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Garret Williams
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Actor History

Shot and killed by Julia Santos Keefer October 11, 2005


Crime lord, known as "The Dragon"

Resides At

New York

Marital Status

Married (Mimi Reed; Married: Sep 21, 2005)

Past Marriages






Flings & Affairs

Di Kirby

Crimes Committed

Various mob-related crimes

Possible pedophile; had a sexual relationship with an underage Di Kirby

Ordered a hit on Noah Keefer, which resulted in Noah's death

Ordered a hit on Julia Keefer

Ordered a hit on Kevin Sturgess, which resulted in Kevin's death

Brief Character History

Debonair businessman Garret Williams arrived in Pine Valley on the Fourth of July in 2005 to meet Mimi Reed's, his fiancée, family. Mimi's daughter, Danielle, was not pleased to hear that she'd be getting a new stepfather. Danielle was, however, won over when Garret found her in bed with Josh Madden following a night of drinking. Garret promised to keep Danielle's secret and the chill between the two eventually subsided.

But the thaw didn't last long.

Danielle became creeped out when Garret continued ogled her and made inappropriate and unwanted advances. Danielle told her mother about Garret's leering on the eve of Mimi's wedding. Unfortunately, Mimi believed Garret over her daughter and went ahead with the wedding. No one knew that Garret harbored a dark secret: he was The Dragon, the head of a mob-like organization that had killed Noah Keefer and was actively seeking out Julia Keefer - and the very man that police captain Mimi Reed was looking for.

Di Henry knew Garret from her old New York days. When she had come to New York, Garret had befriended her and they had a relationship. Di figured out that Garret was the Dragon, and she was determined that he would not hurt Julia. Garret had killed Julia's husband, Noah, and he wanted her dead as well. Garret imprisoned both Di and Julia at his place in New York. Intending to kill Julia, Di and Julia wrestled the gun from his hand. When he came after them again, Julia shot Garret to death.

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Who's Who in Pine Valley

AMC Actor biographies
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