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All My Children Recaps: The week of April 26, 2010 on AMC
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Monday, April 26, 2010

At ConFusion, Jake noticed that Amanda wasn't wearing her wedding ring. Amanda apologized profusely as she confessed that she had lost the ring. Jake could see how upset Amanda was, so he assured her that it was okay. Amanda relaxed as Jake kissed her. Moments later, Natalia approached the table. Jake and Amanda congratulated Natalia for a successful photo shoot and then wondered if Brot would be joining their celebration party. Natalia made it clear that Brot hadn't been invited.

As the three friends chatted, Amanda's phone beeped. Amanda was surprised to see that she had received an email from Amandafan. Amanda was rattled by the strange poem that Amandafan has sent to Amanda's personal email account. Natalia immediately took steps to track Amandafan's Internet provider address. Amanda admitted that Amandafan had been harassing her ever since Amanda had replied to the first email.

Jake wished that Amanda had told him how badly things had escalated. Amanda admitted that she had been afraid that Jake would demand that she quit her job. Jake promised that he would never have asked that of Amanda. Amanda decided to freshen up before Ciro joined them. The moment that Amanda stepped away, Natalia revealed that Amandafan had taken steps to cover his tracks. Natalia didn't think that changing Amanda's email address would be enough to stop Amandafan.

Amanda noticed the look of concern on Jake and Natalia's faces when she returned to the table. Jake opted to lie; he claimed that they hadn't found anything out about Amandafan, but he promised Amanda that Amandafan wouldn't continue to be a problem. Amanda admitted that the whole thing made her uncomfortable. Jake decided to change the subject by comparing Natalia to one of Charlie's Angels. He entertained the ladies with his extensive knowledge of the 70's television series until Ciro arrived.

Ciro was eager to show Natalia some pictures that he had taken of her, so he dragged Natalia to the bar. Jake resented the way that Ciro had completely ignored Amanda, but Amanda wasn't offended because she had enough people fawning over her. However, Amanda remained concerned about her wedding ring, so Jake offered to take a look around Fusion to see if he could find it.

At an undisclosed location, Amandafan continued sending Amanda emails. As Amandafan worked on the computer, it was revealed that Amandafan had files titled: Fusion, Jake Martin, My Amanda, and Oak Haven. Amanda's wedding band rested on the computer table.

Madison picked up her uniform at the casino. Ryan took the opportunity to warn Madison that there might be some customers who would try to grope her or take their frustrations out on her. Madison assured Ryan that, after years of abuse from her father, she could handle whatever the customers dished out. However, she promised to call for the bouncers if anyone got out of line.

Madison's cell phone rang as she turned to leave. Madison seemed worried as she promised the caller that she would explain things. Moments later, Madison agreed to meet the caller as soon as possible. After Madison ended the call, Ryan was curious if everything was okay. Madison didn't share any details about the call other than to explain that she couldn't afford to lose her day job. She assured Ryan that she would be back in time to start her shift and then left.

At Wildwind, David and Greenlee were stretched out on the living room floor in front of the fireplace enjoying post-coitus pillow talk. When David confessed that he was in love with Greenlee, Greenlee kissed him. After the kiss, David gazed deep into Greenlee's eyes. Greenlee admitted that she thought that David was amazing. She would always be grateful to him for all that he had done for her.

Greenlee regretted that she had waited to make their marriage real. She also appreciated that David had put himself out there, but she wasn't ready to give him her heart. David assured Greenlee that he didn't expect her to return his feelings. He just wanted her to know how he felt. It was enough for him that they had a real marriage. Greenlee relaxed as she leaned in to kiss David again.

Later, Greenlee woke up to find David gone. He had left a note to let her know that he had to meet one of the shareholders to take care of a problem that could hold up his plans to purchase the hospital. Greenlee decided to go to Fusion. When she entered the office, she found Jake at one of the computers. Jake explained that he was having trouble accessing Amanda's email account. Greenlee offered assistance when Jake filled her in on Amandafan's unsettling messages.

Jake was curious why Greenlee was at Fusion. She claimed that she had work to do, but Jake suspected that there were problems between the Haywards. Jake mentioned Greenlee's perjury during David's trial. Greenlee didn't think that Jake had any room to judge her after he and Tad had tied up David, so that Ryan could be alone with her. Jake dared Greenlee to tell him that she was in love with David. Greenlee responded by ordering Jake to leave before she called security.

Jake agreed to leave, but first he wanted to know that he still considered her a friend. Jake promised to help if Greenlee decided to leave David. Greenlee didn't respond.

At ConFusion, Jake updated Natalia about what he had discovered. He revealed that there had been over thirty emails from Amandafan in Amanda's Fusion email account, five of which had been sent after they had closed Amanda's personal email account. Jake recalled that people had died the last time someone had fixated on the women of Fusion. Natalia confessed that she had studied the Satin Slayer murders. Jake didn't think that Alexander Cambias was behind the disturbing emails, but he wanted Natalia to do everything in her power to make certain that Amandafan didn't get near Amanda.

David sat down on a park bench as he recalled telling Greenlee that he loved her. David pulled out a flask and then took a sip as Liza walked up. Liza was surprised that David wasn't at Wildwind, celebrating with Greenlee. David glared at Liza, but remained silent. She quickly realized that there was trouble in paradise. David silently offered Liza the flask, which Liza ignored.

Liza reminded David that she had helped him gain his freedom, so she could be trusted. David pointed out that Liza had represented him because it had helped her career. Liza wondered if David was worried that Greenlee would go back to Ryan, but he quickly clarified that Greenlee hated Ryan. Liza guessed that David was troubled because Greenlee didn't return David's feelings.

