Fiona Hutchison coming to Oakdale

Posted Saturday, May 13, 2000 08:11:09 AM
Fiona Hutchison coming to Oakdale

There's an old saying that "everything old is new again." We wouldn't are assert the former, but we can safely say that there's a new face coming to Oakdale this June.

Soap vet Fiona Hutchison (ex-Jenna, Guiding Light; ex-Gabrielle, One Life to Live) will join the cast of As The World Turns in the short-term role of Celia, Simon Frazier's sister.

"I'm thrilled that [the producers] asked me to play Celia," Hutchison said in a statement. "She's a bitchy, manipulative, opportunistic enigma of sorts, and you know me and villainous characters."

The actress says that she's looking forward to playing opposite Paul Leyden (Simon) and Martha Byrne (Lily and Rose).

According to TV Guide, Hutchison is to have beaten out a prime-time soap veteran for the role. Look for Hutchison to first appear in Oakdale on June 5th.

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