Soap alum turns romance novelist

Posted Thursday, January 08, 2015 6:38:02 PM
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Soap alum turns romance novelist

Former As the World Turns star Dylan Bruce has got the "write stuff" in a new project out this weekend.

As the World Turns star Dylan Bruce (ex-Chris Hughes) has shown the world he can act, having gone on to star in shows like Arrow and Orphan Black since departing the daytime world in 2008. But his latest acting challenge will have him doing something completely different.

The Canadian performer stars in Hallmark Channel's latest film, A Novel Romance, as Liam Bradley, a romance novelist who retreats to a small town to find inspiration for the follow-up to his previous bestselling books. Instead, Liam -- who goes by a pen name -- finds himself falling in love with Sophie Atkinson (Amy Acker), a local book reviewer who is also recovering from a relationship with a public figure. The two struggle with fears of revealing truths about themselves just as Liam's public revelation from behind his pseudonym is about to take place. Will the blossoming couple be able to survive the thorns thrown their way?

To find out, catch the world premiere of the film, which also stars Charles S. Dutton, on Saturday, January 10 at 9PM ET/PT, 8 Central on Hallmark Channel.

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