Liza suspected that David "had it bad" for Greenlee because he wasn't trying to manipulate Greenlee the way that he had Amanda. David confessed that he found it ironic that everyone considered him a "bastard" who drove women to do desperate things, yet Ryan wasn't judged as harshly. David reminded Liza that Annie had gone crazy, Kendall had left the country, and Greenlee had ended up locked in a tower. It baffled David why everyone considered Ryan to be the better man. Liza wondered why David was bothered by what people thought of Ryan if Greenlee despised Ryan. David confessed that he was certain that Ryan would continue to pursue Greenlee.

Greenlee was surprised when Madison entered Fusion. Madison explained that she had stopped by to pick up her phone before work. Greenlee jumped to the conclusion that Erica had commandeered Madison's time, since Greenlee hadn't asked anyone to work overtime. Madison revealed that she had taken a second job to make ends meet, but she assured Greenlee that it wasn't a conflict of interest with Fusion. Greenlee demanded to know where Madison was working.

Madison quietly admitted that she had taken a job as a cocktail waitress at the casino. Greenlee was livid. She insisted that Madison needed to focus on her work at Fusion, so she ordered Madison to quit the casino job. Later, Madison reported for duty at the casino. Madison was surprised when Ryan asked if everything was okay at Fusion.

Madison relaxed when she realized that Ryan had assumed that her earlier phone call had been about Fusion. Madison assured Ryan that everything was fine and that she was eager to begin her first shift. As Ryan and Madison walked away, David stepped out of the shadows.

Greenlee arrived at Wildwind. She called out to David, but he was not at home.

In the parlor, Annie tried to blackmail JR into allowing her to remain at the mansion. JR reminded Annie that it was Adam's house, so it was up to Adam to decide if Annie could stay. Annie refused to leave her home. JR promised to give Annie enough money to buy a new house and start over, but Annie rejected the offer. JR warned Annie not to turn down the money, since she probably wouldn't get anything from Adam

Emma entered the parlor moments later. Emma was upset because she had heard JR and Annie arguing. Annie assured Emma that it had been a dream. She tried to send Emma to bed, but Emma wanted Annie to tuck her in. Annie gave into her daughter's request, but before she left Annie advised JR find a solution that would be good for all of them.

Marissa entered the parlor shortly after Annie left to put Emma to bed. Marissa became concerned when she noticed that the room was in shambles. JR admitted that he had been tempted to take a drink, but Brooke had tossed out all of the alcohol. Marissa suspected that JR was upset about the situation with Annie. JR admitted that he had a confession to make. Marissa worried that JR had learned that his cancer had returned, but he assured her that was fine.

Marissa was relieved. Colby entered the room before JR had an opportunity to tell Marissa his secret. Colby revealed that Adam had left town with Brooke and would not be returning. Marissa couldn't believe that Adam would leave Annie after everything that Annie had done for Adam and the family. Marissa was certain that Annie would be devastated.

After Colby left to tell Scott about Adam, JR admitted that he had lied to Marissa. Marissa was stunned when JR confessed that he had been working to drive Annie out of Adam's life. He also took responsibility for the hidden camera that had captured Adam and Brooke's kiss. Marissa was hurt that JR had deceived her. JR promised that he loved Marissa, but she ignored his declaration as she walked out.

Colby returned to the parlor a short time later to find JR alone. JR was happy that Adam and Brooke had left town together. Colby hated that Adam had been hurt by JR's betrayal. She was also surprised that Marissa didn't know anything about it. JR explained that Marissa had arrived home after Adam had stormed out. However, JR conceded that Annie was trying to use the affair to blackmail him, so Marissa might learn the truth soon.

JR and Colby agreed that Annie needed to be dealt with before she learned that Adam had left Pine Valley.

Annie tucked Emma into bed and then began to tell her a story about Queen Annabelle and Princess Emmaline. In the story, the queen and princess had to say goodbye to the king and then leave the castle. Annie explained that an evil sorcerer had cast a spell on the king. Annie's eyes filled with tears when Emma asked if they would ever see the king again. Annie revealed that it had been a difficult day; she admitted that Adam had decided that he didn't want to be married anymore.

"Why?" Emma asked. Annie claimed that Adam had not been feeling well lately because his heart was hurt. Emma wondered if Adam might change his mind after he felt better, but Annie explained that Adam's heart couldn't be fixed. Emma realized that she and Annie would have to find a new place to live like Queen Annabelle and Princess Emmaline. Annie promised Emma that it would be an exciting new adventure for both of them.

Later, Annie returned to the bedroom to make certain that Emma was asleep. Marissa followed Annie into the bedroom. Annie was thankful that Marissa had allowed Annie and Emma to spend the night. Marissa admitted that she was worried about Annie. Annie appreciated Marissa's concern; Annie confessed that Marissa seemed to be the only one who cared.

Annie was a bit surprised that Adam hadn't ordered security to remove Annie from his home. Marissa revealed that Adam had left Pine Valley with Brooke for an indeterminate time. Marissa hugged Annie as she promised to help Annie in any way that she could. Annie smiled maliciously when she looked up to find JR watching them from the doorway.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

At the police station, Jesse broke up an argument between Brot and Clausen, and Jesse demanded to see the papers that the two were fighting over. Jesse grimaced when he saw that they were "au natural" photos of Natalia. "Who did this?" Jesse bellowed at the top of his lungs.

