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Madison North
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Actor History

Employed by Fusion

Former babysitter for Kendall Hart's children

Former cocktail waitress as the Seasons East Casino

Former personal assistant to Greenlee Smythe at Fusion [fired Jun 15, 2010]

Resides At

Pine Valley, Pennsylvania

Formerly Brookings Academy boarding school

Marital Status

Single/Widow (Henry North)

Past Marriages

Henry North (deceased)


James Beardsley (father)

Unnamed mother


Sara Erin Lavery (daughter with Ryan; deceased)

Flings & Affairs

Ryan Lavery (lovers)

Scott Chandler (lovers)

Crimes Committed

Murder; killed her husband, Henry North, by bludgeoning him with a bookend [Jul 6, 2009]

Blackmail; threatened to implicate Randi and Jesse Hubbard in Henry's murder

Stole money from Fusion's petty cash fund [Apr 30, 2010]

Health and Vitals

Took an overdose of her mother's sedatives [pre-2009]

Attempted suicide by ingesting a bottle full of Randi Hubbard's depression medicine [Oct 1, 2009]

Suffered minor contusions following a car accident [Oct 6, 2009]

Shot in the chest by a stray bullet [Nov 30, 2010]

Brief Character History

Madison Beardsley's marriage to attorney Henry North wasn't what a union should be built upon. While Madison loved her husband, Henry didn't feel the same way about her. Henry had married Madison because the woman he really loved -- a prostitute by the name of Randi -- had broken things off with him. Madison said nothing, instead turning her attention to alcohol and gambling. Eventually, Madison learned the identity of her husband's mistress: Randi Morgan. Henry wanted Randi to leave her husband, Frankie Hubbard, and reignite their romance. Randi refused, but Henry made Randi an offer: he offered to help get Randi's friend-and-boss, Kendall Hart, out of a legal mess in exchange for one last sexual liaison. Randi traveled to Washington, DC, and refused Henry's office, but Henry wouldn't take no for an answer. When Henry became forceful, Randi grabbed a nearby bookend and clobbered Henry on the head. Henry wasn't dead, just unconscious. Madison, however, had been lurking nearby and stepped into the hotel suite and finished the job. Fearing that she'd killed Henry, Randi panicked. When Jesse happened upon the scene, he helped to dispose of Henry's body and make his death look like an accident.

Over the next few months, Madison threatened to expose what Randi and Jesse had done. She'd stolen the surveillance tapes from the hotel to ensure that she'd have leverage over the Hubbards. What Madison really wanted, though, was Frankie Hubbard. She made advances, but Frankie insisted that he wanted to remain with his wife. Madison went as far as to drug Randi in an attempt to get her out of the way.

Madison's ultimate display of desperate, however, came in October 2009. Madison stole Randi's medication and attempted to take her own life. She was found unconscious and raced to Pine Valley Hospital, where she was revived. Madison begged Angie for more pills so that she could finish the job, denying insinuations that she staged a suicide attempt for attention. The Hubbards softened toward Madison when they learned the secrets of her childhood. Madison's abusive father kidnapped her and staged a car crash to make it look like Madison was dead. Madison escaped, and Ryan and Erica found her in a badly beaten state. Ryan and Erica helped convince Madison to press charges against her father and to get help from the Miranda Center.

When Madison's father went to prison, he disowned Madison and cut off her trust fund. Erica gave Madison a job at Fusion, working alongside Randi. Randi was hesitant to trust Madison. Randi's husband Frankie was still Madison's confidant. While Randi was gone on a modeling trip for Fusion, Frankie allowed Madison to move in with them. Randi was relieved when Ryan Lavery and Madison started dating. Madison fell in love with Ryan and bonded with his daughter Emma. Madison impressed Ryan with her loyalty when Ryan helped his ex-wife Greenlee Smythe deal with David Hayward.

Madison had her heart broken publicly when Ryan admitted under oath that he was still in love with Greenlee. Madison hid her heartache while she and Ryan remained friends. It was difficult for Madison to see Ryan and Greenlee together, so Madison quit Fusion. Then Madison was hit by a stray bullet from a fight between David Hayward and Ryan. Ryan took her to the hospital and was genuinely concerned for her, which reminded Madison again of why she loved him. At a follow-up appointment for her gunshot wound, Madison learned she was pregnant with Ryan's child. She confided her news only to Randi and Frankie and she thought about whether to keep the baby. Madison decided to keep her baby when she fell on the ice in the park. Greenlee found her unconscious and took her to the hospital, and in the process learned Madison was pregnant. Madison confessed that Ryan was the father, and explained she might leave town and never tell Ryan about the child. Greenlee offered to help Madison find a job elsewhere, but Madison turned her down. She decided to remain in Pine Valley.

