopped him, telling him he didn't have to explain anything. At that point, Chris felt a need to leave them alone. He went into the kitchen. Erica scolded Bianca for making accusations in her home. She felt Bianca was growing farther away from the girl she had been. As they continued to argue, Bianca told her mother she had received the last lecture from her. She said nothing had happened between her and Frankie, but she could see Erica's distrust. It was upsetting that Erica was always judging her. As Erica listening in disbelief, Bianca told her she didn't want to live there anymore. Erica didn't want Bianca to threaten her. Bianca replied that it wasn't a threat. She knew her mother wasn't going to change, and she wasn't going to, either. Bianca was tired of Erica making her feel like there was something wrong with her. Erica told her that gay or straight, it was her responsibility to tell her when she was making a mistake. Bianca wanted to know if she meant her relationship with Frankie. Erica admitted that it was. She felt Frankie was nothing but trouble and would eventually hurt Bianca. Bianca asked Erica if she had a relationship with Laura, would she have felt the same way. Erica denied that, but Bianca said no matter who she had been with, Erica would have tried to stop it. She had done it with Laura, Rain and Sarah. Bianca felt that if she would have a relationship with Laura, it would please Erica if she came home with a broken heart - just so she could say she was right. Erica tried to explain that she never wanted Bianca to hurt. She ached when Bianca was hurting. Bianca told Erica she was still gay and she was going to do what was right for her - no matter what it took. When the phone rang, Erica answered it. It was Frankie. She asked to speak to Bianca. As Erica hesitated, Frankie begged her not to hang up. She asked again to speak to Bianca. Erica hesitated again, but then handed the phone to Bianca. Frankie was relieved to talk to Bianca. She apologized for what she had said earlier that day. Near tears, she told Bianca she hadn't meant it. Frankie said for the first time in her life she was really alone and scared. Bianca didn't hesitate. She told Frankie she'd be right over. Erica forbade Bianca to leave. Bianca ignored her as she grabbed her jacket and raced out the door.

Frankie paced in her room as she waited for Bianca. When she heard Bianca knock, she opened the door and hugged her.

Chris returned to the living room to find Erica sitting on the floor leaning against the sofa. He asked if she was ok. She replied that she had gotten light headed. He wanted to know if she had told Bianca that despite their appearance, they had not made love. Erica replied that Bianca would not have listened. She was very upset that Bianca had run out. She was also afraid Frankie would hurt her. Chris felt Bianca might know what she was doing. Erica said she had not listened to her mother when she was that age and had made some mistakes. She wanted to protect Bianca from being hurt, but just didn't know how. Chris asked if she thought she had failed Bianca. Erica replied, "What if she's right and I'm wrong?" Then she said she couldn't be wrong about this. Chris wanted to know what Erica's mother did when Erica was seventeen years old and raising hell. Erica replied that she had just waited for her to come to her senses. Chris said that it might be time she wait and learn some patience. That got a spark out of Erica. She told Chris she loved her mother, but she was nothing like her. She was not going to sit back and let Bianca get hurt by a con artist.

