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Celia Fitzgerald
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Actor History

Said she was 18 years old [Apr 2013]


Intern at the Chandler Media internet program "Talk Tempo"

Teacher of art history at Bramwell Hall

Volunteer at the Miranda Center

Former student at Bramwell Hall

Resides At

Bramwood Hall

Marital Status

Single/Never been married

Past Marriages



Unnamed mother (deceased)

Unnamed father (deceased)

Evelyn Johnson (raised Celia after her parents' deaths)



Flings & Affairs

Peter Cortlandt (dated)

Crimes Committed


Health and Vitals

Experienced hallucinations and nightmares [Jun 2013 to Sep 2013]

Sprayed by a skunk [Aug 26, 2013]

Brief Character History

Celia Fitzgerald was a student at Bramwell Hall and then remained at Bramwell to teach art history after her high school graduation. In addition to teaching at Bramwell, Celia also volunteered at the Miranda Center. Her volunteer work including passing out condoms until her guardian, a man whose identity she did not know, forbade it. The message was passed from her guardian to her via Evelyn Johnson, the woman that oversaw the girls at Bramwell and had raised Celia since her parents' deaths years ago.

Under the orders of Celia's guardian, Evelyn closely managed Celia's activities. Celia was allowed to continue her work with the Miranda Center but from an administrative support position instead. When Celia met the worldly Pete Cortlandt, she quickly developed a crush and was surprised when Pete felt the same way. Evelyn did not approve of Celia's involvement with Pete and planned to take Celia out of the country. Instead, Pete and Celia escaped to New York City.

Pete and Celia shared a hotel room but Celia was not comfortable sharing a bed and admitted that she was a virgin. Pete insisted that he respected Celia and was concerned after she seemed unsettled after experiencing a frightening vision in which a man threatened a young girl. It was similar to the chants that Celia often experienced in her head in which a voice whispered that "he's always right behind you." She did not tell Pete about her hallucinations but feared that something was wrong with her.

After Pete's work forced him to return to Pine Valley, Celia researched her hallucinations. When she questioned Evelyn about the sanity of her parents, Evelyn suggested that the pressure of dating a successful and handsome entrepreneur like Pete was too much for her. Celia decided to end her relationship with Pete even after he professed his love for her. When Pete slept with his friend Colby Chandler after Celia ended the relationship, Celia was convinced that she had made the correct decision.

Colby flaunted her sexual relationship with Pete to Celia while the women worked together on a charity gala benefiting the Miranda Center hosted by Chandler Media. Each time Pete ran into Celia, he insisted that he only cared for her and denied any involvement with Colby. Meanwhile, Colby added a bachelor auction component to the charity gala and Pete reluctantly agreed to participate. At the auction, an unknown caller placed a bid on Celia's behalf and she won the date with Pete.

As the date with Pete approached, Celia's visions continued and she met with therapist Dixie Cooney. Dixie suggested that Celia's subconscious must have something to let out and she promised to help her. Celia was optimistic about her relationship with Pete after speaking with Dixie and she looked forward to her date. Pete took her sailing and reenacted a romantic scene from her favorite movie. Their date was cut short when Pete's mother and Colby set a skunk loose and Celia was sprayed. Pete took Celia back to his place for her to clean up and they became closer.

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Who's Who in Pine Valley

AMC Actor biographies
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