McClain Inks ATWT Contract Extension, 2002

Posted Saturday, February 01, 2003 10:00:30 PM
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McClain Inks ATWT Contract Extension

Cady McClain (Rosanna Cabot) has signed on for an extended stay in Oakdale.

McClain joined the cast of As The World Turns in April 2002. Her stay was immediately said to be a short-term gig. McClain had previously been a member of the cast of All My Children, playing Dixie Martin. McClain played AMC's Dixie off-and-on since October 1988. McClain left ABC's All My Children citing a need for a cool down period away from the hectic taping schedules of a soap opera. Shortly after joined the cast of CBS's As The World Turns, AMC killed of McClain's character -- off-screen.

Now, as the actress' tenure with the show approaches the year mark, show executives have gotten McClain to agree to a new contract. According to a show source, McClain's contract will keep her in Oakdale for another year.

A network spokesperson would not comment on McClain's status, stating that it is not network policy to comment on contracts.

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