Report: Park, West could be out

Posted Monday, June 12, 2000 10:56:19 AM
Report: Park, West could be out

Fans of the popular duo Michael Park (Jack Snyder) and Maura West (Carly Tenney) may have something to be upset about. Both actors' contracts are up this year, and despite rumors, neither has re-signed to stay on with the show.

Park, who had some Broadway success with his role in the musical Little Me, which also stared Martin Short, is very possibly exiting his role as fan-fave Jack Snyder. Rumors from behind the scenes say that he is negotiating with ATWT, but has some surprising contract stipulations that ATWT may not be willing to meet.

West, who recently gave birth to her second son, Joseph, on March 29th, may take time off from ATWT when her contract expires in August. This would mimic what she did a few years ago when her other son, Benjamin, was born.

Maura and husband Scott DeFreitas (Andy) once were worried that if Maura took time off it would cause problems with financial support of the family. Since Scott DeFreitas is not on contract, he is not guaranteed work or a paycheck. However, it was rumored that ATWT offered Scott a contract last year, but he turned it down for personal reasons.

Details are sketchy as CBS and P&G refuse to discuss actor's contracts.

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