Hayley woke up to her baby's cries. Sitting up in bed, she saw Arlene leaning against the dresser. She told Hayley the crying was annoying and she should give the baby some "mother's milk" while holding out a liquor bottle with a nipple on it. She walked past Hayley and gave the bottle to the baby as Hayley watched in horror. Suddenly Hayley gasped and sat up in bed, realizing it was just a dream. Getting out of bed, she walked over to the cradle to check the baby. When she realized the cradle was empty, Hayley began shouting for Mateo. Mateo came back into the bedroom and found Hayley clutching the baby's blanket to her chest. She asked where the baby was. Mateo assured her Lorenzo was just fine. He had fussed a little and Mateo took him out of his bed. Hayley was very upset that the baby had cried and she hadn't heard him. She remembered Arlene had never heard her cry when she was a baby. She was very afraid she'd turn out like Arlene. Mateo told her the baby hadn't cried much and he had been awake anyway. Hayley had calmed down somewhat after she saw the baby sound asleep. Mateo tried to convince Hayley to get some sleep. When she seemed a little edgy, he asked if she had had a dream. She nodded. Mateo said he didn't know exactly what she was going through, but she wasn't Arlene. Hayley realized what a horrible mother Arlene had been. She was lazy, slovenly and weak. Mateo assured Hayley that Lorenzo was lucky to have such a wonderful mother. Hayley didn't think that was enough. She felt he deserved the "perfect" mom. She wished she could enjoy this time and didn't know what was the matter with her. Mateo reminded her to take time for herself. Mateo finally convinced Hayley to get some sleep. He told her he'd sit up with the baby. He said they were a team. Hayley told him they were a team only when it suited him. She wanted to know why he was awake when the baby cried. Mateo said he had "stuff" on his mind. Hayley realized there had been "stuff" on his mind for weeks now and she couldn't figure out why he wouldn't tell her what it was. Mateo admitted that he felt he was acting like his father, who was always afraid his family would end up in the poor house. Hayley asked if it was the baby. Mateo stated that he just wanted the baby to be proud of him. As he got up to get the baby, Mateo told Hayley not to worry - nothing bad would happen.

Laura walked out into the courtyard looking for Leo. Not finding him there, she went back into the house. Hearing the doorbell ring, Laura thought Leo had returned and forgotten his keys. When Laura opened the door, Vanessa rushed in past Laura, shouting for Leo. Vanessa asked Laura where Leo was. She was in a very emotional state. When Laura said she didn't know where Leo was, Vanessa questioned what kind of a wife would not know where her husband was at that time of the night. At that moment, Leo returned. Walking up behind his mother, he told her to stop talking to his wife that way. Vanessa was very relieved to see Leo. She apologized to Laura, and then turned back to Leo. Leo asked her what was wrong. She told him it was Palmer and his silent treatment of her. Leo wanted to know why Palmer wasn't putty in her hands. She told him Erica was involved. Where Erica was concerned, Palmer always took her side. She went on to explain that his runaway cousin, Frankie, had taken it upon herself to come to Pine Valley. She was living with Opal. To make matters worse, Erica felt Vanessa had brought Frankie there just to cause trouble. It seemed Frankie and Bianca had become friends and Erica blamed Vanessa. Vanessa felt Erica needed a scapegoat and had found one with her. Leo looked in amazement at Vanessa and told her that if Erica didn't kill her, he would. Leo wanted to know if Vanessa had any idea Frankie was in town. Vanessa said she had no idea, but Leo didn't believe her. He wondered how she'd manipulated Frankie. He remembered the ways she had manipulated him in the past. Vanessa said she needed Leo on her side. Leo said he couldn't do that. He felt Bianca was his friend and he was not going to have any part of hurting her like he had hurt Greenlee. His hurting Greenlee had changed her forever and he'd never get over it. Then he told Vanessa to get out and go back to Palmer. As she was leaving, she told Leo they'd talk tomorrow. After she had gone, Laura walked over to Leo and told him after seeing him with his mother, she felt so much better. Hugging him, she said she had been so wrong about him. She said that when she saw Leo with his selfish and demanding mother, she felt she had been the same way with him. She felt he was good and that was why he was still thinking of Greenlee. Well, it was time she put away her fears, jealousy and doubts caused by Greenlee. Leo assured her Greenlee would be out of their lives forever - even if he had to take legal action against her. It would be just the two of them. Laura smiled happily. As Leo massaged Laura's neck, she languished in the thought of "just us." When Leo headed off to bed, Laura remained sitting in the chair. She had visions of Greenlee wrapped in a straitjacket and begging for help. As she was being hauled away to Oak Haven, she screamed that she was not crazy. Laura smiled and said to herself, "Maybe not yet, but you will be!"

