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Eve Coleman Browning
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Actor History
Bonnie Root



Resides At

Prison or a psychiatric hospital

Marital Status

Single/Widowed (Louis Browning)

Past Marriages

Louis Browning (deceased)


Audrey Coleman (mother)

Henry Coleman (half-brother)

Bernadette Coleman (sister)

Madeline "Maddie" Coleman (sister)

Four more unnamed sisters



Flings & Affairs


Crimes Committed

Attempted to frame her sister, Maddie, for murder [late Jul to early Sep 2006]

Murdered Lia McDermott [Jul 21, 2006]

Murdered Nate Bradley [Jul 28, 2006]

Attacked Maddie and tried to drown her [Aug 3, 2006]

Attempted to kill Gwen Munson [Aug 11, 2006]

Attacked Will Munson [Aug 14, 2006]

Placed the slasher's hooded jacket in Louis's suitcase to frame him for the murders [Aug 23, 2006]

Murdered Zach Harding, Ann Lynch, Alex Hoffman, Geneva Samuelson, and Ian Black at Raven Lake [last week of Aug 2006]

Attacked Casey Hughes [Aug 31, 2006]

Attacked Will Munson and attempted to murder Gwen by choking her [Sep 1, 2006]

Murdered her husband, Louis [Sep 1, 2006]

Tried to murder Maddie again [Sep 5, 2006]

Brief Character History

Eve Browning came to Oakdale when everyone thought her sister, Maddie Coleman, had lost her mind. Maddie had been acting oddly, finally acting out by slashing Lia McDermott's car in a jealous rage. When Eve arrived at the police station, Maddie confessed her darkest secret--while living with Eve and her husband, Louis, in Chicago the previous summer, she had snuck out to go to a frat party where she was raped. Eve decided to stay in Oakdale to help Maddie with her trauma. Unfortunately, Maddie was uncooperative--often sneaking out without telling Eve or their brother, Henry. On one such occasion, Lia was found murdered and since Maddie had no alibi or no memory of where she was, she became prime suspect number one. Soon after, another teenager was found dead and suspicion again fell on Maddie. A week later, Maddie was attacked by a masked person, though police suspected that she may have set up the attack to throw suspicion off herself. Other masked attacks followed and although Henry was steadfast in his faith, Eve voiced concerns that Maddie could be guilty. Meanwhile, in the course of the investigation, Eve became friends with Detective Jack Snyder. Finally, Eve's husband, Louis, called Eve asking her to come back home but she refused, stating that she had to help Maddie. Finally, Louis came to town and immediately clashed with Henry. Not only that--Maddie seemed terrified of him while Louis seemed overly concerned about Maddie. Maddie's aversion to Louis didn't go unnoticed and Eve informed Jack that she was afraid of her husband.

At the same time, Henry noticed Louis's obsession with Maddie and realized that there was no frat party--Louis had raped Maddie! Henry confronted Maddie who finally admitted that Louis raped her while she was living with the Brownings in Chicago. Eve refused to believe it at first, and then realized it was true. Henry went on to theorize that Louis was the slasher and, when they found the slasher's attire in his luggage, they realized they were right! With Maddie finally cleared of the murders and an APB out on Louis, Eve made arrangements for her and Maddie to move back to Chicago to live with their other sister. Maddie though, unexpectedly told Eve she wanted to stay in Oakdale with Henry so Eve went back alone. Or so everyone thought. Instead of going to Henry's, Maddie followed a group of teens, including her boyfriend, Casey Hughes, to Raven Lake. Suddenly, people started dying. At the same time, Louis was stalking Maddie and finally caught up with her. Just as Louis dangerously confronted Maddie, he was stabbed from behind by the masked slasher. Just as the slasher was about to kill Maddie, Casey intervened. Though Casey was left gravely injured, the slasher was trapped as well and Maddie finally unmasked the Oakdale slasher--Eve! Eve then confessed that she was jealous that her husband was in love with Maddie. Eve accused Maddie of playing the sweet little girl to get Louis to fall for her. She then admitted that she planned to frame Maddie for the murders and later kill her. As a demented Eve was being led away by the police, she chided Henry for his defense of "poor little Maddie" and taunted Jack as well.

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