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Phoebe Wallingford
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Actor History
January 5, 1970 to January 5, 2005

Died May 4, 2005



Member of the Daughters of Fine Lineage

Member of the Pine Valley Historical Society

Overseer of fund raising efforts for the AIDS Hospice/Cindy Chandler Memorial

Dear Aggy advice columnist for Tempo Magazine

Resides At

Wallingford Estate (formerly known as the English Estate and Tyler Estate)

Owned a cabin at Willow Lake where Pierce used to reside

Marital Status

Married (Langley Wallingford; deceased)

Past Marriages

Dr. Charles Tyler (deceased)

Wade Matthews


Ed English (brother)

Brooke English (niece)

Laura Cudahy (great-niece; deceased)

James Martin (great-nephew)

Laura Kirk English (great-niece; via adoption)


Lincoln Tyler (son)

Anne Tyler (daughter; deceased)

Hillary Wilson (stepdaughter)

Elizabeth Martin (granddaughter; deceased)

Flings & Affairs

Wade Matthews

Crimes Committed

Convicted of DUI; driver's license revoked

Offered $50,000 to Eddie Dorrance to marry Kelly Cole and take her away from Pine Valley

Faked being paralyzed after falling down a flight of stairs in order not to return to jail

Paid Myrtle Lum to act as Kitty's mother, Lucy Carpenter

Arrested for drinking and driving without a license

Paid Billy Clyde Tuggle to lure Donna back into the night life as a hooker in order to keep her away from Chuck

Brief Character History

Phoebe is one of the original AMC cast members. She has always been the Grande Dame of Pine Valley. She was the wife of Dr. Charles Tyler, the Chief of Staff at Pine Valley Hospital. He later divorced Phoebe to marry Mona Kane. Phoebe has always been a meddling busy body and in the early years was a hateful one.

When Phoebe's son, Lincoln, married Kitty/Kelly Shea and Phoebe disapproved, he left town. After their daughter died, Anne was committed to an institution. Anne was later killed by a car bomb meant for Paul.

Dr. Tyler divorced her to trade a loveless marriage in for a life of real love with Mona. Thereafter, Phoebe hurled the "home wrecker" and "jezebel" epithets toward Mona whenever her broom took her to Pine Valley Hospital.

Phoebe's drinking got worse, and she became a target for con men. Very much her junior, Wade Matthews conned her into running away with him and getting married (after getting her drunk). Langley Wallingford, a pretend scholar who was actually a carnie man, was next to enter Phoebe's life. Phoebe had met her love match in Langley - he helped her dry out and become a much nicer, caring woman.

Phoebe allowed Pierce Riley to move into a cabin she owned at Willow Lake after he returned from military service in Central America. Pierce was deeply disturbed over the supposed death of his lover. Brooke and Pierce eventually got involved, but their relationship was short-lived because Pierce's supposedly dead lover showed up in Pine Valley. Phoebe, who had been pushing for Brooke and the ruggedly handsome ex-serviceman to get together, kept unusually quiet when Pierce left town.

In the late 1990s, a fall at Chandler Mansion caused Phoebe to fracture her hip.

Phoebe grew suspicious of Brooke's next flame, Jim Thomasen --- and rightly so. Jim was a less than desirable man even though Phoebe initially approved of his relationship with her niece.

In spite of her record of coercing or pressuring Brooke into relationships with men, Phoebe continued doing so. In 2000, a minister named Eliot Freeman was next on Phoebe's 'nudge' list. Phoebe approved of Brooke's relationship with the reverend, but in an eerily ironic twist of fate, Eliot turned out to be Josh Waleski, the drunk driver who had killed Brooke's daughter some 12 years earlier.

Phoebe returned to matchmaking in late 2001 by trying to help "nudge" Brooke back together with a former flame, Edmund Grey. Phoebe's efforts were rewarded on February 14, 2002 when Edmund proposed to Brooke - and she accepted.

In frail health for some time, Phoebe passed away in May 2005. But even death couldn't prevent Phoebe from meddling in others' affairs. In her will, Phoebe left most of her inheritance to Jamie Martin -- on the condition that he stopped seeing Babe Chandler.

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