Greenlee was ecstatic that Leo believed her. As she happily thanked him, there was a loud knock at the door. It was Leo. As Jake tried to stop him, Leo pushed his way in and informed Greenlee he had just spoken with the DA and he was going to have her arrested. He angrily told her he knew what she had done. Jake tried again to stop Leo, but he was too upset to stop. He confronted both of them, telling them he had seen them together in the courtyard of his house that evening. He called Jake a liar and said he knew Greenlee had been in the house. Jake lied and said as far as he knew, Greenlee had not been in the house. She had just come up to him in the courtyard. Greenlee tried to explain that Laura had set her up by leaving the keys in the restroom. He called her a liar, also. He went on to say that he maybe had cared for her, but after tonight it was over. He had talked to Jackson, who felt an arrest wouldn't hold. There was enough evidence, however, to get a restraining order against her. Jake ordered Leo out. Once Leo had gone, Jake turned to Greenlee. She was sitting morosely on the sofa. Jake asked her what was wrong and if she was worried about the restraining order. She said no, but that something else had just happened there tonight. The "honest" Dr. Jake Martin had lied for her. He agreed he had lied, but felt Laura had set her up with the keys and had wanted Greenlee to go to her house. He was protecting her. Greenlee told him he was "full of it." She knew he lied because he loved her. Jake smiled and told her she was so smart. When Greenlee realized she had hit on the truth, she leaned over and hugged Jake. She was elated that he could love her after all the trouble she had caused him. Jake smiled and acknowledged that she had caused him a lot of trouble. Nonetheless, he was glad to see her happy. He asked if that could mean she also loved him. Greenlee didn't answer. Jake thought he knew Greenlee's response. He told her she could pick Leo, who treated her terrible, married someone else, caused her pain and betrayed her - or someone who stuck up for her, went to bat for her, lied for her, gave her a place to live. It was obvious who she should choose. Greenlee felt very confused and didn't know what she was thinking. Jake told her when she made up her mind to let him know. As he got up to leave, Greenlee stopped him. She told him he was really good. She thought Jake was just humoring her. Jake wanted to know if she was sure about that. He told her not to worry about his feelings. He was ok and he would be there for her. Greenlee hugged him and then they kissed.

Someone was moving furtively through the courtyard. They passed quietly past Leo and Laura's home and moved on to Mateo and Hayley's. As Mateo put Lorenzo back in his bed and lay down beside Hayley, the sinister person placed a gloved hand against the window. Hearing a noise outside, Mateo sat up in bed. He got up and went outside to investigate. When he couldn't find anything, he walked over to Leo and Laura's home and knocked on the door. Leo answered and Mateo asked if they had heard anything in the courtyard. They said they hadn't. He thanked them and returned home. As he approached their house, he found a package on the ground. It was addressed to Lorenzo Santos. Inside the house, Mateo opened the package. He pulled out a large piggy bank. Putting it back inside the box, Mateo went back to bed. Hayley stirred and asked if the baby was ok. Mateo assured her all was fine and to go back to sleep.

Tuesday, October 23, 2001

Mateo chased Frankie out of SOS when she implied that she would like to purchase drugs. Simone cautioned Mateo not to lose his cool, and she prevented him from phoning the police afterward. Fearful that the outburst might have stirred up suspicion, Simone flirted with Mateo as Hayley entered undetected. Hayley confronted Mateo about his odd behavior, and Mateo agreed to tell Hayley the truth at home, making Simone less than happy.

Barry stirred up trouble when he asked Adam if Mia had withheld information regarding Ryan. Adam's mood darkened further when Liza stormed in after finding Mia and Ryan in a compromising position. Liza blurted out that Mia had stolen her life. Meanwhile, Ryan insisted that he and Liza were only friends, but Mia questioned why Liza seemed incapable of letting go.

Edmund returned Brooke's kiss, and the two ended up appearing ready to give their romantic relationship another shot. Leo enlisted Brooke's help to get a restraining order against Greenlee, and Edmund made Leo ponder the reasons for Leo's desire to destroy Greenlee. Bianca met with Laura as she tried on wedding veils, and she declined Laura's invitation to be her maid of honor. Later, Laura startled Brooke when she found Laura talking and gesticulating madly to herself.

