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No matter where you fall, we all are fans, and we all watch, even when it's painful.

What an interesting week. Gosh, not sure where to start...maybe the kissing and petting between Brooke and Ridge while Nick (her fiancťe) was sitting in jail, or maybe I should start with Ridge taking her to Thorne's wedding? Instead, I think I will start with how this week went...for me.

It is such an interesting case study in human behavior to 'put a line out there and see what bites' when it comes to one's personal opinion. Last week's column garnered the most email responses I have EVER received...even more than the number I received when Ridge was making out with Bridget. We all remember what a nightmare that was, don't we? The total number of concerned viewers, both pro and con, were over 89. That's 89 people took time out their busy day to email me their thoughts. Given that, you know something big is in the air. Of that number, only 5 were in ardent disagreement with my opinion about the crazy and misguided turns the story with Nick/Ridge/Brooke has taken almost overnight. Of these 'counterpoints', I will say they were respectful and courteous. That's a very good thing and I appreciate that. Personal attacks are just not necessary. However, it just seems that during my travels throughout many message boards, there is a lot of nasty and catty dialogue going on. Thus the title of my column. No matter where you fall...'Bricky' fans as people call themselves or 'Bridge' fans, we all are fans and we all watch even when it's painful. Let's all give each other a big hug, shall we? After all, we are all in this horror together, right?

I am going to do something I have never done before prior to posting this column. I had many readers beg me to forward last week's column to the B&B email in hopes that someone high-up MAY read it. I hate the idea of so many people jumping ship and choosing to something else with their half-hour rather than watch B&B. Maybe it will be immediately deleted. Maybe some flunky in charge of the email Inbox will read it and laugh. Or better yet, maybe the email won't be sent because they have blocked anything from my address. I'll let you know what happens.

The votes on last week's deep intellectual question were no real surprise. Though I weighed in early with my vote for Thorne as being easiest on the eyes, the majority of votes were for Nick. People cited his sense of humor, his strength, and his overall good looks. Thorne came in second and Deacon third. Curious, though, that the beloved Ridge did not get ONE vote. Nada. Zip. Zilch. For being on the show so long and being constantly portrayed by the writers as God's gift to women, no one thinks he's worth looking at. For me, not if he were the last man on Earth.

Now for something completely different. Instead of my normal rantings and keen analysis (haha), I have decided to give some examples of how viewers are feeling about this 180 degree turn in the writing and the add-water, instant vilification of Nick. There are also a few comments about our favorite gravel-voiced hypocrite Ridge. Better sit down as these comments made me fall down laughing.

"If someone is going to get shot, I hope it's Ridge"-Carol "...no longer watching because of Ridge"-Ann "I'll give it another month..."-Muriel "I can't stand to watch if they make another real man like Nick fall behind Ridge"-Pamela "I'll start walking during that half-hour because I'm disgusted. Thank you B&B for helping me start exercising"-Anonymous "...get it over with and send them (Ridge/Brooke) to the Wild Blue Yonder"-Elise "...if we could only get rid of Ridge-he drives me to drink"-Leslie "...all Ridge accomplishes by looking and acting the way he does is to be like an aging porn star"-Michelle "The writers need help"-Dawn "I hope Ridge is the murder victim"-Karen "The show should be cancelled. It's off my list" "Ridge is Brooke's kryptonite and I can't watch Bridge anymore"-Diane "Brad's brain has gone MIA or more so, AWOL"-Kim "...(Brooke) please please let the writers fix her after this baby's birth so there can be NO MORE oopsie pregnancies"-Mary "I hate Ridge! I vote to kill the jackass"-Sow "Let Nick be free...Brooke doesn't deserve a good man and he deserves better than the Forrester mattress-back"-Jodi

Don't get me wrong, I don't share this to inspire more voodoo rituals against me by Brooke/Ridge fans. I just thought those that think Nick/Brooke fans are a small and quiet minority should realize there are many of us that have logical and sometimes, yes, wild opinions, they deserve to have their voices heard. I personally am sick of the WTD storyline and now it seems that spoilers are saying that Ridge is the dad, Deacon tells the truth finally, and he helps deliver the baby (imagine that). All will be 'right' in the world of Co-Dependent Couple of the Year and Nick will be left with nothing. I really wanted Brooke to be with Nick and have been very consistent with that notion but after this past week, I am starting to believe that he deserves better than Brooke. I will say again, I don't hate Brooke's character. I just hate how she acts with Ridge and how she has been his doormat from the beginning. He cried soulmate with two other women besides her and for anyone to think this couple is MADE for each other, has a little problem with their memory. It is a sad day and I will find it very hard to keep watching, too. Maybe Felicia can come into Nick's life (if the spoilers are true) and show him what a committed relationship is all about. As for Brooke, I feel sorry for her. If the past is the best predictor of the future, than things don't look so good for her.

Actually, I had a thought. Since Ronn Moss has publicly stated that he wants to focus on his 'music' and has thoughts of maybe living in Australia someday, than maybe the alledged murder victim will be Ridge (if there is a story like that this summer). Think about it...he's been on the show forever and this could be the writer's way to bring them together finally after all these years to then tragically have someone kill him so he can exit the show in a blaze of glory. Could be! Deacon could be the shooter if Ridge keeps him from seeing Hope. Jackie could bump him off for taking Brooke away from Nickeeeeeeeee. Thorne could finally have enough of being in his shadow and shoot him during a drunken stupor. Hmmmm...imagine the possibilities. I, for one, would be dancing a jig in the street to not have to see his character again.

I'm glad everyone liked last week's question. Thought I would lighten things up a bit. This week, however, you can weigh in on the following: When the truth comes out about the paternity, what do you think will happen to Deacon and Jackie? Will they outlive their usefulness? Will Mojo divorce her? Curious to hear what you think and as always, be creative. Until next week, stay in touch with your thoughts...it's the best part of my week when I hear from everybody!

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