Jesse dragged Brot into his office to learn that Natalia had actually posed for the photos, and someone in the department had posted copies of them all over the police station. "Whoever did this, I want them fired!" Natalia demanded as she burst into the office. Jesse yelled back that, after he fired them, he'd fire her.

Brot left Natalia alone with her father, and she defended herself by saying that going undercover as a model had been his idea. "There's a huge difference between undercover and naked!" Jesse rasped. He continued that the undercover modeling assignment had ended, but Natalia said that she liked the modeling job. It paid bills, and as long as she wasn't in uniform, the police department had no say over what she did in her spare time.

Jesse seemed as if he were about to have a heart attack as he tried to impress upon her how negatively her actions reflected upon her family and upon him as the police chief. He told her that the mayor insisted that each officer exhibit appropriate conduct. Jesse picked up the phone to tell Greenlee to cancel the photos, but Natalia told him not to do that. Angie entered with Jesse's lunch and asked what was going on.

Natalia grimaced when Jesse handed Angie the photos. Angie studied them and concluded that they were absolutely gorgeous. Natalia told Angie that some immature officer had littered the station with the pictures, and Angie remarked that one couldn't control stupid. "Oh, my God, she's butt-ass naked there!" Jesse yelled, and Angie asked to speak to him alone.

Once Natalia left, Angie suggested that Jesse find the officer who'd printed the pictures and be thankful that for such a smart and blessed child. Jesse called it pornography, but Angie told him that he needed to chill. He asked how she'd feel if it were Cassandra, and Angie stated that a young boy had done a portrait of Cassandra wearing less than what Natalia had worn. Angie warned him that he could lose Natalia if he didn't stop being so controlling.

Just then, they heard a ruckus outside the office. They charged into the main headquarters to see Brot punching an officer to the ground. Natalia was trying to pull Brot back.

Jake arrived at Fusion as Amanda, Randi, and Madison viewed campaign photos. He whisked his wife downstairs for a surprise. Before he could give it to her, Amanda received a call to send in her "tweets," so that Randi could post them. As Amanda complied, she saw that Randi had tweeted about Amanda's missing wedding ring, and Amanda grew upset that the job had become so personal. Jake assured her that they'd talk to Randi about it, and then he whipped out a ring box. Amanda cooed that he'd gotten her a new ring. They made out, and Jake convinced her to go home for a "quick snack."

When they got home, Jake tweeted Amanda something dirty. Upon reading it, she hoped he'd put on his privacy settings. He guiltily replied that he didn't know how to do that. The two started taking off each other's clothes, and they made love on the sofa.

Later, Jake took Amanda back to Fusion, where Madison gave Amanda a package with "Amandafan" in the return address spot. Inside the package was a box containing Amanda's wedding ring. Jake read the attached note. It said, "I'm sorry I took your ring. Now that I've worn it, I feel so much closer to you."

At the Martin house, Colby found Damon playing video games, and she filled him in about Brooke and Adam. Though Colby was happy for the pair, she said she'd miss her father. She noted that Damon wasn't overly excited about his "get out of jail free card," and he reluctantly admitted that he'd gotten it partly because of his ADHD.

Damon was down on himself about the diagnosis, but Colby thought it was the perfect chance to fix his problem and get on with his life. He held up his prescription bottle and said he also had counseling sessions to attend. Colby assured him that if he followed the doctor's orders, he'd have a whole new life. He said that it didn't hurt to have Colby on his side.

Damon revealed that he'd gotten his pills the previous day, but he hadn't taken any yet. Colby said that the journey began with one simple pill. She handed him a capsule, and he downed it. They joked around, and she drove him to his appointment.

Before Damon went in to see the doctor, he kissed Colby. Liza strode up in time to see it. Liza approached to say that she was representing Adam in his divorce from Annie. Liza then asked what Colby was doing with Damon. Liza didn't want Colby being overly involved with a boy who was one step away from prison. Colby retorted that Liza wasn't the best person to advise Colby on successful relationships.

At the mansion, Annie poured coffee and made polite chit-chat with JR. He told her to shut up, and she warned him to adjust his attitude, unless he wanted Marissa to learn the real reason that Adam had "flown the coop." Liza entered with a divorce petition from Adam. Liza suggested that Annie read it right away, because Adam wanted things done quickly. "Last time I checked, you were my lawyer," Annie stated. Liza replied that Adam paid her better.

Liza explained that Adam wanted to settle out of court, and he'd offer a generous settlement, provided that Annie not retain a lawyer. Liza stated that Adam played golf with most of the judges, and the court wouldn't look highly upon Annie's infidelity. Marissa entered, shocked to hear that Annie had been unfaithful.

Liza stated that Adam hadn't named Annie's lover, but it would definitely leak out if they went to court. Marissa asked if JR had known about Annie's infidelity. Before he could answer, Scott entered to say that it was his fault. According to Scott, Adam had made too much out of a video of Annie and Scott kissing, because Adam had wanted to leave Annie for Brooke. Scott claimed that Annie and he were innocent, but Adam hadn't listened to reason. Marissa felt that it was too much for her to wrap her head around, and she exited. Liza left, too.

Alone with Scott and Annie, JR guessed that he owed Scott for the save. "You think I did this for you? You stupid bastard," Scott responded. Scott claimed that he'd done it for Marissa, Emma, and AJ. Scott said that Adam had given JR and Annie a gift by not naming JR, and Scott advised Annie to just take Adam's offer. Annie replied that she'd have to read the offer first. Scoffing, Scott advised her to read it and keep her mouth shut for their kids' sakes.