Wednesday, October 24, 2001

At SOS Mateo was incredulous at Frankie's request for "weed." He demanded to know who sent her and didn't believe her when she said she came on her own. Frankie tried to leave but Mat grabbed her roughly by the arms and Simone stepped in. The three of them went outside and Frankie said she didn't know what Mateo was talking about, no one sent her. Simone told Frankie to leave and then turned her attention to Mat. He said he was sure Proteus sent Frankie but Simone said that would be too risky. Mat believed that Proteus was putting the word out on the streets that his club was the place to score drugs. He decided to stop this now and said he was calling the police. Simone said she couldn't let him do that and he yelled at her "Who the hell are you to stop me?." She said he knows who she is and what she's doing there and he most definitely wasn't going to the cops. Simone understood that Mat was under pressure and feeling paranoid. Mat freaked out on her, yelling about Proteus coming to his house and wondered what would happen to him and his family if he gets caught doing Proteus' dirty work. Simone said Mat was covered, that she's documenting everything. Mat didn't believe that this was enough to save him but agreed to go back into SOS. As they walked in Mat was telling Simone loudly that he wasn't about to let some punk smoke a joint in his parking lot, that he runs a clean club here. Simone told him he was the best boss a girl could have as they walked behind the bar. Hayley was waiting there for Mat and piped in "He's a pretty good husband too! What'd I miss?" She reminded her husband that she was there to do the club's books and Mat said he'd forgotten that she was coming. He told her he would do the books and tried to make up excuses to get her to leave. Hayley got very upset with him as Simone walked over with the books. Simone told Mat she'd fixed a mistake in the bookkeeping and that she deserved a raise. Hayley gave Mat a confused look and he said he'd forgotten to tell her that Simone was doing the books. As she got upset Mat accused her of acting weird and insecure and chalked it up to a "postpartum" thing. Hayley went crazy on Mateo and wondered why he was trying to hurt her. She didn't think he could be so cruel and said to him "You're covering something and if you can't tell me what it is, we don't belong together!." Mat gave in and said she was right but that he can't tell her at the club. He asked Hayley to trust him and said he'd tell her everything at home.. She wasn't happy about this and in the background stood Simone, watching and listening.

Mia and Ryan were in bed cuddling while waiting for their food to be delivered. Ryan got up to take a shower and told Mia there was money somewhere in the room, in case the food arrived before he was dressed. As soon as he turned on the water in the bathroom there was a knock on the door. Mia wrapped herself in the sheets and opened the door. Liza was standing there and looked horrified to find Mia answering the door. She began yelling at Mia and Ryan came out of the bathroom. He tried to calm them down as he ushered Liza into his room. He said he should've told Liza about him and Mia but Mia said why, it was none of Liza's business. Ryan told Liza she was over reacting but Liza said Mia was using Ryan to get to her. Mia jumped in and started to make a comment about how Liza and Ryan only had "comfort sex" twice but Ryan stopped her from going any further. Liza threw a hateful look at Mia and stormed out of Ryan's room. After Ryan shut the door Mia said Liza would never be interested in being friends with her now. She wondered why Liza keeps coming over to Ryan's and he said it's because they're friends. Mia asked him if he was sleeping with both of them. Ryan told her no, he's not involved with Liza. Mia wanted to understand what his "deal" is with Liza but Ryan insisted that he doesn't have one. She thought he's sleeping with her because he can't have Liza so he might as well have her sister. Ryan denied this and told her to give Liza time and she'll come around. Mia said no she won't, that Liza is a jealous mess. She wondered why Liza can't let go of Ryan and what kept bringing her back to Ryan.

