Judge James Lowell, Sr. (deceased)
m. Alice (maiden name unknown) (deceased)
    c. James Lowell, Jr. (deceased)
        m. Claire English (deceased)
              m. Dr. Doug Cassen (deceased)
              m. Dr. Michael Shea (Divorced) (deceased)
            c. Ellen Lowell
                a. Tim Cole
                      c. Jimmy Lowell (put up for adoption) (deceased)
                m. Tim Cole (deceased)
                m. David Stewart (deceased)

David Stewart (deceased)
m. Betty Jackson (deceased)
    c. Dan Stewart (adopted; birth name Jimmy Lowell) (deceased)
        a. Liz Talbot
            c. Betsy Stewart
                a. Steve Andropoulos
                    c. Danielle Andropoulos
                m. Craig Montgomery (divorced)
                m. Steve Andropoulos (divorced)
        m. Susan Burke (divorced)
            c. Emily Stewart
                a. James Stenbeck (deceased)
                        c. miscarried child (deceased)
                m. Holden Snyder (divorced)
                 Larry McDermott
                        c. Alison Stewart (In vitro baby; egg provided by Emily, fertilized by Larry McDermott. Alison was raised as Emily's sister)
                        c. Hunter McDermott (A product of the eggs harvested to conceive Alison. Larry secretly implanted one of the seggs in his lover, Aurora)
                a. Tom Hughes
                        c. Daniel Hughes
                m. Hal Munson (Divorced) (deceased)
                m. Paul Ryan (Divorced)
                        c. Jennifer Ryan (deceased)
                m. Casey Hughes (Annulled)
                m. Paul Ryan
             m. Bruce Baxter (annulled)
             m. Larry McDermott (Divorced)
                  c. Alison Stewart (In vitro baby; egg provided by Emily)
                       a. Chris Hughes
                            c. Miscarried child (deceased)
                       m. Aaron Snyder (Annulled)
                       m. Aaron Snyder (Divorced)
               m. Ric Decker (Divorced)
        m. Liz Talbot (deceased)
        m. Kim Sullivan Dixon
    c. Paul Stewart (deceased)
        m. Liz Talbot
            c. Miscarried child (deceased)
        a. Lady Veronica Markham Cushing
            c. Lord Stewart Markham Cushing
                m. Marcy Thompson

m. Ellen Lowell Cole
    c. Carol Ann 'Annie' Stewart
        m. Beau Spencer (Divorced)
            c. Miscarried child (deceased)
        m. Brad Hollister (Divorced)
            c. Miscarried child (deceased)
        m. Jeff Ward
            c. Lowell Ward (quadruplets)
            c. Maria Ward
            c. Nancy Ward
            c. Gregory Ward
    c. Dawn 'Dee' Stewart
        m. John Dixon (divorced)

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape


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