Annie left the room, and JR started talking about getting Annie out of the house. Scott stated that Annie wasn't leaving the house, because there was no telling what she'd do if they didn't keep an eye on her. Scott didn't want anyone else hurt, including Annie. JR supposed that they'd gently ease Annie out after things had died down, and Scott warned JR to make sure that things were right with Marissa.

Upstairs, Annie apologized for not being open with Marissa. Annie said that she'd only kissed Scott, but the kiss had cost her Adam's trust. Annie was sorry for holding things back from Marissa, but Marissa said Annie and Emma were still welcome in the mansion-"for now."

When Colby returned home, Scott and she sat on the steps, and he told her that Annie had been served divorce papers, but he'd asked JR to let Annie remain at the house. Colby assumed that it was because Scott had feelings for Annie, but Scott insisted that it was to protect Marissa.

In the parlor, Annie decided that JR led a charmed life. JR urged her to take Adam's offer, but Annie quipped that JR was crazy to think he'd be rid of her that easily. JR stated that she was out of options, but she replied that he'd think of something for her.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

In the mansion foyer, Scott and Colby worried about Annie's next move. Scott thought that it was to Annie's benefit to keep quiet about her affair with JR. Scott additionally worried that he had to become "the next Adam Chandler," because JR wouldn't step up to the plate. Colby reassured Scott about JR, but Scott worried that JR would flail without Adam as a rudder.

Colby offered to stick around the house, but Scott told her to live her life, not deal with family dramas. She said she missed Adam. Hugging her, Scott offered to be there if she needed him. Colby left to meet Damon for a tutoring session.

In the parlor, JR said that Annie didn't belong in the house, but Annie figured that possession was nine-tenths of the law. Since Adam had abandoned her, she felt that she had a good chance of taking the mansion. She cautioned JR to be nice to her, because she could be good to her friends. JR huffed, and she challenged him to say that their sex wasn't the best he'd ever had. JR just said that it was a fluke that wouldn't happen again. Annie claimed that he'd remember how good it had been, and then he'd willingly return to her bed.

Scott entered the parlor, and Annie threw her arms around him to thank him for helping her. Marissa entered, and Annie guiltily released Scott. Annie tried to ingratiate herself to Marissa by offering to pick AJ up from school to have a play date with Emma; however, Marissa lied that AJ already had a play date. Scott and Annie left the room, and JR called Marissa on the lie. Marissa said that she hadn't wanted to hurt Annie's feelings, but Marissa didn't feel that Annie was stable enough to handle both kids at once.

In the foyer, Annie told Scott that she hadn't been rehashing old feelings when she'd hugged him. She'd just simply wanted to express her gratitude. "Don't," Scott instructed. He stated that what he'd done, he'd done out of compassion for Marissa, not to protect Annie.

JR and Marissa went upstairs to their bedroom, where JR assured Marissa that it was okay to lie to Annie to protect the kids. Marissa wondered what had happened to Brooke's ethics to cause Brooke to run off with a married man. Marissa couldn't help but think there was more to the story. Marissa wondered if Scott and Annie really had slept together, but Marissa dismissed the idea, because a casual affair with Adam's wife would destroy Scott emotionally.

JR said that Marissa was "so good." He worried that his family would taint her or ruin their relationship. She assured him that nothing would happen as long as they stuck together. JR and Marissa made out on the bed. Annie cracked open the door and saw them.

At the police station, Natalia begged Brot not to let the jerk who'd strung up her pictures get him in trouble, but Jesse said it was too late for that. Jesse had no choice but to suspend Brot for fighting. Brot handed over his badge and gun, and he stormed out. Angie exited, too.

Natalia pursued Brot to the park to find him boiling about the incident at the station. She felt bad about it, because she'd never seen him that upset before. Brot replied that she had no idea how angry he could be. Natalia recalled that he'd said to the other officer, "If I were in Iraq..." She wondered if that was what the anger was all about, but Brot didn't to discuss it. Natalia said that she appreciated that he'd looked out for her. She received a text message from Jesse, and Brot told her to get going.

In an unknown location, Amandafan fixated on computer photos of Jake, Amanda, and Trevor. Meanwhile, after Amanda and Jake received the ring and note at Fusion, Jake told Amanda that she had to quit her job, because it was getting too dangerous. Amanda hoped that there was another way, but Jake also decided to call the police.

The Martins went to Jesse's office to fill him in on the stalker situation. Jesse felt that they shouldn't underestimate Amandafan, but Amanda reasoned that the same type of thing happened to celebrities all the time. She didn't want to quit her job over it, and Jesse proposed that Natalia be Amanda's bodyguard, since Natalia modeled as well.

Jake suggested that they hold a fan club meet and greet to draw Amandafan out. Jesse liked the idea, and he said they'd arrest Amandafan for the ring theft-before things got any worse. Jesse, Amanda, and Jake set up a fan event page on Fusion's website, and Amandafan readily signed up to receive a pass to Amanda's meet and greet.

At Fusion later, Jesse briefed Natalia on the Amandafan situation. Natalia tried to ask Jesse to help Brot with internal affairs, but Jake interrupted to say that Amanda was safe at home. Jesse ordered Jake to stay out of the way while Jesse conducted the operation.

Amanda showed up at the event, anyway, because she felt that her fans would be disappointed that she wasn't there. As Natalia, Jesse, and Jake tried to talk Amanda out of it, the first crazed fan arrived. Jesse called his people downstairs to tell them not to let anyone else up. Just then, the elevator opened again, and everyone expectantly looked toward it.

