Marston verdict in
Posted January 2000
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Nathaniel Marston
As the World Turns' Nathaniel Marston has been fined for an altercation with an ATM machine. The actor will not have to spend any time in jail, but he has been ordered to get his anger under control.

Nathaniel Marston (Eddie Silva) has recently been given an ACD, adjourned contemplation of dismissal, for the alleged assault of an ATM in Manhattan. This means that if he behaves himself for six months, with no problems or arrests, the complaint against him simply goes away.

He was however, ordered to pay a $750 fine to Chase Manhattan Bank, the owner of the ATM machine in question. He also must attend six one-hour counseling sessions, one per week.

Marston, who has recently been let go from the show, will air last in mid-January, and is excited about his next career move. There's apparently no link between his departure from the show and his ATM mishap.

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