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Sarah Buxton is reprising her role, and it's going to be fun to see the look on Ridge's face when she shows up on his doorstep asking for a cup of sugar!

I rarely jump around my office with such abandon and unadulterated glee as I do when I hear that a good villain is being let out of the nuthouse (jail, whatever) to wreak havoc on all the safe and secure characters in soap land. I also rarely start my weekly tirade with gossip but this was just too good to pass on until later in the column. Morgan DeWitt will be returning in March according to industry sources and it could not come soon enough. I have been saying for months that either her or Sheila should come back and shake things up. Sheila can't really come back now since Kimberlin Brown is otherwise engaged on another show and let's be honest may be able to recast some characters but not a good villain. I think that is too hard as a truly twisted character really makes us believe they are that character, so to change the face would make watching less fun. Sarah Buxton is reprising her role and I can't wait to see the look on Ridge's face when she shows up on the doorstep asking for a cup of sugar! I still can't get the image out of mind of him ramming his Mercedes SUV through the house where she was holding Taylor screaming 'I'm coming Doc!!!!!!' That ranked very high on the Cheese Rating System.

As for the last week's hot and heavy action (yeah right!), it quickly became another comatose week in LA with only a little glimpse of real juicy drama late in the week. But we did see a little heated exchange between Thorne and his big-haired employer over whether he should get a cut of the profits. Sally has a lot of nerve to actually tell him she thinks he's nuts. Without everything he has done she would not have a desk to sit behind throughout all her scenes. He brought the betters vendors, the better designers, and a better sense of class than Spectra ever had before. Sally couldn't even spell 'class' back in the day and I think Thorne is due much more than a pat on the back. Spoilers are reporting he may bolt for Forrester as a result of another runway showdown but who knows? I'd love to see him make a play for ownership of Spectra personally. He has proven to be a better leader than 'ol Mustang Sally and the fruity fashion press has made him their media darling. Go for it, Thorne! If you go back to Forrester, it will be just more of the same and you'll be basement bound again! I wouldn't give that snake Ridge the satisfaction...

So...we finally heard it! Nick DOES still love Brooke and even dreams about her. Now, I thought the dream was a little strange but the point is made. He admitted that Felicia wasn't about real love, just basically keeping his toes warm in bed. Why are we wasting time anyway? Just put them back together! The fans want it and I'll bet the actors would like to have some variety, too. What I found interesting, though, was how his feelings about Brooke finally turned on that light bulb over Bridget's head about how silly her obsession with Ridge really is. They never had any kind of real relationship and had never even DONE anything (thank God!) as Nick and Brooke did. One hot kiss is nothing and I think it is well timed to guide her out of the fog and maybe she can move on now with someone else. But the question is who?

Johnny the wayward blind date doctor did not do much for her and I am guessing that Nick will not be the next notch on her suitcase. So who is left? Clark? Sad, really, that there are not many single guys left on this show. Oh well...but Bridget gets this week's award for pointing out to Nick how cheesy and redundant his nautical references are. I've been saying that for months! If I hear '...steering your ship through the storm' or ' first love is the sea' one more time, I'll put on my cement sneakers and do myself in! AHHHH! I like Nick as a character but enough is enough. Gilligan needs to spend more time on dry land.

You gotta love camera cell phones, huh? Amber sure is making hers work overtime snapping some pictures of a seemingly innocent embrace between Ridge and his Princess. He shouldn't have done it and now he will pay dearly (we can only hope). Brooke will explode but will she REALLY tell him to take a hike? I'm not betting on it. She's too weak when it comes to him and though I would give ANYTHING to see those too done for good, the writers are too willing to bend to the will of the crazed Ridge-Brooke fans and keep them together no matter what. I hope I'm wrong and will be employing some intense voodoo to exact MY will!

Now Amber is certainly dipping back into her bag of tricks. She wants everyone to think she has changed but I don't think that leopard will ever REALLY change. She is feeling Caitlin's teenage heat wave coming up from behind her and is feeling a little insecure about her relationship with Horndog Tommy. And what a genius he is...sure his much OLDER girlfriend won't mind his ex-love interest going to the formal with him. 'We're solid'. Poor stupid little boy...shows how young he really is, right? Amber will scheme and find some way to get in the way of their 'friendship' but you have to wonder if after a few slow dances with the virginal Caitlin would be enough to turn his head away from LA's favorite skank for good.

I'm still waiting for some new character, guys. Any day now. I'm not alone...several emails this week from readers cite the same thing. A couple of new guys and at least one hot female need to liven things up. Morgan will help but you have to wonder how long she will be around and what kind of story she will be involved in. She could interfere with Ridge and Brooke, or even try to go after Nick. Ick...scratch that! I couldn't bear to watch it. Maybe she will hook up with Deacon after an all night binge at the Bikini Bar? Together they could be a delightfully sinful and destructive couple. One thing is for sure...another evil B&B vixen a la Sheila won't fool Massimo!

Not much else to report on this week. I was conscious a LITTLE more than I was last week, so maybe we are going in the right direction. Let's hope next week brings back some jaw dropping drama for a change. Brooke going 'postal', Ridge begging for forgiveness, and Deacon doing ten laps with Jose Cuervo. Now that's what I call a good week.

Who's on the Soapbox? Bev writes...i> '...if she (Morgan) is going to stir things up for Ridge, I say bring her on, whatever. But if she is going to stir things up for Nick, I'm out of here.'

CJAM457 writes... '...(Bridget's paternity) NOW they are toying with the idea of changing that? If they do, I am only watching 1/3 of the shows now, I will STOP watching completely. This show has totally gone downhill and they need new writers BIG TIME!'

Keep the emails coming...I'd love to put you on the soapbox!

Kristine Cain
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