Noelle Beck dropped to recurring
Posted Monday, April 26, 2010 1:05:32 AM
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Noelle Beck dropped to recurring
According to show sources, Noelle Beck has dropped to recurring status as Lily Snyder on As the World Turns. The move has many speculating that another Lily might soon be returning.

With its final episode set to air in just under five months, As the World Turns execs have decided not to renew Noelle Beck's (Lily Snyder) contract with the show. Rather than write the character off the canvas, Beck has been dropped to recurring status. She will reportedly remain with the show through its September finale.

Beck assumed the role of Lily in May 2008. She was cast in the role when the show parted ways with Emmy winner Martha Byrne following a contract flap. In light of Beck's status change, many fans are wondering of Byrne might return to the show.

Prior to joining As the World Turns, Beck was known for her long run on ABC's Loving. From 1984 to 1993, Beck appeared as heroine Trisha Alden. In 1989, she was honored with a Daytime Emmy nomination for her work.

A spokesperson for As the World Turns had no comment about Beck's status with the show.

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