Adam ranted and raved at Barry Shire because Barry hasn't gotten any information about Ryan Lavery. Barry told Adam there were no birth records to be found and Adam told him to fire the private investigator and hire a new one. Barry asked about Mia and Adam said it was probably a mistake to have turned a beautiful woman onto Ryan. Adam then wondered what appeal Ryan had for women. Barry thought it was a "pity thing", that the women were trying to save Ryan from himself. He told Adam that's why Liza was working so closely with Ryan on the memorial playground. Adam didn't know anything about this and was absolutely furious, throwing a crystal glass to the floor and screaming "Damn it to hell!" After he calmed down he asked Barry about the playground and Barry described the state of the art facility. With tears in his voice Adam said it was a shrine to honor Liza's affair with Ryan. Liza walked in and stepped on the broken crystal and asked Adam what was going on. He just glared at her while Barry scurried out of the room. Adam told her he'd broken the glass because of a bad business deal but she didn't believe him and turned to leave. Adam stopped her and said he wanted to talk about building a playground for Colby and Hayley's child. Busted, Liza tried to justify working on Gillian's memorial and said that Adam had nothing to worry about with Ryan, that Ryan had moved on. "He's sleeping with Mia!" she told her husband. Adam said Mia could help Ryan but Liza said Mia was just trying to steal her life. Adam looked sadly at Liza and said "I was under the impression that I was your life." Liza said Mia was just trying to get back at her. Adam wondered why Liza was still thinking about Ryan. Liza didn't have an answer and left the room silently.

At Tempo, Brooke and Edmund pulled away from their kiss. They looked at each other and Brooke said she didn't know where that came from. She tried to joke that it was something they used to do and Edmund agreed, saying with a grin "Yeah, ALOT!" She said "well, this is awkward now!" and Edmund asked if she felt embarrassed, like she'd crossed a line. Brooke looked a little uncomfortable but Edmund leaned over to her and kissed her again. She asked where that came from and said she was a bit confused. Edmund told her she needed some confusion and asked what she was afraid of. Brooke said she was afraid that kissing him was a mistake. Edmund told her she was adorable when she was indecisive and asked her if she was afraid to go backwards. He said he'd never regretted their time together, even when she chose Tad over him. He said he doesn't want to live in the past and doesn't want to try to recreate what they'd had previously. Edmund asked if they could clear the slate and start over. Brooke admitted that she's never stopped wanting to kiss him. He smiled as he said "Lucky me!" and he planted another kiss on her. Brooke asked where they should go from here and told him she doesn't expect anything from him. Edmund said "what about fun? You remember fun don't you? Expect that!."

At their condo Leo and Laura discussed their guest list for the wedding. Laura handed Leo a phone message, it was from a security company Leo had called to work their wedding. She asked if he really thought Greenlee would crash their wedding. Leo told her not to worry; he'd handle Greenlee. He went into the kitchen and Laura thought to herself "No, I will!." She joined Leo and asked about the restraining order, she wondered how complicated it would be to get. Leo said since Greenlee broke into their home it wouldn't be a problem to get. Laura wondered if Greenlee was going to try to ruin everything and Leo told her not to worry. He left to go to work after Laura handed him her latest column for Tempo. After he shut the door Laura picked up the phone number for the security company and smiled to herself.

At Temp Leo walked into Brooke's office to find a slightly flustered Brooke and Edmund. He told Brooke that Greenlee had broken into their condo but that he was getting a restraining order. He told his mother in law that he would do anything to keep Greenlee away from Laura. Brooke said she would go check on Laura since she was at home having her wedding dress fitted. Leo said that was a good idea and Brooke left. Leo turned to Edmund and asked why he doesn't like Laura. Edmund said he was just surprised that Leo thinks Greenlee is so dangerous. Leo wanted to know why Edmund was defending Greenlee but Edmund turned the tables and asked Leo why he was attacking her. Leo denied attacking Greenlee. Edmund said he was trying to crush her to get back at her, and said that while Greenlee is persistent, she's not a threat. Edmund went on to say that from some things he's seen at Tempo he believes Laura is out of control. Leo made an excuse for Laura, saying her meds were off. Edmund said that wasn't it and Leo jumped on him, asking if Brooke knows how he feels about her daughter. Leo left after handing Edmund the column Laura wrote for Tempo. He opened it and found an article about jealousy turning violent.