Outside the counselor's office after Damon's appointment, Tad saw Liza demanding that Damon stay away from Colby. Damon hollered that he'd do whatever he wanted to do. Tad broke up the argument, and Liza declared that Colby and Damon would not hook up. Liza insisted that Tad deal with it, and she left.

Damon ranted to Tad that the appointment had been a waste of time, and the counselor had just sat there, asking irrelevant questions. Tad tried to reason with the hyper teen, but Damon stalked off. Tad called Hillary again, to no avail. Angie wandered up and told Tad that Hillary might not care. Just then, Tad received a text message from Hillary. In it, she said that she was headed for Pine Valley to see her son.

Tad left, and Angie received a call informing her that the hospital board had met without her. She was further enraged to hear Liza discussing the meeting on her phone in the corridor. Angie demanded to know how Liza had gotten into the meeting, but Liza wouldn't say. "This had better not involve David Hayward," Angie warned.

Liza said that she couldn't discuss it, but when Angie pressed, Liza quipped that Angie was getting worked up over a non-issue. Angie stated that she'd gone through some old yearbooks, and Liza chuckled, guessing that Angie wanted Liza to sign the books after all that time. Angie remarked that she remembered every dirty trick that Liza had played in the past, and Angie warned Liza not to regress because of David. Angie asked if she'd been excluded from the meeting because David was trying to be reinstated as chief of staff. "No, that's not what he's doing," Liza answered and strode off.

Tad went to meet Hillary at her hotel room only to discover that her husband, Paul Miller, had lured Tad there to warn Tad to stop harassing Hillary. Paul said Hillary didn't mention Tad much, but when she did, it wasn't fondly. Tad wanted to talk to Hillary directly, but started rambling about Damon's legal situation. Paul asked what made Tad think he could take a legal position with Paul's son. Tad retorted that Paul wasn't "cutting it" in the father department.

Tad and Paul bickered about Paul and Hillary's abandonment of Damon, and Paul raged that Tad had no idea what Paul and Hillary had been through with Damon. Tad conceded that he didn't, and Tad informed Paul about Damon's ADHD. Paul asked to see his son.

Later, Colby and Damon met for a tutoring session at the Martin house. At first, Damon had a hard time concentrating, but he soon became entranced by Colby. She guessed that his medication worked, but he said that he didn't need pills to concentrate on her beauty. While working on word problems, Damon's mind "ping-ponged" all over the place. Damon suddenly worried that Stuart had inherited the ADHD. Damon doubted that Damon had inherited anything from his own father, and he hoped that Stuart would be so lucky.

As they worked, Damon decided to show his appreciation for Colby by giving her a song that he'd written for her. She said that no one had ever done that for her before, and he replied no one had been that cool to him. He read the lyrics to the song that he called "Colby," and Colby thought it was beautiful. He apologized for calling her a spoiled rich girl, and since she'd helped him so much, he offered to be there for her, too. Colby confided that her house felt empty without Adam. Damon suggested that she just visit him, and they kissed.

As Colby and Damon made out, Tad and Paul entered the house. "Great, just great. Seducing more young girls?" Paul asked. Damon rolled his eyes and invited Colby to meet his father.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

At Fusion, everyone gasped when Ciro disembarked the elevator with a gun trained on them. Natalia and Jesse whipped out their guns, and Jesse ordered Ciro to drop the weapon. A panicked Ciro dropped the gun and asked if they were crazy. Natalia examined Ciro's gun and figured out that it was fake. Ciro explained that it was a prop for one of Natalia's photo shoots.

Jake accused Ciro of harassing Amanda, but Ciro retorted that he didn't have time for Amanda, who was no star at all. "She's a waste of film," Ciro stated. Jake grew incensed, and Ciro announced that he was quitting. He stomped out, and Amanda worried that she'd get fired for losing Ciro. A computer beeped, and looking at it, Amanda groaned, "It's him."

Natalia and Jesse checked out the computer and discovered that Amandafan had been watching and listening to them through the video camera on the laptop. A new email arrived, which said that Amandafan was sad and angry that they thought he'd hurt Amanda. Deciding to admire Amanda from afar, he claimed that it was the last they'd hear from him.

Amanda went home with Natalia as her bodyguard, and Jake took Trevor to the doctor. Amanda was upset about being a prisoner in her own home, and Natalia tried to get Amanda to take it seriously by doling out some stalking statistics. Natalia added that Jesse had been on the run for 20 years due to just one sicko. Amanda asked to be alone, and Natalia decided to watch the apartment building from her patrol car. Natalia left, and someone looked into Amanda's window to watch her through the blinds.

"Please, don't fire me," Madison pleaded after she'd awakened at a casino table to see Ryan staring at her. He said he admired her for somehow making ends meet. Madison said that she was still figuring out how to live in the real world, after being under her father and husband's wings. Just then, she received a message from Greenlee, who'd been trying to contact Madison for hours about an advertising layout. Ryan offered to reschedule Madison's shift, so that she could handle it. After Madison left, Ryan found a document beneath her chair.

Ryan went to Jack's office and explained to Jack that Madison had been evicted from her apartment. Ryan wanted to pay Madison's rent, but he needed Jack to get the landlord to end his lawsuit against Madison. When Jack asked for Ryan's motives, Ryan stated that he was merely trying to help Madison, but he didn't want her to know that he'd done it.

At Wildwind, Greenlee griped to David that Madison wasn't cutting it ever since Madison had taken the nightshift at the casino. Greenlee said that she'd made Madison choose which job she really wanted, because Greenlee needed 110% of Madison's focus. Greenlee bragged that Madison had chosen Fusion. David wondered if Greenlee had forced Madison to choose jobs because of Ryan. Greenlee claimed that she didn't make decisions based on Ryan. Ryan was her past, but David was her future.

