Another World Recaps: The week of March 10, 1997 on AW
Gary, Josie, and Jake made plans to gaslight Grant. Rachel and Carl made up and looked forward to their baby. Michael was angry Donna had made Sharlene feel guilty enough to move out. Matt left town. Sharlene agreed to dinner with Grant and slipped something in his drink.
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Another World Recaps: The week of March 10, 1997 on AW
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Monday, March 10, 1997

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Tuesday, March 11, 1997


Gary, Josie and Jake continue to make plans to "gaslight" Grant. The plan is to have everyone think that Jake was under house arrest but in reality he will try and contact Grant and shake him up to the point that he will confess to his guilt. While Gary and Jake prepare to go to Vicky's party, Josie reluctantly prepares to stay in Jake's apartment so everyone at the station will think Jake was still in his suite. Gary warns Jake to stay away from Vicky tonight so as not to blow the plan. Jake places a call to Grant pretending to be Hal. As they are getting ready to leave, Chris arrives and they have to hurry up and make him leave. Chris was suspicious and says that he will go to Vicky's party in the hopes of getting a story. When Chris leaves, the three scammers breathe a sigh of relief.


Rachel arrives at Carl's bungalow. She tries to make him understand why she did why she did and that she's sorry she hurt him. Carl told her in a resigned voice that he will not contest the divorce she wants for the sake of the baby. Surprised, Rachel insists she doesn't want a divorce but wants him to share in the baby's life from the beginning. She told him that she loves him and wants to work things out but that he'll need to understand she still has the same fears she did. Overjoyed, Carl embraces her and they talk happily about their future. Carl says that he was blissfully happy and reminds Rachel about his dream of Ryan who told Carl that Rachel would need him. Carl wants Rachel to stay the night but she insists they ahve to move slow and that she'll return to BC tonight as planned. They say good bye and Carl smiles when she leaves. Rachel soon returns and says the road is flooded. Carl innocently remarks that the tide must have come in and who are they to try and change the forces of nature.


Vicky, all dressed up for the surprise party, was pleased to see Bobby in his tux. He told her she was stunning and she says there was somewhere she wants to go before they go out. They arrive at their special place overlooking BC and she says she doesn't know much about his childhood. Bobby evades the question to some extent and says that he really wants to kiss her. They kiss and both seem very happy. Bobby reluctantly breaks the kiss and says they need to get going. Vicky remarks that she can't be late for her own surprise party and Bobby was surprised to realize she knows. Vicky told him that she knows her mother well. At the Harbour Club, Donna flits around trying to make everything ready. When Sharlene arrives, Donna strategically keeps her away from Michael but putting her in the corner. Nick arrives with Emily, much to Sophia's dismay although she tries not to show it. Nick and Sophia share friendly dance witnessed by Matt. Felicia told Paulina that Lorna was planning on not returning to BC because of the memories. Bobby and Vicky arrive and they are forced to steal glances across the crowd as all the well wishers crowd around Vicky. Vicky told Nick to have Bobby meet her outside. She went out and hearing someone approach, turns happily thinking its Bobby. Unfortunately she comes face to face with Grant.

Wednesday, March 12, 1997


Bobby and Vicky try to plead Jake's case to Joe who again remains untouched. Joe continues to insist they can't drop the charges against Jake and charge Grant until hard evidence was produced. Vicky tries to cajole him into bending the rules until Joe bursts out that he's following the same rules Ryan would follow. Stunned Vicky and Bobby leaves and Joe reviews the tape of Hal dressed as Jake buying a watch while Jake was in jail. Outside, vicky tells bobby she's going to see Jake but told him that she's going to miss seeing him 24 hours a day like they had been. Amanda has a flirtatious confrontation with IA aftent Johanssen.


Donna comes in to the living room in her nightshirt while sharlene was doing her exercises. Donna hints that its time for Sharlene to move out because she's better now and Michael could use his privacy back. Acknowledging that Donna's motives are selfish, Sharlene agrees its time for her to move on. When she lets greg know she plans for them to move back to their apartment, he was less than thrilled.


Jake, Gary and Josie congratulate each other on a job well done. Suddenly they hear Grant banging on the door. While J&G hide in the bedroom, Jake antagonizes Grant and vice versa. Grant brought up Bobby and vicky and Jake brings up Cindy, tomas and others who are helping Grant. Grant lunges at Jake demanding to see his ankle alarm, certain Jake was the one he saw last night on the docks. Seeing the alarm, Grant mutters to himself that "he" must have been there and "he" was an idiot. He leaves while Jake follows shouting, "who are you talking about Grant?" Gary told his two cohorts about his new plan -- saying they need Grant to confess to someone he trusts - namely Sharlene. Josie was against putting her mom in danger but Gary tells her that Sharlene heard Grant make an incriminating phone call and is worried about what Grant was capable of. She agrees to call her mom and ask for help.


Bobby arrives for work but Donna says she has no blue prints or plans as of yet but assures him that she has more style than anyone she knows. While Bobby begins to take measurements, Donna tries to get some info from him about his relationship with Vicky. After she hints around, Bobby comes out and says that he doesn't like 20 questions and his relationship with vicky is their own business. Donna continues to have her doubts about her daughter dating a carpenter.


Carl and Rachel's idyllic vacation was interrupted by an angry Matt who has followed his mom ot the keys. After yelling at Carl again, Matt tries to appeal to Rachel by saying that Mac would've been disappointed she was choosing Carl over her family. she assures him this was not the case and reprimands him for not accepting her husband as part of her family. Matt leaves angrily and Carl brought Rachel back to BC. He says that he will do what he can to repair this rift with her children and agrees to continue to stay at the hotel until things can be straightened out. When Rachel goes upstairs to take a nap, Gary arrives and takes Carl into the library to update him on Gary's plan to nail Grant. Carl cautions that Rachel was just upstairs when in reality she was listening at the door. Rachel hears Gary tell Carl that they need Rachel to be involved in the plan this time.

