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Tuesday, September 14, 2010
by Kathy Gire

At the farm, Jack began his wedding day by thanking Dusty for donating all the champagne for the reception. Janet urged Dusty to get dressed for the wedding, so he left, and she and Jack had a good talk about the baby they would soon share. Jack said he hoped the baby would delay his appearance until after the honeymoon at a cabin on a lake that Carly had selected, but he made Janet promise to get the number from Carly and to call him if she went into labor before the honeymooners returned. Janet assured Jack that he had nothing to worry about.

Carly's wedding day began with breakfast in bed, courtesy of her sister Gwen. After breakfast, Gwen said she had a surprise and asked Carly to close her eyes. Gwen ran out and returned with Rosanna in tow. An overjoyed Carly jumped up to hug her other sister, and they began to catch up on each other's life. The two women went downstairs where Gwen was arranging flowers, and Carly asked her sisters to be her bridesmaids.

Janet appeared at the door with a gift for Jack and Carly, along with her sincere best wishes. She also told Carly that Jack had insisted that she have the phone number of the cabin where Carly and Jack would be spending their honeymoon, "just in case." Carly gave her that information reluctantly, and the two women also exchanged a few barbs. The incident with Janet upset Carly, however, so she took out the compass that Jack had given her years ago that had always led the two of them back to one another. She asked her sisters for some time alone, so Rosanna and Gwen went upstairs to get dressed. Carly thought for a moment and then grabbed her keys and took off.

Parker went into the living room as he was tying his tie and conversed with Will. He was nervous about his parents' remarriage, but Will suggested that there was something else that was bugging his brother. Parker admitted he was struggling with telling Jack something he probably didn't want to hear, but he hoped his dad was so preoccupied with the wedding that he wouldn't overreact too badly. Parker was about to tell Will his secret when Faith rang the doorbell. He answered the door, and the girl handed him a lovely bouquet of flowers for Carly. Parker tried to brush her off, but Faith asked to go in. She was really bummed that she had gotten into trouble with Liberty for telling Janet that the Fashion Institute had accepted her daughter, but Liberty was reluctant to leave her mother. Parker scolded Faith, too, and he shut the door.

Parker left for the farm and asked his dad for a minute of his time. Jack agreed readily, but then his phone rang, and it was the minister who needed some last minute information. Jack ran to find the details, and Will walked in. When Jack returned, Parker was about to speak to Jack, but another call interrupted them. This time the caller was Sage, who needed a ride home, so Jack had to go get her. Will pressed Parker for his big news, so Parker began by expressing his feelings about not going to college.

Janet went to Dusty's room at the Lakeview and complained that she had snapped back at Carly on her wedding day, and she felt rotten about it. Dusty laughed and reminded Janet that she was going to have to learn how to get along with Carly. The two of them decided to decorate the honeymoon cabin, so they drove there and began putting up decorations and candles. Janet climbed part way up a ladder, but that caused Dusty to overreact and demand that she get down. He explained that his late wife, Jennifer, had gone into labor immediately after falling from a ladder.

Dusty then climbed the ladder himself, but he cried out and tumbled off. Janet got him up and reminded him that was dumb for someone who already had cracked ribs. Dusty insisted that they leave in order to get to the wedding in time, but Janet just looked at him with a strange expression on her face. Then she took a deep breath and said, "I think I'm in labor." She was sure what was happening when her water broke in a few seconds.

In the Lakeview lobby, Craig stopped Lily, who coldly said she was "in a bit of a rush." Craig asked her for forgiveness, but Lily responded by asking, "For what part?" Then she went through a litany of his most recent offenses, to which Craig replied, "All of the above." He was also surprised to hear of Jack and Carly's imminent wedding, but Lily warned him not to even think about showing up because no one wanted him there.

In Old Town, Holden ran into Molly and realized she was back for her cousin's wedding. Holden apologized again for how their relationship had ended, but Molly did not care to discuss it. They realized that they were the best man and maid of honor in the wedding, so they would be together a good part of the day. They clasped hands, as Lily hid behind a nearby pillar and watched. Finally Lily couldn't take it any more, so she joined them. Holden said goodbye to Molly, as Lily made a big point of telling Holden in front of Molly that their children wanted them to all go "together as a family" to the ceremony.

Gwen and Rosanna were stunned that they could not find Carly in the house, just as Jack arrived with Sage. Jack realized that Carly wasn't there, so he sent his daughter upstairs to get dressed and asked where his bride was. Rosanna and Gwen fudged their answer, and that further confused Jack.

Carly was at the pond with her compass, and she flashed back to the scene in the old boathouse years ago when Jack had given the compass to her, promising that it would always guide her back to him. She held the compass, but it slipped from her grasp and fell into the water. Carly immediately got on her knees and plunged her arm into the pond, but all she felt was mud. "Oh, no!" she cried, as Jack walked up behind her. He helped Carly up, as she sobbed, and then he promised that she no longer needed the compass because her "true north" was by her side forever. He also assured her that if they believed in themselves and each other, they would always be able to find their way home. He urged her to enjoy their wedding because it was the last one they would ever have, and they kissed.

Rosanna did some last minute shopping in Old Town and literally bumped into Gabriel. He recognized her, and they talked and realized that they would both be a Carly's wedding in a short time. Meanwhile, Holden gave Lily a ride home from Old Town, and they found Faith there. The girl said she was not going to the wedding because "nobody" wanted her there. She was cranky because Parker and Liberty were annoyed with her, and Lily called her daughter selfish. Holden talked to Faith and finally got her in a better mood, and she agreed to go.

In Java, Craig saw Gabriel, so he thanked the young man for clueing him in on what Lucinda was up to financially. Gabriel asked how much his father had lost, and Craig answered, "In the neighborhood of everything." Gabriel mentioned Jack and Carly's wedding, and Craig was surprised that the boy was attending. He tried to latch on to his son and suggested that he go with him, but Gabriel said that was not a good idea, and he walked out.

Jack and Carly arrived at the farm, and Rosanna, Gwen, and Molly had her dress ready for her along with a rose from each of them for her to carry down the aisle. Jack got dressed, as well, and Holden, Parker, and Will were waiting for him outside. Jack happily declared that it was a "day on new beginnings."

Lily arrived with a gift she said was not only a wedding gift but also an "I'm sorry" present. She apologized to Carly for not listening to her about Craig. Carly forgave her, and they began to get the bride ready to walk down the aisle. Lily walked out and joined the men, followed by Carly and her attendants. Rosanna happened to look back down the path, and she suddenly excused herself and ran back. She caught Craig attempting a hasty exit, and she asked him "what the hell" he was doing there. Craig answered that he needed "closure," and Rosanna begged him not to ruin Carly's day. Gabriel and Liberty walked up the path, and Gabriel spotted his father and Rosanna. "Oh, no," he muttered, "that's not good."

Faith and Parker joined the group, as Jack asked Carly if she was ready to do it for the final time. Carly wondered where Janet and Dusty were, and then she confessed that she had been "a bit snippy" with Janet earlier. Rosanna joined them with the news that Craig was on the premises, and that upset the bride. Jack said to let him stay, so the happy couple watched their guests climb the hill towards the site of the ceremony. Craig, however, slipped around behind them and stood above them on the hill.

. . .

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