Greenlee guessed that David was disappointed that she hadn't replied to him that she loved him when he'd said it to her. She felt that their lovemaking had been incredible; she wanted to give herself to him fully, but she just needed more time.

Later, Madison arrived to go over some work with Greenlee, and Greenlee asked why Madison had been out of touch. Madison lied about running errands with her phone off, and Greenlee instructed Madison never to turn off her phone, because Fusion was at war.

Greenlee left for a meeting, and David entered. He figured that it must have been hard for Madison to work two jobs and even harder to keep it a secret from Greenlee. David said that Madison's secret was safe with him, and he'd even run interference if Greenlee happened to find out about it. "Just make sure that Ryan treats you right," David said. Madison left, and David called someone to get him to dig up information on Madison.

While getting takeout from BJ's later, Greenlee ran into Ryan. She hoped that he wasn't shorthanded at the casino, since she'd made Madison quit working there. Greenlee assumed that Ryan couldn't help but rescue Madison-and steal her from Greenlee in the process. He replied that hiring Madison hadn't had anything to do with Greenlee, and he left.

At the Martin house, Paul decided that he was taking Damon back home. "Like hell you are," Damon quipped. Damon stated that leaving town would violate his probation, but Paul replied that he'd just write the judge a letter. Colby explained about Damon's ADHD, but Paul said that the only disease that Damon had was his attraction to loose women. As Tad tried to calm Damon down, Paul accused Tad of babying Damon, and Paul called Colby a tart.

Tad warned that he was about to lose his cool, and Damon took Paul to the porch to admonish him for speaking to Colby that way. Damon remarked that he'd been working hard, but Paul retorted that he'd been trying for years to convince Hillary of how worthless Damon was. Paul claimed that he was there for Hillary's sake, and he ordered Damon to get his things. Damon refused to leave and cited that he was 18 years old. Tad approached as Paul exclaimed that Damon was no son of Paul's.

Tad sent Damon inside and told Paul that Damon needed support, not insults. Tad said he'd gotten to know Damon, who was a good boy at heart. Paul called Damon a screw-up and the ADHD a crock. An angry Paul decided to leave Damon in Pine Valley to get someone else pregnant. Paul ordered Tad not contact Hillary and Paul ever again.

At the park later, Colby and Damon stretched out on a blanket. To take the edge off their harrowing day, Colby popped open beers that she'd stolen from Tad's stash. Damon reminded her that he couldn't drink on the medication, and she put the drinks aside. Colby raged about how bad their parents were for not being there for them. She admitted that she was scared that Adam wouldn't take care of himself while abroad. She also feared that, without Adam as an anchor, her family would fall apart.

Liza jogged by and saw the opened beer bottles. She stopped running and asked Colby and Damon "what the hell" they were doing. Liza poured out the beers and refused to listen to Colby and Damon's explanations. Liza called Damon a manipulative liar and vowed that he wouldn't hurt Colby. Damon stormed off, and Liza insisted that he just wanted to bed Colby and then drop her. "He's gonna break your heart just like his father broke mine!" Liza raged.

A confused Colby asked if Liza had dated Damon's father. Liza hesitantly said that she had, and she explained that Tad had been heavily concerned about Damon because Tad was Damon's father. Damon, who'd been listening from behind a wall, took off running.

At ConFusion, Erica tried to avoid discussing with Jack what had happened between them on the yacht, but when he persisted, she said that it wouldn't happen again. To Erica's disappointment, Jack agreed with her and abruptly left their table.

Opal arrived for dinner, and Erica confided that she'd spent the night with Jack. Opal cooed at the good news, but Erica said it wouldn't happen again. Opal stated that she was tired of seeing Erica toss away one good thing after another. Opal would give anything for just one more day with Palmer, and she would have missed out on too much with him if she hadn't listened to Erica. Erica said she wasn't missing out with Jack, because their time had passed. Opal warned Erica not to go crying to Opal once Erica realized that she'd made the biggest mistake of her life. Erica insisted that she knew what she was doing, and she left the table.

Erica went to Jack's office to find Jack and Krystal joking about their filing system. Krystal left for the night. Erica explained that Opal had been upset to hear about their breakup, and Erica assumed that Jack's coolness was his way of covering how upset he was. Jack assured her that they'd had a wonderful time on the yacht, but he still backed Erica's decision to end their relationship. "Okay, that's enough. It's cards on the table time," Erica announced.

Erica claimed that Greenlee had always been an obstacle in Jack's relationship with Erica. With the battle raging at Fusion, Erica couldn't afford to feel torn. She told him that she was sorry, but it was over. Jack nodded, and as she walked out, he grinned.

Back at ConFusion, Tad hurried in and asked if Opal had seen Damon. Tad took a breath and settled into Erica's vacated chair. "I got some news, Momma," he said and then announced that Damon was her grandson. Tad didn't know how to tell Damon the truth, but Opal felt that there was no need for a big explanation. Tad just had to be there for Damon and to love Damon.

Tad went home and updated Krystal on what had happened with Paul and Damon that day. Tad was anxious to find Colby and Damon before another accident occurred. As Krystal mentioned her experience in telling Marissa the truth about her paternity, Tad decided to reveal the truth to Daman, and Tad rushed out.

Friday, April 30, 2010

After Damon failed to return home, Tad found Colby and asked if Damon had spent the night with her. Colby said that she hadn't seen Damon since the previous night. Before Tad could formulate the next steps of his plan aloud, Colby revealed that she knew Damon was Tad's son. Tad wanted to know how Colby found out and was shocked when she said that Liza was to blame.

