New Lucy, Maddie already sent packing

Posted Sunday, January 04, 2009 5:40:21 PM
New Lucy, Maddie already sent packing

As the World Turns made headlines a few weeks back with news that it planned to recast three roles in as many weeks. Now, one week into the new year, and the CBS soap is already writing out two of those roles. Actresses Sarah Glendening and Kelly Barrett will exit the show this week.

Well, that was fast! Two of As the World Turns' recent recasts are already on their way out. Newcomers Kelly Barrett (Maddie Coleman) and Sarah Glendening (Lucy Montgomery) exit the CBS soap this week.

Barrett, who made her ATWT debut on December 22, will head back to the stage. The actress currently appears in the off-Broadway production of Rock of Ages. Barrett's co-star in the production is former American Idol contestant, Constantine Maroulis, who appeared briefly on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Glendening becomes the latest Lucy recast to exit the show. However, a show source tells Soap Central that Glendening's appearance was always designed as a short-term gig. The actress made her first As the World Turns appearance on December 24. Glendening appeared previously in a recurring role on Guiding Light.

The show's other recent recast to the younger set, Davida William (Jade Taylor), is sticking around... at least for now.

Barrett exits on January 5, while Glendening exits two days later on January 7.

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