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Maybe last week's attempt at comedy shows just how short the writers are on ideas. The stories have been flat, and to have an actor as good as Jack Wagner playing off a monkey was just sad.

I have reached many different levels of frustration with B&B over the last two years of crafting this column, but none more exasperating than watching an animal become the focal point of the week. I actually think watching GW take another oath of office was in some way less painful than watching my favorite soap become a goofy sitcom-like shell of it's former self. I just chalk it up to 'What We They Thinking?'

Maybe this attempt at comedy shows just how short the writing corps is on ideas lately. The stories have been flat and to have an actor as good as Jack Wagner playing off a monkey was just too sad to watch. He was 'set up' with it as payback for the blind date doctor she met last week. The attraction that is setting up between Bridget and Nick was really the point, though, as it became obvious that they are getting closer than wither wants to admit. I'm still not sold on it and don't think that having Nick with Brooke's daughter is very healthy given how he still feels about her. And Bridget should be thinking about going back to school and hooking up with some hot doc that has no connection to Mommy. Oh wait...that would make too much sense, right?

A scheming Amber caught Bridget's proclamation to Ridge that she is 'over' him on film. After showing Brooke the picture (which was not at all like the actual scene between them...they were never that close), she feels that she has done a good thing for the family. Did she really think Brooke and everyone else wouldn't see it was all about revenge? Amber has NEVER done anything for the 'good of the Foresters'. It has all backfired, though, and I'm guessing that when Thomas hears what she has done to make Dad look bad, he'll dump her and be consoled by Caitlin. She does apparently tell him that she would like to go out with him if Amber wasn't a factor, so you fill in the blanks. The formal that the swing kids are preparing for will be the last thing they need to finally get together for real. Amber can't get out of her own way long enough to be a normal person. Go back to the trailer park, sweetheart...you'll never fit the mold.

Poor Brooke. She just doesn't truly trust Ridge, does she? I wouldn't either but he is actually telling the truth this time and now he can't convince her otherwise. Maybe she will soften but you have to wonder if she will always have that nagging feeling that his eye is wandering. Wait until she hears that crazy Morgan is back in town. She would love to get jiggy with Ridge again. Kudos to KKL, however, for a great acting job throughout those scenes. Her acting is light years ahead of Ronn Moss' and this week he looked particularly bad. I've seen more convincing acting in my daughter's middle school play.

We were pretty light on ANY other action this week and Thursday's preemption did not help. I can't believe I have so little to write about this week. Let's hope things get going better next week. I'm sure we will see more of Deacon and Jackie looking like pawns in Mass' little game of revenge. Heather will be loading up the shakes and on the other side of town; Sally will be looking to get Thorne to put in some cash to get a stake of the company's future profits. He will also become the prize in another fashion showdown. A little silly actually but I guess it will make a point to all that Thorne IS worth more than he has been looked at over the years. Rumor has it that he and Darla may be off the canvas for a while soon but it's my fervent hope that they don't do that. Both have become engaging characters and are every bit as fun to watch and great to cheer for than Brooke and Ridge. Well, I never cheer for Ridge anyway, right?

Other rumors include Sam and Hector breaking up and eyeing others in LA. I still think her and Eric would be a steamy hook-up. Hector could give Amber a new home since they share very simple roots and already know each other. Some in the rumor mill have speculated that Rick could be recast and come back as a much bigger force to be reckoned with. He really has been the odd son out in the Forrester kingdom as no one has mentioned him at all when the 'whose son is a real Forrester' speeches start. Something DOES need to happen with his character. He comes, he goes and then comes back. Have him become more of a scoundrel type and give Ridge a run for his money in jerk department. No matter what happens with all these rumors and what doesn't, SOMETHING better happen to liven things up or I may start taping the shows and getting to them when I can. It's just not the same as it has been over the last few years.

The Inbox is suffering, too. I think viewers are bored and looking for a reason to email with thoughts and opinions. I can't blame them and feel like it gets harder for me to write the column with so few good storylines to talk about. I wonder how things would change is the writing staff got a facelift? I mean it...I watch my mailbox everyday for my ticket to LA to help liven things up but nothing so far. I'm cheap and I won't demand much. Come on, Brad! Give me a chance! My laptop is warmed up and ready!

My last words for the week...GO STEELERS! This time next week I'll either be overjoyed or ready to jump off a building. How I love my football!

Who's on the Soapbox? Bev writes... '...if she (Morgan) is going to stir things up for Ridge, I say bring her on, whatever. But if she is going to stir things up for Nick, I'm out of here.'

CJAM457 writes... '...(Bridget's paternity) NOW they are toying with the idea of changing that? If they do, I am only watching 1/3 of the shows now, I will STOP watching completely. This show has totally gone downhill and they need new writers BIG TIME!'

Keep the emails coming...I'd love to put you on the soapbox!

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