Another World alum and cancer survivor featured in Super Bowl ad

Posted Saturday, January 05, 2013 7:43:29 PM
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Another World alum and cancer survivor featured in Super Bowl ad

Kim Rhodes, known to soap fans as Cindy Harrison on Another World, was featured in a Chevrolet Super Bowl ad in support of World Cancer Day and discussed her battle with cancer on Twitter.

Soap fans who tuned in to the 2014 Super Bowl may have spotted a familiar face during one of the commercial breaks. Kim Rhodes (ex-Cindy Harrison, Another World and As the World Turns) was featured in a Chevrolet commercial in support of World Cancer Day.

The actress spoke about her experience with cancer on Twitter, saying, "Thank you so much. I've survived an 'easy' cancer but lost my mother after a long battle. Thank you #chevycommercial for work I am proud of."

Rhodes later clarified that by "easy cancer," she meant her experience had been easier than the experience of others she had seen struggle with the disease and went on to say, "But there is NO easy cancer. We deserve a cure. And may blessings be with those fighting it and those who love them."

She also spoke of the lack of funding for cancer research and encouraged those who were able to do so to support the cause. "My sister is the hero. She is in charge of a lab that focuses on blood cancers. Funding for all research has been slashed so dramatically that much of the time she wants to use finding a cure for leukemia had to be spent asking for money. Please, please help if you can."

Rhodes was on Another World from 1996 to 1999. Her character Cindy Harrison was the mentally unbalanced and always-scheming wife of Bay City's mayor, Grant Harrison. She briefly reprised her role on As the World Turns in 2000 and 2001.

Since her time on Another World and As the World Turns, Rhodes has had roles in shows including The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and, most recently, Supernatural.

World Cancer Day is February 4 and aims to dispel myths and reduce stigma surrounding the disease. Chevrolet has been a supporter of the American Cancer society for eleven years. Chevrolet has asked people to turn their Facebook and Twitter profile pictures purple in support of World Cancer Day. Rhodes shared on her Twitter page that the company will contribute one dollar for every profile that does so -- up to one million dollars.

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