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It's good that Brooke is no longer fazed by Stephanie, since their feud was getting tedious, but their confrontation last week was a little over the top.

Boy, was it hard coming back from a relaxing week at the beach surrounded by my wonderful family, the warm ocean breeze and the blender making a variety of fruity concoctions to punctuate each evening. Ahhhh. Harder still was making time to watch B&B while be dragged out to the beach to police the kiddies, play seemingly endless rounds of putt-putt with 400 other families, and shuttling the kids to cheap souvenir shops to find the perfect henna tattoo. Given that, I decided not to do a column last week since I hadn't seen the goings-on and wouldn't have a juicy perspective on anything. I hope no one missed me too much...or maybe you didn't (haha).

This week, however, was VERY interesting. I can't believe the turn of events in LA. A new Forrester matriarch (please!), a budding romance, a drunken mom, and the reappearance of a long-lost Forrester daughter to stir the pot. Whew! Hang on folks, it could be a bumpy ride!

The week started off innocently enough with a little sibling rivalry between the Forrester Boys. Daddy spent the entire meeting regarding the new line kissing Ridge's 'you-know-what' and making Thorne feel like he should have stayed a basement dweller than to deal with this. He stood his ground and what I loved the most was the interchange between him and Ridgy-poo afterward. I think Thorne unloaded some baggage he had been carrying too long but of course, Ridge blew it off as usual. He really thinks he deserves the pedestal he lives on and just barely condescended to offer a hug to Thorne. Gee, what feeling. I mean, who really bought that anyway? Ridge has never had any respect for him throughout the years and we all know that there is a big 'division' in the works within the family for the summer. I wonder who will choose what side? My money is on Felicia and Daddy falling in behind God's Gift and Kristen and Stephanie siding with Thorne. Honestly, while I think it's good to get back to the Forrester's as a central focus, I think we all know where this story will go and it's not looking so good for poor Thorne. Did anyone notice that Thorne was honest about why he thought he never got any favor from the parents (mentioning all the drama with Macy, etc) yet Ridge NEVER said anything about his truckload of poor behavior over the years that may have created all this? Who's the real man in this family? It's looking more like our fair-haired President everyday.

Imagine my shock when I saw the show Monday for the first time in a week and finally saw a new opening sequence! OH MY GOD! About time! Actually, I like it. I like it a lot. It needed an update from the prehistoric pictures from a thousand years ago when the 4 original characters actually looked young. But I thought it strange that Oscar showed up but the Nu-Bridget was not included. Maybe that's confirmation that she won't be back, even for recurring status. Anyway, the music is much better and the 80's glam feel is gone. Gets my 'thumbs up'!

What definitely DID NOT shock me last week, though, was the rather spirited exchange between Brooke and the Queen Bee. I knew this would be the next card Brooke would play now that she is cemented in as Ridge's wife (again). She is anointing herself as the Queen of Forrester Country and dethroning Stephanie all at the same time. Where does she get off? I know Stephanie is a miserable woman who does seem to have a Freudian nightmare on her hands with her relationship with #1 Son, but really, "I'm the head of this family now' speech? Too much. And there is another wife of a Forrester, too, and I don't see her throwing her weight around. Yes, it's good that Brooke is no longer phased by Stephanie anymore and yes, this whole feud is getting tedious, but wasn't that a little over the top? But then again, I guess when you have slept with all the Forrester men, you may be entitled to this little position...kind of like a merit badge in Girl Scouts or something. Sorry, I couldn't resist. It's all just too ironic.

