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Van Hansis
Van Hansis plays the cheater in new web series
Posted Sunday, November 11, 2012 7:00:59 PM
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Van Hansis plays the cheater in new web series
Emmy-nominated Van Hansis played the good guy on CBS's As the World Turns. In the new web series, EastSiders, he'll get to play another piece of the acting spectrum. Hansis appeared on ATWT from 2005 through 2010.

For a new web series called EastSiders, Van Hansis (Luke Snyder) plays the cheating half of a couple in a dark comedy about the sad but funny messes people make of life. Kit Williamson, the show's writer/director/star, sets out to portray gay couples with a straight up honesty he feels the genre lacks.

Hansis takes on the role of Thom, who cheats on Cal, played by Williamson. Hashing out problems despite the drunken outbursts and double standards, the couple tries to figure out if they have what it takes to overcome the infidelity.

While exploring the aftermath of infidelity for this couple, Williamson strives to have his gay characters reflect the same complexity and flaws as straight couples. In a press release statement, Williamson explains, "There's a huge spectrum of lifestyles and experiences within the gay community, and I wanted to explore a kind of relationship that isn't often represented. We are so profoundly grateful to have assembled a cast of this caliber, because this kind of story really hinges on the acting."

Williamson picked his costar wisely because Hansis received three Daytime Emmy nominations for his ATWT portrayal of the lovable and complex Luke Snyder. Hansis played ATWT's Luke from December 2005 to the show's cancellation in the fall of 2010.

EastSiders is set to premiere December 14, 2012, at

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