Tad admitted that he'd resisted telling Damon the truth because he felt that Hillary or Paul needed to bear that burden. At the very least, Tad wanted Hillary's permission to tell Damon the truth. Colby needlessly pointed out that Damon's parents wouldn't ever be willing to take on that job. She went on to say that after Damon recovered from the shock and anger, she felt that he would be glad to know that Paul was not his real father. Tad was worried that with everything that had happened lately, this news would turn Damon's world upside down all over again.

Tad realized that he needed to stop procrastinating and be truthful with Damon. Colby told Tad that Damon had a therapy session and that Tad could likely find Damon at the hospital. Tad asked Colby to back him up by going to the hospital with him. Tad also knew that Damon would need a friend. Colby agreed, but JR arrived just as they were about to leave the house. Tad asked Colby to head over to the hospital and said he would meet up with her. Once Colby was gone, JR asked if everything was all right. Tad said no, and then told JR that they needed to talk about Tad's son.

JR was shocked to find out that Damon was actually Tad's son. JR asked Tad how he felt about the news. Tad admitted that he was still reeling, but that he had no choice other than to tell Damon the truth. JR was concerned because Damon hadn't lived the most stable life. Tad agreed, but said that he was willing to take the risk that he'd be rejected. JR pointed out that Damon was really lucky to have Tad as a father, and said that Damon probably didn't know it.

Tad felt honored to be thought of so highly. JR volunteered to tell Damon about all of times Tad had rescued him. Tad said that he was afraid Damon wouldn't be as grateful as JR. JR thought that Damon just needed some time. Tad took a moment to remind JR that regardless of DNA, he would always think of JR as his son. Tad said that with some help from Adam, they'd raised JR to be a pretty good man.

JR pointed out that he'd been known to create some drama of his own. Tad chuckled because he knew JR's history all too well. JR asked if Tad had heard about Adam leaving town with Brooke. Tad said that he knew, and despite not liking Adam, he was glad that Adam and Brooke found happiness. Tad asked how JR felt, and JR said the plan all along had been to get Adam away from Annie. Tad's ears perked up and he asked JR to spill the details about the plan.

JR didn't want to give any details, but Tad wouldn't let it drop. JR said that Annie admitted she wasn't completely devoted to Adam. With that knowledge, JR said that he couldn't let Adam stay with Annie. Tad was amazed that JR was able to convince Adam to leave.

Tad asked if whatever happened was worth it. JR said that having his father happy and healthy and not with Annie was reward enough. Tad asked about Marissa, and JR was quick to point out that Marissa didn't and wouldn't know what happened. Tad reminded JR that secrets never stayed hidden for long and said that when the truth was buried, a loved one always ended up hurt.

JR asked Tad if he thought Dixie would be ashamed of him if she were still alive. Tad said that Dixie loved JR too much to be ashamed, and noted that he felt the same way. Tad's worry was that the house of cards JR was building would eventually collapse around JR's ears. Tad wanted JR to simply enjoy life with his wife and son.

In therapy, Damon faced questions about his relationship with his family. Damon initially tried to get out of answering, but his therapist finally convinced Damon to talk. Damon said that he didn't trust his parents because they'd always lied to him. When the therapist asked about siblings, Damon said he didn't have any, but then, in his head, heard Liza's voice saying that Tad was his father.

Colby found Damon after his session was over and they shared some small talk about how it went. Afterwards, Colby told Damon that Tad was looking for him, but she didn't know what it was about. A brief uncomfortable silence ensued, and then Damon asked what happened with Liza after he left. Colby gave him a blanket version of events while avoiding any mention of Damon's true parentage. Damon thought that Colby would have more to say since she tracked him down. When he realized that she wasn't going to share specifics of her discussion with Liza, Damon left.

Colby returned home before Tad had a chance to leave and related how frustrated Damon had been at the hospital. Tad thought it might have been related to his therapy session, but Colby thought there was more to it. Colby said that Damon almost seemed angry. Tad thought for a moment, and then asked Colby if she knew where Liza was.

After Tad left, JR told Colby that he was worried about how she was dealing with Adam's decision to leave town. Colby said that she missed her father, but that she got what she wanted -- Adam away from Annie. Colby knew she also had JR to depend on, and said that she would be fine.

Within moments of meeting up with Liza at the Yacht Club, David started to dole out compliments. Liza knew that David wanted something from her. David finally admitted that he wanted information on Madison North. David said that Madison's life story was intriguing and he wanted to know more. He also spun a tale about wanting to protect Greenlee's interests since Greenlee had to work with Madison at Fusion. Liza knew that David was fishing for dirt, but was at a loss as to why.

David concocted an outlandish motive for why he wanted the information, and Liza finally realized that David wouldn't give an honest answer to her questions. Liza said that she didn't have much to do with Madison other than the abuse allegations against Madison's father. Liza told David that the day of the trial, Madison showed up with a briefcase that contained damaging evidence against her father. It was at that point that Madison's father pled guilty.

David was satisfied with what Liza had shared, left money to cover their meal, and left. As Liza exited, she ran into Damon. Damon told Liza that he'd overheard her conversation with Colby. Damon accused Liza of saying whatever necessary to get her way. Damon told Liza that she was a twisted liar that got pleasure out of controlling her daughter's life. Damon said he couldn't believe that his mother would lie to him, as Hillary had been all about making him take responsibility when Bailey got pregnant.