Laura was being fitted for her wedding dress and the seamstress complimented her on her choice. She went on to tell Laura that her wedding was like a fairy tale come true. Laura took that thought and ran with it, going on and on about the true love she and Leo share and how much Leo cares for her. She went on saying that she was just the luckiest girl in the world as Bianca appeared at her open front door. Laura sent the seamstress on her way and welcomed Bianca into her home. She told Bianca it was too bad she didn't get to see her dress but asked if she like the veil she was trying on. Bianca didn't have much of an opinion and Laura just kept talking about herself and Leo's love for her. Bianca stopped her and asked what Laura wanted from her. Laura stunned her by saying she'd like her to be her maid of honor. Bianca wondered why Laura changed her mind and wanted to be friends now, since Bianca hadn't changed the way she feels about things. Bianca meant how she felt about Leo and Laura's marriage but Laura played innocent and said "You don't love me anymore?." Bianca was a bit grossed out and said she didn't have feelings for Laura anymore. Laura very nastily asked "Aren't you still gay?." Bianca said yes, that will never change but she doesn't have feelings for Laura anymore. Laura started to talk wildly about Greenlee breaking into her condo, how much Leo loves being married to her, how happy they are, and that Leo's getting a restraining order against Greenlee. Bianca looked very confused at Laura's strange ramblings and Laura tried a different approach. She sweetly asked Bianca to be friends again and to stand up for her at her wedding. Outside the condo Brooke walked to the front door and heard her daughter talking to someone. "Of course you don't want to be my bridesmaid because you still have sick fantasies of you and me!" Brooke stepped in the front door in time to see Laura scream "You can just get the hell out of here you bitch!." There was no one else in the room.

Thursday, October 25, 2001

While Anna is in the shower, David makes a call. David: "I got your message. I'm surprised he's giving us a problem right now. I'll handle it." When Anna comes back into the room, David says he has to leave. When he is gone, Anna's phone rings. It is Chris Stamp. He wants to meet her at SOS. David is standing outside the door, listening to Anna's conversation.

At the courthouse, Jack tells Leo he should think long and hard before putting the wheels in motion. Jack says he was involved with someone very much like Greenlee. Erica. Jack says bringing charges against Greenlee will get her out of his hair, but not out of his mind. He asks Leo what his true motives are.

Greenlee is at the club with Jake when he is paged. As Jake is leaving, Roger approaches. He apologizes to Greenlee for standing her up the other night at the Valley Inn. When Greenlee notices him casting glances at Mateo, she asks Roger if he owes Mateo money. Roger denies this. Greenlee then sees that Roger's wrist is bandaged. Roger flashes to a scene in the park where Mateo grabbed the hooded person's wrist who is picking up the package for Proteus. Roger pays Greenlee the money he owes her. She is shocked, but accepts. They leave.

Jake is in David's office, looking at Laura's file when Phoebe Wallingford enters. Phoebe explains that she paged Jake because she needs her heart prescription refilled. Somehow, she ended up two pills short. While Jake is writing the prescription, Phoebe tells him that she and Laura have a "gallows humor" arrangement in which they take their pills together so they stay on course and don't forget. Jake remembers the day in the hospital when Laura's heart rate had dramatically - and mysteriously - changed.

Laura is in her wedding veil when Brooke enters. With her back to her mother, Laura angrily badmouths Bianca - only Bianca was not there. Brooke is curious as to who Laura was talking to. Laura explains she is upset over an incident with Bianca. She believes Bianca hates her because of Greenlee and that Greenlee's obsession goes back to the night she pushed Laura off of the yacht. Brooke comforts Laura, assuring her nothing will ruin her wedding day. Brooke leaves, but Laura is sure Brooke is going after Greenlee.

