Mr. Dixon (Deceased)
m. (First name unknown) Parker (Deceased)

c. John Dixon
  a. Lyla Marie Crawford
    c. Margo Montgomery
        a. Hal Munson (deceased)
            c. Adam (Hughes) Munson
        m.Tom Hughes
            c. Two miscarried children; one when engaged to Tom, the other prior to Adam's birth) (deceased)
            c. Casey Hughes
            c. Miscarried child (deceased)
                   a.Gwen Norbeck
                       c. Billy Norbeck (deceased)
                   m.Emily Stewart (Annulled)
  a. Rosemary Kramer (Deceased)
    c. Ian "Duke" Kramer
  m. Kim Sullivan Reynolds (Divorced)
    c. Andrew Dixon
        m. Courtney Baxter (Divorced)
        m. Denise Maynard (Divorced)
            c. Hope Dixon
  m. Pat Holland (Deceased)
  m. Dawn "Dee" Stewart (Divorced)
  m. Ariel Aldrin (Divorced)
  m. Karen Haines (Divorced)
    c. Dusty Donovan (legal ward)
  m. Lucinda Walsh (Divorced)
  a. Iva Snyder
    c. Matthew John Dixon
  m. Barbara Ryan (Divorced)
    c. Johnny Dixon (Deceased)
  m. Carly Tenney (Divorced)

c.Annette Dixon
  m. Larry Wagner
    c. Pamela Wagner

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape

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