Speaking of Forrester men, how about that Rick? He's certainly a smooth operator, huh? One minute he is introducing himself and the next he's making out with the new face of 'Ingénue'. Ok, lets think about this...first, that name for the line might be a foreshadowing of things to come. Ridge, who coined the name, seemed all hot and bothered at having Caitlin there to spice things up, maybe a little too hot if you ask me. Some have speculated that her character could be being set up to be the next Brooke. She could marry Rick, have an affair with Ridge, and get caught in the steam room with Thorne (by accident of course!). All the while, poor Thomas pines away for her and looks for his chance. Hmmm...I may be on to something here! Brooke started out a 'sweet, nearly virginal' character back in the day and look how things have turned out for her. Caitlin could be the next generation Forrester catnip! However, this current story is interesting and where I wasn't too sure before, I think there is something between her and Rick. Yes, she's jailbait (which her age is still in question..16 or 17?) with a mouthful of teeth that would send a dentist into a frenzy but let's remember Amber deflowered him a few years back, too, so this could be just a cheap rehash like the WTD story. I just don't see any heat between her and Thomas (please, someone recast this part PLEASE!! See Y&R's young studs as a reference!). She actually accepted Thomas' invitation to the wedding or whatever they are calling it this week, yet the look she shot Rick spoke volumes. Look for those two to be sneaking to the Big Bear cabin for some zesty nature hikes! But for God's sake writers, don't pair Thomas with Amber. I read that and almost threw up my lunch! Why? Now THAT is creepy. Amber wants a juicy story? Anything but Sex Ed 101 with another Forrester virgin...ugh! Let her hook up with Deacon once and for all...I know I would tune in just to watch those two spar back and forth. Talk about chemistry!

It was nice to see an old cast member come back into the fold. I liked Felicia back then and as with many other characters, I can't understand why the writers don't give them a good story to keep them around. I really like Kristen, too, yet I'm sure they will all disappear by the Fall. It's a shame as I think the Forrester women should start giving the guys a run for their money in the intrigue department. I laughed out loud when Felicia breezes in while poor Kristen got stuck playing baggage carrier! It says a lot about their relationship, doesn't it? Felicia has been brought in to catch the eye of my favorite sailor Nick Marone. Sorry folks, I don't see this being very fun to watch. I like their characters separately but together...well, let's just say the jury is still out. I still see Brooke and Nick as a great couple to watch and I offer no apologies for it. They had a chemistry that her and Rigid never had. But the writers are offering this attraction thing between Nick and Felicia as Brooke-bait now though I doubt she will jeopardize her marriage in a fit of jealousy. But it would be juicy, wouldn't it? Decadent, even! After all, if she was truly over her feelings for Nick, why would she run around town trying to find him so soon after the baby was born? A little odd, don't you think? One thing's for sure, Brooke doesn't like to be upstaged and loves men to hold a torch for her. Either way, I'm still holding out hope...

While we are on the subject of Brooke and Nick, probably the most unpleasant part of the week's viewing was watching Ridge try to get Nick to come to the wedding. What were the writers thinking?? Why would he go? I wouldn't. I'd send the dressmaker back with the invitation shoved in a 'strategic location'! Brooke should have been the one to deliver the invitation. I will give his character credit, though, as he handled it well and with his own brand of infectious sarcasm. Good for him! Ridge was only there at Brooke's request (see, back to that again...very curious!) and could have cared less if he did come. The scene was complete with another JW original song and a great montage of scenes between him and Brooke. I don't care what anyone says, Brooke was smiling and laughing more than 'Bridge' fans want to admit. She really seemed at ease and I truly believe he brings out the best in her character. After the song, though, he went to his favorite marina dive to get hammered and what started as some time to feel sorry for himself turned into a tequila drinking contest with Stephanie of all people. Oh no. Not another drunk Stephanie scene. Last time this happened, Sally gave her the over 60 Billy Idol haircut she has now. Next week her drunkenness lands her in hot water with the family as she crashes the reception. Oh my...even in front of the grandchildren! Maybe the Forrester's should have hired Deacon as the bouncer.

Ok, back to the deep and burning philosophical question of the day: How do you feel about this strange set of jailbait pairing between Rick/Caitlin/Amber/Thomas? Boring? Scandalous? Been there, done that? Share your thoughts as I have missed hearing from the Two Scoops faithful.

I hope everyone enjoyed the Fourth of July holiday and thank you to all that emailed with good wishes for my trip. There is nothing like seeing your family have a great time together at a place that feels like home. And by the way, it's nice to be back in saddle again! Until next week, stay in touch with your's the best part of my week when I hear from everybody!

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