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Ridge is about to experience the biggest annoyance of his life...Amber. She's not going away, and now Thomas is standing up to his father as well.

I have to admit...this week I was much more lucid and awake than in previous weeks. I actually made sure I had my lunch ready so I would not miss anything. After my column last week, it is nice to have something substantial to write about. We had characters returning to form, others getting a second chance, and a father that is destined for blood pressure medication very soon.

Well, well, well...looks like I might get my Christmas wish early this year. Ridge is about to experience the biggest annoyance of his life...Amber. She's not going away and now Thomas is standing up to him as well. He declared his love and dropped the 'we did it' bomb on him all in the same scene. We did not have sex...we made looovvveee. Whatever. It looks like sex to me but when you're that young, you'll put any great spin on it you can. I loved watching Brooke run around behind Ridge saying 'I tried to watch's not MY fault' blah-blah-blah. It really illustrates two things: first, that when she's in scenes with Ridge she is truly a Stepford wife, and second, how she really isn't quite in tune with being a mom/stepmom. She never paid attention to her own, why should she be any different with a stepchild? You have to watch kids like hawks and think like they think. It's not hard but then again, we were too busy planning our Forrester comeback, right?

I am expecting to see Ridge on this week's episode of 'America's Most Wanted'. After the breaking and entering stunt into Amber's spacious trailer, it's becoming evident that he will be witnessed man-handling her and risking legal action against him this time. It would serve him right! His character has become abusive, both verbally and physically and I hope Amber nails him for this latest rage-induced tantrum. He thinks that throwing her around will make her leave Thomas alone not realizing that it's obvious that he is just as infatuated as she is. I still can't stand the relationship as it's immature and silly, but they have a point that if everyone can condone the Rick/Caitlin coupling, theirs should be looked at no differently. I can't argue with that and when Thorne brought up the restraining order and it's legitimacy, I knew that must be the direction this story will go. Amber has an ally in Thorne and will probably help her fight back. She will be doing the hot new designs for Spectra and could set up Thomas to break from Forrester and work with Uncle Thorne instead. I may not like Amber as a character but I think the new job will do her some good. Keeps her out of the bed and back in the fashion limelight. Gee, maybe she can design some sleazy prom fashions and model them at Thomas' school!

Spectra Couture certainly is getting a facelift, huh? Good for Thorne! If you want success, you really do have to do it honestly. Stealing from Daddy wasn't going to last anyway and now that he will likely get support from Stephanie under the radar, I think they will crush Forrester. Think about it...Eric is allowing Brooke's Bordello to make a comeback and all Ridge is thinking about is killing Amber. Where's the head-to-head competition? Where's the unbridled talent we kept hearing Ridge jam down Thorne's throat? Teddies and crotchless panties won't make their reputation any better and I can't wait to see how Felicia and Amber can direct the spotlight on Thorne. Ridge will have no one to blame but himself and Brooke will be hell-bent on taking back control of the company. You KNOW it's coming, don't you? The past is the best predictor of the future, or so they say.

Demon Deacon is certainly returning to form. He is continuing to pursue Jackie even though she has done everything short of hitting him over the head to get him to back off. Mass is back home and I'm still wondering what Nick is smoking to think that Deacon is such a 'trusted' member of the Marone family? Is he crazy? He and Jackie are acting SO obvious about their secret that it almost begs the question...does Nick suspect more than we think? Maybe, but it will only be a matter of time before Jackie is drugged and sexed-up by the new assistant. Some may say it's a terrible change for him that his nice guy image has been so appealing, but I think a return to the old Deacon may be better for ratings and overall interest. He came on the scene as a jerk and that's what we expect. Low moral fiber and high sex appeal. That keeps the fans watching.

However, Jackie better watch out as how she acts with Deacon will dictate how Mojo acts when he comes out of his stroke-induced silence. I love all the fuzzy camera angles and growls to let us know his displeasure with Deacon's presence. It's the soap world, folks, and you have to know he will get his faculties back sooner than you think. Like so many other similar stories I have seen over the years, he will recover but not let anyone know so that he can spy on Deacon and Jackie and exact his revenge. He'll kill Deacon and then have to decide how to punish Jackie. Look out, girl!

I had some fantastic response this week to my query on how the show can improve. Many said much of the same...less Ridge/Brooke, teens need to be with teens, and Thorne needs to win for a change. But there were some wild suggestions that I think really hit the mark...

Who's on the Soapbox?

BB writes... "...we could have Deacon putting his mojo on Stephanie and have Eric come out of he closet finally." OH MY GOD!! Now THAT'S funny! Eric in drag and Stephanie boogy boarding with Deacon after having hot sex on the beach...ewwwww!

Jullie writes... "...have Taylor have a twin or have someone (maybe Morgan)have plastic surgery and assume Taylor's identity'. That would be great to see Morgan get 'sprung' from the nuthouse and be transformed into a Taylor twin, only slutty and aggressive. Ridge would be attracted to her and it would drive Brooke into Nick's arms.

But by far, the most entertaining email I read last week was from Beth in Michigan. Here are some of the highlights..."Thomas and Amber should run off to Vegas, get married and live in Taylor's beach house...Rick and Caitlin have the charisma of a loaf of Wonder Bread...get new Forrester sisters-Felicia looks like a man in a dress...have Tony die and bring back a hot-to-trot new Kristen to rival the new Felicia...was Amber lusting for the then 10 year old Thomas while living with Taylor, just begging inside for him to ripen to 18 so she could pluck him from the family tree?" Great stuff...and I just might take you up on it (wink-wink)!

Until next week, stay in touch with your's the best part of my week when I hear from everybody!

Kristine Cain
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