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Miranda Mona Montgomery
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Actor History
Joseph and Raymond Cartigiano
December 2004 to February 2005
Haley Evans
February 2005 to April 2009
Mackenzie Aladjem
July 2010 to September 2011

Born March 18, 2004

Believed to have died at birth and was passed off as Babe Carey Chandler's child and referred to as Elizabeth "Bess" Charlotte Chandler for the first nine months of her life

Aged to be in high school [April, 2013]




High school student

Resides At

A home in Pine Valley

Formerly Wildwind, 3900 Glenview Road

Formerly the Cambias Suite in Paris, France

Formerly the Chandler mansion, 300 River Road

Marital Status

Single/Never been married

Past Marriages



Bianca Christine Montgomery (mother)

Michael Cambias (father; deceased)

Erica Kane (maternal grandmother)

Eric Kane (maternal great-grandfather; deceased)

Mona Kane (maternal great-grandmother; deceased)

Gabrielle Amelia Williams Montgomery (half-sister)

Alexander Cambias (paternal grandfather; deceased)

Amelia Cambias (paternal grandmother; deceased)

Travis Montgomery (maternal grandfather; deceased)

Zach Slater (paternal uncle; formerly Alexander Cambias Jr.)

Kendall Hart (maternal aunt)

Joshua Madden (maternal uncle; deceased)

Matthew Sean "Sean" Montgomery (maternal uncle)

Molly Montgomery (maternal aunt)

Jackson Montgomery (maternal great-uncle)

Christine Montgomery (maternal great-aunt)

Mark Dalton (maternal great-uncle)

Ellen Dalton (maternal great-aunt)

Silver Kane (maternal great-aunt)

Ethan Cambias (paternal cousin; deceased)

Greenlee Smythe (maternal cousin once removed)

Lily Montgomery (maternal cousin once removed; via adoption)

Reginald Porter Montgomery (maternal cousin once removed; via adoption)

Julie Rand Chandler (maternal cousin once removed)

Spike Lavery (maternal cousin)

Ian Slater (maternal cousin)



Flings & Affairs

Hunter Morrison (dated)

A.J. Chandler (kissed)

Crimes Committed


Health and Vitals

Switched at birth and raised as Elizabeth "Bess" Chandler for the first nine months of life

Brief Character History

Miranda Montgomery was conceived when her mother Bianca was raped by Michael Cambias. Although the circumstances of Miranda's conception were horrific, Bianca was torn about how to handle the pregnancy. Bianca feared that since she was attracted to women, the unplanned pregnancy might be her only chance to concieve a child. Bianca ultimately accepted the pregnancy, and was especially thrilled when she learned she was expecting a daughter, and adding to the line of strong Kane women.

Upon Miranda's birth, she was presumed deceased after a supposed fall from a rescue helicopter. The few people that did know she had not died passed her off as Babe and J.R. Chandler's child. Miranda was called Bess and lived with the Chandler family for most of the first year of her life. Eventually the truth was revealed and Miranda was reunited with her real family.

Miranda spent many of her early years living in Paris, France with her mother. When they returned to Pine Valley, Bianca was engaged to Reese Williams and pregnant with another daughter. The child had been fathered via artificial insemination by Bianca's uncle Zach Slater. Soon after the baby, Gabrielle, was born, Reese and Bianca ended their relationship. Miranda missed having Reese in her life but she accepted her mother's new relationship with Marissa Tasker. Eventually Marissa and Bianca moved in together and Miranda resided with them in Pine Valley.

Time advanced five years between the final episode on ABC and the first episode of Prospect Park's online version.

In 2013, Miranda attended high school with her closest friend A.J. Chandler. As young children, A.J. and Miranda had lived together while Miranda's mother Bianca was involved with A.J.'s adoptive mother Marissa. However, since Marissa's death five years earlier at the hands of A.J.'s father J.R. Chandler, Marissa resided with her mother and sister while A.J. lived at the Chandler mansion. Miranda was a frequent visitor at A.J.'s home and she shared everything with her best friend, including the news that she had a date with their classmate Hunter Morrison.

Miranda looked forward to her date but the actual event fell short of her expectations. Hunter assumed that since Miranda's mother was gay, Miranda would be open to sexual experimentation with Hunter and another female. After she ran out on the date, Hunter started rumors about her sexual orientation and created false videos of her which went viral. Miranda blamed her mother for her social troubles yet missed the closeness that she and her mother had once shared.

A.J. defended Miranda and went after Hunter and Miranda had the opportunity reciprocate her support for A.J. after his father awoke from the coma he had been in for the past five years. J.R. did not initially recognize A.J. but wanted to build a relationship with him. A.J. was distrustful of his father's claim that he had changed and often spoke to Miranda about his conflicted feelings. During a close moment, Miranda and A.J. shared a kiss but afterwards Miranda pretended that it had never happened. Instead she encouraged A.J. to pursue a relationship with her new friend Heather but discovered that she was jealous after A.J. and Heather started to date.

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Who's Who in Pine Valley

AMC Actor biographies
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