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Wednesday, September 15, 2010
by Kathy Gire

At Jack and Carly's outdoor wedding, the music began, but Jack wanted to delay for a few moments because Tom and Margo, along with Dusty and Janet, were still not there. The happy couple tried to kiss, but none of the women would allow Carly to mess up her makeup. Tom and Margo arrived and took their seats, joined shortly by Craig, who was depressed that the woman with whom he was "entangled" was marrying someone else.

Sage walked down the path first, followed by Gwen; Rosanna, who spotted Craig and glowered at him; and then Holden and Molly. In the audience, Liberty worried about her mother, so she called Janet's cell phone but only got her voicemail. Parker proudly walked with his mother, and then he handed her over to Jack. The minister asked for objections, but no one spoke, so he began reciting the covenants. Carly agreed to all of them, ending by saying, "He's mine; I'm his: that's that."

Jack repeated his covenants, and he also concluded with the line Carly had added, changing it to "She's mine; I'm hers; that's that." The witnesses all agreed to help the couple stay on the right track, and Molly did a reading. Carly then spoke from her heart to Jack, her soul mate and best friend, and Jack returned the favor, thanking Carly for helping him fight the demons that had overtaken him after his brother's death. The two exchanged rings, and the minister pronounced them husband and wife. Jack and Carly kissed.

As soon as everyone had a drink, Holden proposed a toast and spoke of Hal Munson and Brad Snyder, both wonderful men who were gone, but probably the two most influential men in Jack's life. He lifted his glass and proposed life-long happiness to the newlyweds. People mingled, and Tom and Margo sought out Jack to wish him well. Margo casually asked Jack if Parker had talked to him earlier that day, and Jack answered that he had. When Jack stopped speaking, however, Margo smiled mysteriously and walked away, leaving the groom confused.

Molly then lifted her glass and spoke about the impossibility of fighting destiny, and she proposed another toast. Carly thanked everyone, especially her cousin and two sisters. Jack walked up and was still concerned that Dusty and Janet were not there, but just then, Craig walked forward and demanded everyone's attention. He said he, too, would like to make a toast, but Rosanna interrupted him, and Margo helped out by suggesting it was time for the new couple's first dance. Craig would not be put off, however, and he simply said to Jack and Carly, "You belong together," and he wished them every happiness.

Rosanna approached Craig and complimented him for "taking the high road." She asked him what had made him do it, and he said he could name one thing, and that was "Rosanna." Craig confessed that he wanted her to like him again, even if it was just a little. Rosanna said that Craig had just moved up from "detestable" to "barely tolerable." Craig mumbled, "It's a start."

Jack and Carly began their first dance, so Faith went to Holden and asked him to dance with her mother. He warned the girl to keep her hands off the champagne, and then he asked Lily to dance. Faith went to find Parker, but he was being secretive talking with Liberty, and he brushed off Faith.

Craig spoke with Gabriel and vowed he was going to "turn over a new leaf. " Gabriel was impressed, but he still turned down another offer at going into business with his father. The young man said he had decided to go home to Montega to work for a contractor, thanks to some of Sierra's contacts. Craig got upset, and Rosanna walked up and asked why he was yelling at a poor boy. "He's my son," blurted out Craig, and a shocked Rosanna apologized for stepping in. Gabriel turned and left, as Craig appeared unsettled.

Parker and Liberty were still talking about his plans for the future when the bride and groom walked by and overheard. Jack asked what the boy had been hinting at all day, as Tom and Margo joined the group. Parker went silent, so Margo spoke up and urged him to just tell his folks that he had decided to join the police force. Jack and Carly were speechless, but when Jack found his voice, he said that he needed more information. Margo jumped in and said she had been counseling the boy for several weeks, but Jack was not pleased. Carly was much more at ease with the decision, and reminded her new husband that it was what their son wanted. Parker added that he wanted, like Jack and Hal, to make a scary world a little bit better place. Jack and Carly hugged their boy.

Lily suggested that Holden dance with Molly, and he agreed but asked Lily if that was all right with her. Molly accepted Holden's invitation, and they talked about how they liked being back on the friendship level of their relationship. Rosanna drifted back to Craig and asked if he was thinking about the one that got away. Craig misunderstood and thought that she meant Carly, but Rosanna corrected him and said she had been referring to Gabriel. She asked cautiously if he minded a bit of advice from her, and she said of his son, "Let him go." She reminded Craig that he always got in trouble for holding on with a death grip to people, money, and power.

Parker talked with Faith about his being a cop, but then Sage collected them to wave goodbye as Jack and Carly left for their honeymoon. As they got to their car, Carly paused a moment to throw her bouquet, and her sister Rosanna caught it. Everyone threw rose petals as "CarJack" drove away.

Tom told Will and Gwen that Casey had loved visiting them in Carbondale, and Will let it slip that Casey and Alison were moving there so that Casey could go to law school. Tom and Margo were stunned, but Tom soon calmed down and reminded his wife that they had to let the kids figure out things for themselves. Margo got teary-eyed at the thought of her son's moving away.

At the farm, Molly changed into her traveling clothes in preparation for her long flight home to California. She wished Holden and Lily good luck and took off for the airport. Meanwhile, Will and Gwen said goodbye to Parker, and Will pointed out that Faith was sitting alone on a bench looking thoughtful. Parker joined her and said that some good had happened because of her telling Janet about Liberty's acceptance to the Fashion Institute of Technology. Liberty had decided to take the opportunity and was leaving later that night. Parker declared that he and Faith were friends again, and he kissed her on the cheek.

Craig sat on some stone steps and told Gabriel that he was happy that the boy had such a good opportunity in Montega. He also suggested that Gabriel hang out with his sister, Lucy, and Gabriel said they were already texting. They had a moment of closeness, and Gabriel called Craig "Dad" just before he walked away. Rosanna walked up and said, "Nice work," to Craig, who thanked her for her good advice. Rosanna said she was thinking of hanging around Oakdale for a while, as long as Craig understood that they were not starting up again.

Liberty left a message for her mom, unaware that Janet had begun her labor in Jack and Carly's honeymoon cabin. Janet was experiencing heavy-duty contractions, and she yelled at Dusty to call Jack. Dusty knew the wedding was in full swing, so he talked her out of that solution. Then he realized that they had no cell phone reception in that location, even though Janet next asked him to call a taxi. When that was not an option, Dusty offered to drive them to the hospital himself, in spite of the pain of his injured ribs. Dusty, obviously in great discomfort, hobbled to the car but soon realized that the wheels were mired in mud and only spinning. He returned to the house to tell Janet that the car was stuck in the mud.

Janet said the baby was on his way, so she began pacing while Dusty boiled water. Janet asked if he could boil her up an epidural, as well, as the pain got overwhelming. She began crying out and shrieking, just as Jack and Carly pulled up in front of the cabin. Jack worried that the car out there stuck in the mud looked a lot like Dusty's, but he decided that was unlikely. Jack swept Carly up in his arms in preparation for carrying her across the threshold, when a horrendous wail greeted them at the door. They tore open the door to see Dusty helping Janet do advanced labor breathing.

Jack yelled to Dusty, asking why he hadn't taken Janet to the hospital, and Dusty said his car was stuck and there was no way to call. Carly recognized that Janet was in the throes of hard labor, so she ordered Jack to carry the woman to the bed and to get some towels. Suddenly Carly felt queasy herself, and she wondered what had made her tummy lurch.

. . .

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