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Fresh from a celebratory office boink, Massimo overheard Deacon's confession of love to Jackie last week. The newest chain of Jackie M. boutiques may not be opening on time after all!

First, let me say a hearty 'Thank You' to all those that emailed last week with such great support for my dog's passing. They truly do become part of the family, don't they? We even decided to do some good and adopt a little blind mix puppy and boy, is he a handful! Helping this little guy have a normal 'dog life' makes things a little easier. Again, thank you.

For weeks there seems to have been a lot of speculation on whether or not Taylor/Hunter Tylo may be returning due to sagging ratings. I have been wondering due to all the conversational references that characters have been making about her in this twisted Thomas/Amber drama. Amber brought it up, Brooke 'spoke her words' to Thomas (oh please...they hated each other!), and Stephanie keeps invoking her memory when she goes on with her 'I promised Taylor I would watch over her kids' speech. Thomas ended the week wishing she were around, too. No wonder...he's in deep need of some REAL parental guidance. Ridge isn't cutting it and Brooke is a poor substitute. Could this all be a set-up? Are we being duped into thinking she may come back? How could that be? We all saw her in the casket, didn't we? Many fans want her back and I don't exactly think it would be such a BAD thing to find some highly improbable way to bring her back. Maybe she has a twin? Maybe she suddenly woke up in the casket after everyone left and a groundskeeper is nursing her back to health only to return in time for the PTA meeting next week? Hmmmm.....imagine the possibilities!

What a relief to see Ridge off the canvas for awhile. That means we won't have to suffer through daily doses of soft porn from Mr & Mrs. Need To Keep Their Clothes On. I mean really, do we need to see them mindlessly groping in every scene their in together? It's almost as if we see it so much that the writers are trying too hard to show how they belong together. Could it be that they are not convinced themselves and just reunited them to silence the rabid Bridge fans that threatened to boycott the show? Perhaps all one needs to do is simply look at the latest ratings to get the answer, huh? Fans of the Brooke/Nick pairing were told over and over that the ratings would be better than ever with their reunion but it's actually getting worse.

Thomas and Amber were caught in the act and while he went out for a post-coital taco down the street, Stephanie read her the riot act and in a particularly stinging way I might add. She gave Amber the choice of jail or leaving town and though she picked the latter, she had to tell Thomas that they have to breakup. Awww, too bad. The whole idea of the pairing was twisted from the start and must not being sitting too well with viewers, either. Thomas has vowed not to give up and will fight to the end no matter what anyone says. Even Brooke got in on the act this week in a vain attempt to dispense wisdom to the poor little rich boy. He seems to appreciate it but what it really could be doing is setting up a real problem between her and Ridge if she shows any empathy with these two. Brooke then goes to help chase Amber out of town and gets sucked into a speech designed to make Brooke feel sorry for her and remind her that she and Brooke have been called all the same nasty names by Stephanie in the past. I'm confused...does Amber think she will actually have Brooke's SUPPORT in this? She deflowered her son the same way and now she thinks if she aligns herself as the same tragic victim that Brooke has been over the years that she will gain some acceptance. I don't see that working. Bottom line, she won't cross the family now and certainly not her husband. Don't get me wrong, I would love nothing better than to see those too implode, but it won't be for Amber & Thomas.

Speaking of family, Eric and Stephanie finally gave Thorne his due last week by apologizing for all their neglect over the years. Still too little, too late in my book! They allowed him to have the stolen designs as his own and told him they would love to have him back at Forrester. Hmmm...I never heard them say he could come back as 'president' and neither did Thorne. I liked his attitude about it, though, as he realizes they are not going to change and they can't help but be glued to Ridge's backside 24/7. But he seems to be hatching another plan and the writers were very careful not to reveal what it may be. Some have emailed theorizing that he may try to get Eric to come to Spectra. That would be interesting but I do hope that no matter what Thorne gets himself a hot designer soon to help avoid a career-long comparison to Ridge. He can do this on his own and now that he has the attention of everyone in the fashion world, time to make the next collection truly his own. I'm in your corner, Thorne!

The newest chain of 'JackieM' boutiques may not be opening on time after all! Fresh from a celebratory office boink, Massimo listened in on the confession of love from Deacon to Jackie. She did a good job of holding him off and telling him to move on with his life, but TOO LATE! Mass is pissed, Jackie is done for, and Deacon is a marked man. Now spoilers have revealed that Deacon has a 'golden opportunity' presented to him, which if I had to guess means that when Mojo drops with a heart attack, he will be the one to do CPR and save him. Now comes the moral dilemma...how can I kill the man who screwed my wife after he saved my life? Or maybe the heart attack impairs his short term memory and he doesn't remember what he overheard? Deacon and Jackie could swear secrecy forever to save their lives and life returns to normal. My money is on this being the storyline that is being axed due to poor viewer response I read on a website. It's stale and I just don't think anyone cares what happens. Sean Kanan is rumored to be waiting on new contract talks anyway and if the phone doesn't ring, he's gone. With no real juicy storyline, would you blame him?

Which brings me to a point of contention for me. Why make such a grand effort for present us with another family on this show, the Marones, only to have their stories either cut short or wither and die completely? Oz is gone and that whole triangle with Bridget & Deacon went with it. Now the Jackie/Deacon story will likely go too if SK is not around. It all just seems like a waste. Either make them an interesting and flourishing family or scrap them and move on. Boy, I guess the writers wouldn't want me around, would they?

Who's on the Soapbox?----

Holly writes..."Have you heard any rumours about Hunter Tylo returning for a permanent stay?" No, but as I address above, it does seem that the writers are bringing her up a lot. I would love to see her come back. I liked her as a foil for Brooke and I do believe she was a better mother. She could be a little self-righteous at times but with Brooke as her constant worry, can you blame her for exploiting the high road sometimes?

Penny writes..."How I'd love to see Morgan emerge from the nuthouse right about now and come back to cause some major trouble...I might wake up then!" I agree! She was a great villain and since she is not currently taking a dirtnap like Taylor, it could be very easy for her to come back and bump off a few people. After all, Sheila won't be returning anytime soon (another lost Marone opportunity for little Diana to be the next generation).

Karen writes..."I would just LOVE to see Thorne leak to the tabloids about Ridge and Bridget's little family 'relations' they had last year.." Well, I'm not sure Thorne ever knew anything about it, did he? It would bring a cloud over the marriage to Brooke and bad reminder at that. Not likely but I am hoping to see Thorne get LOTS of sweet revenge in the coming weeks. He deserves the spotlight and a central storyline for a change.

Until next week, stay in touch with your thoughts...it's the best part of my week when I hear from everybody!

Kristine Cain
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