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When Ridge finds out about Sally's little Moonlight Madness sale, viewers are going to be treated to a week's worth of chest-thumping and more threats about using votes to take over.

As much as I have loved the long weekend and festive day of giving thanks and watching football, I have to say I HATE pre-emption! Only three days of drama only gives me so much to analyze, you know? So, in light of that, my words will be few this week. I also am posting late due to just now, on Sunday night, getting my life back in order after a rather hectic holiday weekend. My apologies to the Scoops faithful and now on to the 'Cliff Notes' version of this week's commentary...

Ok Thorne, I am firmly in your corner buddy but at some point you have to give us some variety in your sermons. I agree that Ridge's demand that you take your name off your collection is really unreasonable and obviously a personal slam, but your using the same old tired rhetoric every time. Be angry, be vile and profane! Ok, I know you can't be profane, but stop talking so much and just slug that egomaniacal pompous you-know-what right in the kisser! I can't be the only one sitting in my living room that hasn't thought Thorne should pop him an walk out rather than verbally beat the dead horse? All the begging, pleading, and reasoning will NOT make Ridge act like a human being. He won't change and he certainly won't back off when it comes to his precious ego as President of Forrester, so why keep trying? When he finds out about Sally's little 'Moonlight Madness' sale, that will provide us with a week's worth of chest-thumping by Ridge and more threats about using votes to take over. Great...another story we have seen rehashed a thousand times, right? Ugh.

Can anyone say 'hostile takeover'? Looks like Ridge will have yet another tantrum and force Eric out as CEO. So now he is the ONLY one who can run Forrester? Hmmm...seems like not to long ago he could have cared less about the place when he decided to play with ships at Marone Industries. He vowed to bring Forrester down, etc. So it was ok for him to go out on his own but now that Thorne is doing it, there's a problem? Come on! I hope he gets his and SOON! No doubt the family will suffer and it will become a Springer-like dynamic as sides will be chosen and fights will insue around every corner. I don't know about you but I am seeing a big fat lump of coal in Ridge's stocking this Christmas....

Some good news for Massimo...super secret doctors can come up with a super secret cure for your damaged brain cells! What a miracle! Mojo will be talking soon and gunning for Deacon soon. If I were him, I would fake the worsening of my condition and set up Deacon on video so Jackie and Nick can both see what he has been up to when alone with Massimo. Then he jumps up out of the chair (as in the daydream a couple of weeks ago) and stabs Deacon! Whatever is coming, though, Deacon has it coming. I am a big believer in the concept of karma and I think he has a lot on the way with his name on it. Too bad, really...he is a good character but this thing with Jackie is just nauseating. Someone pass the Pepto, huh?

I am sure next week will be more thrilling and frustrating enough to give me LOTS to complain about (haha), so I will sign off for now and I sincerely hope that everyone had a great holiday weekend. This is my favorite time of the year as Thanksgiving ushers in the start of the holiday season and in the last several years I have enjoyed it more than ever. Before I go, let me know what you think of the Deacon-Jackie 'romance'. Am I wrong? Thumbs up or thumbs down....let me know.

Who's on the Soapbox? Kimmie writes...'Popular opinion is in agreement that Jackie and Deacon are oozing with chemistry...you are so wounded...I see why nobody likes you very much." Ouch! Such hostility. Well, I won't write what the title of the email was as it's a G-rated column, but you get the idea, right? There is never a reason to get profane and it's important to remember that opinions are like certain body parts...everyone has one. Hugs and Kisses to you!

Fran writes...i> 'Find someone really great for Nick and let Spectra soar to success.' I agree...I would like to see Nick with someone else. I've never been sold on Felicia for him but even LESS sold if they intend to have Bridget be with him. No way.

Cheryl writes... ' This Ridge bashing has got to stop...he has had a rough time...lost his wife...he is not a bad guy and deserves a break. I'm just tired of Thorne whining every week and complaining...enough already!' Ok, I will admit the Thorne soapbox is getting quite a workout and though I love seeing him assert himself, we need to have some resolution and move on. That's why this JackieM thing needs to get resolved. I say let Thorne have the shelf space and see what happens. Either he will succeed and the dialogue will finally tone down or he will fail and Ridge will have been proven right. My problem is that Ridge should not obstruct it...give him his chance and then no one can say he is sabotaging anything, right?

Until next week, stay in touch with your thoughts...it's the best part of my week when I hear from everybody!

Kristine Cain
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