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If Amber thought that the Forresters were done with her before, she's screwed now. A torch-bearing Ridge will come looking for her sooner or later.

It's déjà vu again here at B&B. Though the story with our resident jailbait couplings is interesting to watch, I can't help but feel like we are being cheated a little by the writers. Didn't we just see this story play out between Eric-Bridget-Deacon? He was hit by a car, I believe? We have had all this build up and this is what we get? Where's the originality, the freshness? Not here. However, there are plenty of directions this story could take and we can only hope we will get a much deserved curve ball thrown our way to keep us on he edge of our seats. If it keeps going like this, we could all be leaving our seats to do something else with our 30 minutes.

Let me clarify something here at the outset...I have never been a big 'Rick' fan but I don't see this relationship with Caitlin as a bad thing. Some have written me saying he is some oversexed playboy and taken advantage of girls before. Untrue. He really has only slept with one woman, Amber. He tried to with Kimberly but she was magically frigid and put him off. Mary/Erica was the only other girl he had the eye for but he never slept with her. So the notion of him being some sick sexual playground predator is far fetched. Amber slept with him to get her hooks into the Forrester family and it succeeded. He tried and tried to make their marriage work but who could possibly blame him now for telling her to pound sand and moving on with his life. Now he might really love someone and just because she's younger he becomes a human bowling pin? Nah, I don't see him deserving all this. The interesting thing, though, is as I have been lurking on several different boards, I have noticed that those that like Ridge hate Rick and his relationship with Caitlin, while those that don't like Ridge seem ok with it and actually hate the Amber/Thomas pairing more. Hmmm. Is it possible that our split in opinions about one character effects how we look at another?

As for the Amber/Thomas pairing, it seems that some view him as a 'great guy' with more integrity than his dad and that he and Amber are taking things much slower. What show have they been watching? Thomas' behavior has really illustrated his immaturity ('I'm going to tell your Dad!! Nah-nah-na-nah-nah!!!') and it's not like Amber is trying very hard to discourage him. She only says 'No' after a zesty make out session and everyone's hormones are going nuclear. Give me a break. She's MUCH older than him and I don't buy all this 'I still love you Rick' nonsense. Only a few months ago she was trying to put the moves on Hector and then Oz. She's a sleaze and he is no worse than his father when it comes to his ego and his hormonal autopilot. He's in over his head and needs to take a cold shower. Rick was right...if Amber thought the Forresters were done with her before, she's screwed now. Better lock the deadbolt on the door to your new rat trap apartment, honey, because a torch-bearing Ridge will come looking for you sooner than later. That scene was ridiculous, by the way, as I forgot to mention that last week. I would be livid too if I were the same situation, but threatening to kill someone was just too much. Ok Ridge, put the torch down and go back to ruling the world, will you?

Remind me never to have an accident near Hector's firehouse. How do you not see someone standing outside of a house in the driveway? A bonehead move on Rick's part obviously, but come on! And I must say, the action sequences are top notch (NOT!). I've seen better scenes acted out by my kids with their toy cars and action figures! So Roadkill Rick is lying on the ground gasping for air and covered in red-dyed corn syrup when Hector goes schizo on us and waffles back and forth on whether or not to give him the oxygen he so desperately needs. Ok, I'm believing this. I'm sure I would be able to answer some guy's questions while my LUNG'S COLLAPSING! Whatever. Hector will no doubt suffer some serious repercussions for this action and everyone will view him as a dangerous person. He feels justified, though, as he is assuming Rick and Caitlin did the bone dance. They didn't and Sam got caught as well as she tried to help keep her daughter's secret. Newsflash for you...don't be her friend. She needed a mother to wake her up, not a buddy. I'm not seeing good things in Sam's future with Hector, that's for sure. Gee, maybe that's where Brooke comes in? After all, she is rumored to have some form of 'involvement' with him, undoubtedly over this latest vehicular tragedy. He is a current member of the 'I haven't slept with Brooke Logan Club', so anything is possible.

So how could all this turn out? Rick and Caitlin may get the ok to resume their relationship due to Hector's guilt and Brooke's approval. They could wait and have sex on her eighteenth birthday, get married, and give Rick his first child. Amber could get pregnant with Ridge's first grandchild with Thomas defiantly leaving home to live in the ghetto with her. Maybe Thomas gets so sick of Ridge that he leaves the family altogether and goes to work for Massimo, his real grandfather, and finds an ally there. Maybe there is a fire at Ridge's mansion and Hector saves Brooke, who gets amnesia, forgets she's married to Ridge, and falls for Hector. Sam could go after Ridge again with the hot teddy seduction dance she tried before. Amber could accidentally sleep with Ridge during a drunken episode a la Thorne and Darla. Ok, maybe that's a stretch, but wouldn't it be so fun to see him explain that to Brooke. 'Sorry Honey, she was a blonde that knew how to make love to a Forrester man...I thought she was you!'

On the other side of the dock, Nick and Felicia grew much closer this week due to the discovery of her colon cancer. She seems young to have such a disease, but oh well. Her prognosis should be ok by Monday, though Nick was noticeably shaken to think of her checking out too soon. He's SUCH a good actor...I miss hi when he's not onscreen. Anyway, he seems to be developing feelings for the forgotten fourth Forrester child and it must be mutual. CD is on contract for the year which you would think means she'll be around that long, but as with the Brian Gaskill scenario, you never know how long they will REALLY be around. Promise them a juicy story only to have them spending more time in their dressing room than onscreen. I like Felicia, though maybe not so much with Nick. It is good to have the original actress back and I have long thought that a Forrester daughter should be back in the fold. Wonder what Mommy and Daddy will think when they hear about the cancer? She will tell them she has cancer and they will as her if she has talked to Ridge about it yet! Ridge, Ridge, Ridge. Their other kids don't matter, not even if they are on death's door. I say let Eric and Stephanie read about it in the paper.

My rant for the week (drum roll please!) much of a hypocrite is Hector anyway? He screams and beats his chest at the thought of an older guy sleeping with his 17 year old daughter when he did the same thing! That was the whole foundation of his tragic storyline with Sam...underage girl gets pregnant by older guy, parents freak and whisk her away ignoring their pleas to be together and 'in love', etc. It's the same situation and I would love for someone to actually say that to him. So what that Rick's older? If he really loves her and she's only a year away from being 'legal', what does it hurt to let them have their romance and try to discourage actual sex until she's of age? He would get a better result with that rather than locking up his daughter and vehicular homicide of the boyfriend. I don't know...I think I am tiring of this focus on the teens a little. Maybe if there were a little variety in how these tragic Romeo-Juliet stories were written I would feel differently.

Burning question! Burning question!! Ok, what level of involvement do you think Brooke and Hector will have? Friends? Concerned parents of horny kids? Bedroom buddies? I honestly have no idea where the writers may go with it, so I will throw it out there to all of you. Whatever it is, I hope it brings her out of the Stepford/Taylor fog she has been lately and brings back the Brooke we all knew before her character-crippling marriage to Captain Ego.

Thank you to all that sent birthday wishes last put a smile on my face!

Until next week, stay in touch with your's the best part of my week when I hear from everybody!

Kristine Cain
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