Madison found a new confidant in Scott Chandler. The pair bonded over their fall from wealth and discussed how to move on from past mistakes. Madison also appreciated Scott's support when Ryan and Greenlee were remarried. Scott claimed to be the father of Madison's baby when Greenlee told Ryan that Madison was pregnant. Greenlee remained quiet about the true paternity, and Madison struck a deal with Greenlee to be rehired at Fusion. To save money and validate the paternity claim, Madison and Scott moved in together.

Soon after, Madison was pulled back into Ryan's world when his daughter was kidnapped. Emma's mother had taken her. When Emma was able to make contact, she would only call Madison. When Ryan and Madison were together searching for Emma, Madison needed medical attention. The baby was fine, but Ryan learned he was the father.

Emma was thrilled to learn her father was having a baby with Madison and used the information in her campaign to rid Greenlee from her father's life. Emma started therapy but she continued to seek out Madison. Although Madison was glad to be there for Emma she explained despite the baby on the way, there would be no reconciliation with Ryan. Instead, Madison admitted to Scott how much she cared for him and they made love.

Madison allowed Ryan to join her at a prenatal appointment and they viewed their child on the sonogram. Ryan forgave Madison for hiding her pregnancy from him even though he was not ready to forgive Greenlee for keeping quiet about the baby and encouraging Madison to leave town. Greenlee blamed Madison for the troubles in her relationship with Ryan and accused Madison of using her baby to break up Greenlee's marriage. Madison insisted she was no longer interested in Ryan because she had Scott.

The happiness Madison found with Scott was short-lived when David Hayward overheard a conversation between Greenlee and Scott. They were discussing how Greenlee had secured a job at the hospital for Scott after his release from prison in exchange for Scott distracting Madison away from Ryan. Scott explained to Greenlee he had developed genuine feelings for Madison and did not want to hurt her with the truth about how their relationship started. Scott reminded Greenlee if she told Madison about their deal Madison would break up with him and need to lean on Ryan for the remainder of the pregnancy. David went straight to Madison and shared what he had overheard.

Madison was devastated when she learned about the arrangement between Scott and Greenlee. She went to the park to clear her head and had a heated argument with Greenlee. Scott discovered Madison learned about the deal and was desperate to explain that his feelings for Madison were real but she refused to speak to him. Madison experienced cramping while in the park and decided to leave. As she drove, Scott called her continuously. When Madison attempted to turn off her phone, she lost control of her car and was involved in an accident. Scott found Madison at the hospital and professed his love. Madison was in premature labor and wanted to focus on her baby so she demanded that Scott leave the room.

The doctors were unable to stop Madison's labor and she underwent an emergency c-section. The baby was born extremely premature and was placed on a respirator. Ryan and Madison named their daughter Sara and they were able to touch her in the incubator. Madison saw her daughter one time before Sara succumbed to pneumonia and a viral infection in her blood. Madison pushed everyone away as she grieved for her daughter. Scott promised Madison he would be there for her when she was ready. Madison moved out of Scott's apartment when she was released from the hospital. She explained she could not stay in a place that held memories of the life she dreamed about with her daughter. Scott continued to reach out to Madison but she insisted she could not forgive him.

Following her daughter's death, Madison immersed herself in a new project at Fusion. She had been working on a line of products for expectant mothers and babies. Madison made herself over using her new concept called Fierce. She wore heavy eye make-up and dressed provocatively in black to pitch her idea to Kendall and Greenlee. She aimed to develop a line of cosmetics for women that wanted to be in control and did not care about the opinions of others. Greenlee initially rejected Madison's idea until David provided suggestions for getting Kendall on board with the idea. Kendall convinced Greenlee to allow Madison to pitch her idea again and this time it was accepted.

Madison ran in to Scott at the park while she sketched ideas for the new line. He appreciated her new look and her newfound confidence and they briefly enjoyed the easy banter they used to share. Scott invited Madison to visit him sometime and she agreed. Madison followed through on a visit to Scott's renovated gatehouse and she presented him with a microwave as a housewarming gift. Afterwards, they went to Krystal's and reminisced what they had once shared and Madison admitted she cancelled a date with someone else because her mind was on Scott.

Soon after, Madison met Scott for hot dogs at the park and she listened as Scott spoke about the troubles surrounding his family, especially his cousin J.R. Madison told Scott she was there for him whenever he needed and she thanked him for the understanding he had shown after her daughter died. Their conversation ended with a passionate kiss.

Madison and Scott reunited and she helped Scott set up his new place. He asked Madison to move in with him and she agreed. The details of Madison's move were put on hold when Scott received a message that he was needed immediately at the hospital. Madison accompanied Scott and they learned that Scott's presumed-dead father Stuart was alive. He had been saved from near death by David Hayward and his experimental Project Orpheus.

Scott's uncle Adam hosted a party at the Chandler mansion to welcome Stuart home. Madison attended the party with Scott and it was their first official outing as a couple. Greenlee gave herself the credit for the happiness Madison and Scott found together. Madison agreed that Greenlee had pushed them together but she would only give her part of the credit. Madison and Scott joined several other guests in toasting the wonderful lives they shared in Pine Valley as a shot rang out.

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