Thursday, March 13, 1997


Rachel listens while Gary outlines his plan to Carl. Gary wants Rachel to dress up like Justine and make Grant crazy so he will confess to his crimes. Carl was horrified and reminds Gary of the hell Justine put Rachel through and how she died right in that room. Gary tries to lure him into the plan by reminding Carl of how much he'd like to see Grant pay for what he did to Ryan and what he continues to do with Vicky. Rachel was happy and relieved when she hears Carl state firmly that his love for Rachel was greater than his hatred of Grant and that he will not put her in danger. When Gary leaves, Rachel pretends not to have heard and asks Carl to stay for dinner. Carl went out and buys a beautiful cradle for the baby and Rachel lovingly remarks he's spoiling the child already. Carl was still unsure of his place in her life but she assures him that she wants him with her during every step of this pregnancy. They embrace and profess their love.


Sophia gets ready to go check out her new place and Joe and Paulina try and convince her not to move out. She assures them she won't be far away and states she needs to do this for herself. They reluctantly agree. Joe is called to the station and Paulina was surprised to find Internal Affairs Officer Neil Johanssen at their front door. He says he's bringing Joe his captain's shield. Paulina confides in him that she was scared for Joe after what happened with Ryan and Gabe. Neil reminds her that Joe was a great cop and all the force was behind him. He hints that he'll let Paulina in on the internal goings-on so she won't be so worried. Neil compliments Paulina on her looks and her charm and states she reminds him of the Madonna when Joe arrives back. He was slightly disturbed that Neil has been able to reassure Paulina where he has been unsuccessful.


Emily shows Nick around the new place, very excited about everything. He agrees to stay and wait for Sophia when Emily went back to work. Sophia is surprised to find him there but she too was excited about the place. The two seem comfortable together -- too comfortable as Sophia continues to have erotic fantasies about Nick while they have hamburgers and wait for Emily. Nick told her that he and Emily are dating now and says how fun it'll be for the four of them (including Matt) to hang out. Sophia enthusiastically agrees and Nick was pleased she's slightly unnerved. They have another close moment as Emily bursts in the door, hugging Nick and exclaiming the apartment was theirs. Sophia watches the embrace somewhat upset.


Michael comes home to find Donna in seduction mode waiting for him. She tells him Sharlene has moved out and they can finally be alone. Michael figures out Donna made Sharlene feel guilty and was furious. He exclaims he can't trust her and she insists that he's always got to make problems and should just accept no one will love him the way she does. He told her that while he'll always love her, he certainly doesn't like her right now. Donna gets ready to leave and angrily told Michael this was his last chance with her.

Friday, March 14, 1997


Nick was babysitting the boys and they tell him things were more fun with Sophia. Steven told Kirkland about how adults act when they're in love while Nick rolls his eyes. Meanwhile, Bobby finds a depressed Vicky at Carlino's. She doesn't feel like going out because of Jake and he says he understands. But then she changes her mind and says she wants to see him. vicky picks up pizza from Sophia and notices she gets very flustered at the mention of Nick's name. Back at home, Vicky remarks to Nick how jumpy Sophia got and wants to know their situation. He told her he's dating again but Sophia wants to be with Matt and that's that. Vicky reminds him things aren't set in stone. Bobby arrives bearing potting soil for her seedlings. Vicky's very happy and says she has a gift for him in return -- some very expensive tools. Vicky was dismayed when Bobby says he can't accept them.


G&J and Jake try and convince Sharlene to join their scheme to get Grant. She was understandably nervous and Josie gets upset with Gary for pushing her. Gary reminds Josie it was her mom's decision. Sharlene finally agrees and places a call to Grant to set up a dinner date. the plan was for Sharlene to put something in Grant's drink. Bobby arrives to try and convince Gary to let Jake go but Jake doesn't want his sympathy and angrily reminds Bobby he could never be the kind of man Vicky wants. Carl arrives and switches the vial of liquid Sharlene was supposed to slip to Grant.


Rachel went upstairs with a clothing bag whispering to herself sometimes we all have to do what needs to be done (or something to that effect). Matt and Carl have another confrontation, although this time its more civilized. Carl reminds Matt that everything he does was to make Rachel happy and asks if Matt can say the same thing. Later, Matt comes to Rachel in her room and says he just can't accept Carl or the baby. They talk about Mac (there's even a flashback of a young Matt and Mac) and how important he was to both of them. Matt says that he must leave town to figure out where his life is going. Rachel watches him leave in tears. Later, Carl brought a bunch of toys for the baby and lays a blanket with a pin into the cradle, whispering that it belonged to Ryan and now the child will always be safe. He hears a noise and looks up, horrified to see Rachel dressed as Justine in nun's clothes, unsure of who it is.


Matt comes to tell Sophia he's leaving town and says that while he likes her, he knows she's still not over Nick. She tries to protest but sees its no use and sadly says goodbye. Meanwhile a nervous Sharlene has dinner with Grant. He tries to get her to admit why she's so uncomfortable and she admits she overhearrd his phone call aobut Cindy and wants to give him a chance to explain. Gary and Jake are waiting outside and Jake went to the window so Grant can see him and pretends he's pulling a mask on. Grant watches shocked as Jake mocks him through the window. While Grant is distracted, Sharlene dumps the vial in Grant's drink. A shaken Grant sits down and starts to take a drink.

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