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Ridge has been bested by his little brother, and it looks like he will suffer for his egomania. True, Thorne played dirty, but that's the business, right?

This week's happenings beg the question 'Are things getting more exciting on B&B?' Well, I'm not sure I can say that but I can say that though the writers are still afflicted with 'recycle-it is', it's evident that someone in charge is feeling a little nervous about the ratings. Yes, B&B is tanking. When I lurk the Boards, I notice the postings that include the ratings and all I can do is shake my head ruefully and wonder 'How long before they get he axe?'

Thanks to Jackie and Deacon's admission of beach house boinking, Massimo has been rendered helpless in the hospital under Dr. Mark's care. His stroke opens the door for Deacon to make his move on Jackie by exploiting her guilt and Mojo inability to kick his you-know-what. A reader made a good point this is he allowed to lurk around in the ICU when it's supposed to be relatives only? Interesting. You know that he won't be down for long, though. He opened his eyes in the closing scene last week as if to say 'Get your hands off my unfaithful wife'! Look for him to play mute for awhile to test how far Deacon will go to keep Mrs. Marone close to the mattress. Now, do I believe Jackie loves Mass and wants to be faithful? Yeah, sort of. She's not so stupid to see what this will do to her son's perception of her yet the lure of young eye candy can be strong. In the end, she will come close to doing the deed again but may pull back due to overwhelming guilt...not the best reason but it will do.

The rumor mill is saying that Sean Kanan will be sticking around for awhile. Why? Really, why would he want to stay, if for nothing else than a paycheck? He could do good work anywhere in the business but to be stuck with sloppy seconds for storylines? He has had dysfunctional relations with nearly every woman on the cast, two failed marriages, and has been a deadbeat dad for longer than we can remember. His character can't even have his son around as a factor in his life. Now he is saddled with this ridiculous Marone triangle that, again, makes no sense and can't be an audience favorite. His talents are being wasted and if he left a la Brian Gaskill, I wouldn't blame him at all.

The other story this week that I enjoyed immensely was the ever-emerging new and improved Thorne Forrester. I believe he is trying to change a little quickly but I still like it. I like ANYONE who puts Ridge in his place and reminds him that he is not God's gift to the fashion world or that family. He has been bested by his little brother and looks like he will suffer for his egomania. Forrester is in financial trouble, their buyers are ignoring them, and no one cares about what they produce. Good. Time for a wake-up call. Thorne played dirty, true, but that's the business, right? Like the Forrester's haven't done anything unethical? Right! The buyout offer was a good move but they won't go for it. I see them going to Brooke for an idea and even the rumor mill has been saying that she offers to bring back Brooke's Soft Porn line to add cash to the coffers. Eric will say yes and Stephanie will say no. How predictable. But what will be interesting is what Felicia will bring to the table in her new position. I thought I read she will leaving soon so who knows what will happen to that part of the story. Maybe they will have a West Coast actress take he role over. Who knows? But I am wondering who the 'Dream Team' will be at Spectra? Amber as a new designer? Jackie and Nick teaming up to give Spectra the best exposure?

For those who have watched Y&R over the years, do you get the feeling that the writers are trying to make Thorne a little like Victor? Or maybe that's the angle with Ridge and his rapid turn downhill in attitude and character? Thorne is feeling his oats so to speak and exercising some his newfound power. He has a supportive wife and many loyal workers willing to do anything for him. He is acting more ruthless than ever. Ridge, on the other hand, is acting like a jerk to everyone but the janitor, does have a supporting wife (until she takes over with all her now-dormant shares), and has no idea who works for the company which inspires little loyalty. So who will win? Who will be Victor at the end of the day? Maybe I'm wrong...maybe Ridge will get the nod. But even Victor has his likeable moments. Ridge has never been likeable.

It pains me to make this next statement. I am wondering how long this show will last like this. I know they have been on since the late Eighties but with the ratings flagging and the stories become old and overdone, it make you wonder how they can bring things back to life now. High profile actors have been brought on just to leave soon after figuring out the writers are inept. They let Jennifer Finnigan go much to the ire of the fan base, and the farce of a WTD storyline polarized the fans about who Brooke would end up with. We have been force-fed the Ridge-Brooke reunion as though it would cement the show at the top, but it has proven to be less of a success and more of a bore. I used to average 30-40 emails a week from all points of view about my column and general topics with B&B stories that made fans care enough to email AT ALL. Now I am lucky to see 10 per week. Is it my column? My writing? I hope not. But I am more likely to think it's an overall lack of interest that has viewers tuning out and barely checking the Net to see what happens. The stories have been so lackluster as of late that even I have trouble coming up with warped and witty comments on the week's goings-on.

What do we need more of? Less of? Who needs to go? Who needs to stay? To me, less Thomas/Amber/Rick/Caitlin, less Brooke-Ridge sex, more Thorne power plays, and more Forrester siblings. Bring Kristen back, let Felicia pull some spotlight away from Ridge. Let's see some Logans come back into the fold. Let Deacon hook up with Amber and be the father he needs to be to Little E/D and Hope. Want the Marone's to be a factor? Give them a better story! Make Jackie choose between Mojo and Eric, not Deacon. Give us something realistic! Nick needs to make a play for Brooke and succeed. Her character is NOT the same with Ridge as she was with him. Those are my thoughts. I'm frustrated and I can't take it anymore! AHHHH!

Who's on the Soapbox?

Jean writes... "I heard Kristine Cain is your pen name and your real name is Biruta." Uh, no, Kristine Cain is my real name, though Biruta sounds more exotic and literary. With the sleep-inducing stories as of late, maybe my pen name should be Rip Van Winkle.

Umar writes... "I am a B&B fan from the UK and it has been dropped from TV...please post this link for UK fans to sign an online petition to have it come back." I normally would not do this but I do feel bad that UK fans have been out of the loop. For those UK citizens who want to see it come back, give it Good luck.

Until next week, stay in touch with your's the best part of my week when I hear from everybody!

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