Brooke confronts Greenlee at her apartment. She warns Greenlee that she will cause her double the pain Greenlee has caused Laura. Brooke leaves. The phone rings. It is Laura disguising her voice, saying she is a nurse at Pine Valley Hospital. She tells Greenlee Jake wants to meet her and give an address. It is the address of Laura and Leo's place.

Leo returns home to find Laura still upset over Bianca's refusal to be her maid of honor. Laura asks him to go over the guest list with her and help her find another candidate. As they are looking down the list, Leo notices Greenlee's name written at the bottom in her handwriting. He wonders if this is another of Greenlee's mind games. Laura's pager goes off, reminding her it is time to take her pills. When Leo goes to get the pills, they are gone. Laura tells him she may have accidentally dropped them in the trash.

Meanwhile, Greenlee approaches. As she nears the front porch, Brooke is there with the police telling them to arrest Greenlee. Although Greenlee swears she did nothing wrong, she is arrested.

After his phone call, Chris shows up at work. Shortly afterward, Anna takes a seat at the bar. Chris again tries to get information from Anna, but he has no luck. Before Anna leaves, Chris tells her not to turn her back on David. Mateo debates with Simone whether or not to tell Hayley about Proteus. Simone is against the idea. The phone rings. It is The Voice asking for the first transfer of the laundered money. Mateo hangs up, saying he is done taking orders. Simone admonishes him for acting so rashly, but stops speaking when Chris enters the club. Chris apologizes for being late, then leaves again. Mateo complains to Simone that Chris is not helping at all. He wonders if Chris could possibly be the voice on the phone. Just then, his phone rings. The voice again reminds Mateo the first installment is due. Mateo emphatically says No. He says he is not doing anything until they meet face to face.

David enters his office at the hospital demanding to know what Jake is doing there. David does not want Jake involved in Laura's case because of Jake's relationship with Greenlee. Jake leaves and David receives a phone call. David: "Set up a meeting."

Anna arrives at David's office where David confronts her with the fact that he knows she was at SOS with Chris. Anna is evasive in her explanation. She says Chris wants a date with her, but she is reasonably satisfied with her present situation. David tells Anna he has to leave. He has an appointment with destiny. David leaves and Anna decides to follow him.

Simone pleads with Mateo not to go to the meeting. She is afraid he will not come back alive. Mateo goes to his office, opens his safe, and remembers the series of events that led up to the moment: the mysterious phone calls, threats, etc. He takes a gun from the safe. Mateo receives a phone call telling him to go the alley behind the club. A few minutes later, Mateo goes through the door into the darkened alley. Roger is in the shadows while Mateo has his hand on his gun.

Friday, October 26, 2001

Laura slipped her pills into Greenlee's purse during the commotion surrounding her arrest. Jake arrived upon the scene and warned Leo and Laura that they have gone too far. Brooke expedited Greenlee's trial, but Leo shocked everyone when he ultimately dropped charges against her. Laura faked an attack, but Jake foiled Laura's plan to implicate Greenlee by switching the pills back into Laura's purse. Jake convinced Greenlee to go along with Leo's compromise, and Jake warned Laura that he would reveal the details of her deceptive handiwork if she didn't back off. Edmund did his best to calm Brooke, and then he suggested to a resistant Brooke that Laura had mental problems.

Meanwhile, at SOS, Chris continued to comfort a needy Erica, who feared that Bianca had left the nest for good. He advised Erica to help Bianca by leaving her alone. Opal arrived and distracted Erica momentarily, giving Chris the opportunity to approach Simone. However, Simone remembered Mateo's suspicions about Chris, and she decided to keep quiet about Mateo's meeting.

In the alley, Mateo confronted Roger with his gun, but Roger convinced Mateo that he was not Proteus, and that resistance will only endanger Mateo and his family. Roger relayed an example of personal tragedy, and Mateo rushed home to find Hayley apparently lifeless. Roger called Chris, and Chris promised to have Roger back in at Enchantment by the end of the week.

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