Liza waited until Damon was done ranting and then apologized that he'd found out his true parentage so accidentally. Damon refused to hear Liza's "lies" anymore and started to storm away. Liza caught his arm and told Damon that he had grown into a younger version of Tad. Liza said that she would do anything to keep Colby from experiencing the same kind of heartbreak that Liza had felt at Tad's hands.

Damon thought that Liza had made up the paternity issue as a way to scare Colby off, and revealed that the plan hadn't worked. Liza admitted that she hadn't been a perfect parent but said that she would do whatever she felt necessary to protect her child, and that included keeping losers like Damon away. Liza told Damon that Tad had a DNA test performed, so evidence existed that Tad was really Damon's father. Liza soon spotted Tad in the entranceway and told Damon that he should confirm her story with the man himself.

As Madison walked into Fusion, she received the disheartening news that she'd maxed out her credit card and the limit could not be increased. She ended the call and briefly pondered what to do. She called out to see if anyone was in the office, and received no response. She made a risky move and took money from a locked cash box. Just as she closed her purse, Randi walked in and wanted to know what Madison was doing.

Madison told Randi that she'd left the house without her wallet and needed to borrow money for lunch. Randi thought that Madison had plenty of time to go home and get back before work started. Madison affected an indignant tone and asked Randi if she thought Madison was stealing. Randi pointed out that she'd seen Madison take the money, so no accusation was needed. Madison asked why Randi preferred to think the worst of Madison, but Randi felt that her reasons were obvious.

Madison thought that Randi's ire had increased and wanted to know if it had anything to do with the competition. Randi pointed out that in addition to the money that Madison had taken, Madison was never on time for work, and often got an intern to cover for her. Randi said that she wasn't buying Madison's "changed woman" act, even if others did.

Randi pointed out that something was going on, and that it reminded her of the way Madison used to be. Madison stopped defending herself because she felt that Randi would take everything as a lie. Randi decided to put her theory to the test. She told Madison that they would do an audit of the cash box, and guessed it would show that more than lunch money was missing.

David showed up at Fusion and overheard the confrontation between Randi and Madison. Madison didn't know why Randi would deliberately try to get her in trouble. Randi said that she'd earned the right to watch her back around Madison. Madison was dismayed because she thought she'd earned Randi's trust again. David's interest was piqued when Randi said she knew exactly what Madison was capable of.

Frustrated with Randi's unforgiving demeanor, Madison tried to walk away from the conversation. Randi wouldn't let it go, so Madison asked one final time why Randi was so angry. David was delighted when he overheard that Madison had committed a murder and tried to pin it on Randi.

Jake was about to head off to work when Amanda told him that Natalia wouldn't be going to their house. Jake was worried about Amanda and Trevor's safety, but Amanda was willing to take her stalker at face value. While they were unknowingly being watched from a nearby closet, Amanda told Jake that she was sure she would never hear from AmandaFan again.

Alarmed, Jake made it clear that he wanted Amanda to stay at home with a 24-hour guard. Amanda bravely said that she was convinced she would be okay. Jake admitted that the last email from the stalker terrified him. Jake said that he didn't want anyone or anything to take Amanda away. Amanda finally cracked a little and revealed her worry that she would be fired if she let her fear run her life.

Natalia was relieved when Brot agreed to meet up with her at the park. She told him that she felt responsible for his suspension. Brot said that he just wanted to teach a lesson to the officer that posted her pictures around the station. Natalia insisted that Brot let her help him out. Brot was hesitant but agreed to listen to Natalia's suggestions. Brot was disappointed when Natalia started to tell him about the process for appealing his suspension. Brot told her that he didn't want to appeal because being a cop might not work out for him.

Natalia reminded Brot that he'd acclimated to being a cop in record time. She urged Brot not to give up on being a cop because of one suspension. Brot made it clear that Natalia didn't really know anything about him because she didn't want to know. Natalia tried to get Brot to tell her what was really bothering him, to no avail. Instead, she tried to get him to reconsider leaving the force. Brot said that he was under no obligation to explain himself to Natalia, and walked away.

Natalia received a call a few moments after Brot left, so she didn't have time to feel dejected. When she answered the call, she found Jake asking if she could resume guard duties for Amanda. Although the stalker hadn't made any additional contact, Jake said that he still feared for Amanda's safety. Natalia agreed and said she would be over shortly.

Amanda rejoined Jake in the living room after she put Trevor down for a nap. Amanda was irritated when Jake told her that he'd called Natalia and asked her resume her guard duties. Jake told her that he was too worried about her. He said that if Amanda wouldn't let Natalia do her job, he would stay home from work. Amanda knew that arrangement wouldn't work out and agreed to one day with Natalia. After that, Amanda said she would no longer put her life on hold.

Natalia arrived at Jake and Amanda's place and was only mildly surprised that Amanda had been resistant to the idea. Amanda emerged from the bedroom and her displeasure was clearly written all over her face. Jake decided it would be best if he left in a hurry. Once alone, the women briefly talked about Natalia's encounter with Brot. Neither one of them could figure out what was going on with Brot.

The topic of conversation changed and Amanda revealed her plans to go to work. Natalia railed against the idea, but Amanda refused to back down. She said that she hadn't agreed to remain locked up in her house. Amanda walked away, and under the watchful eye of the person in the closet, Natalia wondered aloud if her day could get any worse.

When Amanda returned to the living room, she was suspicious because Natalia wasn't there. Amanda called out for Natalia, but when she didn't get an answer, she assumed that Natalia left. As Amanda settled in on the couch, her mother, Janet, stepped over Natalia's unconscious body in the closet.

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