Paul Korver is out; Recast put off

Posted Sunday, February 04, 2001 11:38:09 AM
Paul Korver is out; Recast put off

Paul Korver (Chris Hughes) has been released from the show. According to a show rep, the departure is "storyline dictated." Chris will return to college and leave Oakdale.

Korver is the fifth actor to play the part of Christopher Hughes. He joined the cast in 1999.

Korver will tape his final scenes on February 15th. His final appearance will air on March 7th.

Intially there had been reports that the role would probably be recast relatively quickly. Now, however, comes word that Chris might not be seen for a while Speculation is that the writers wanted to write Chris out for a while so that he could return with a different face and a new attitude.

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