An abandoned mineshaft?
For the Week of February 7, 2005
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Brooke's jaw dropping entrance into the living room at Big Bear spoke volumes, and now we know exactly how she will react to the pairing of Nick and Bridget.

Another week of over-the-top and absolutely ridiculous stories and situations at B&B. We had a little of everything, I suppose, as we saw Amber running around he mountains with some sort of mystery box (explosives, I'm sure), Nick and Bridget finally getting cozy, and Thorne becoming the grand prize on the runway. Gee, where to start?

The jury is still out on whether this Nick-Bridget thing will actually be fun to watch. My readers seem split on this and the Boards aren't much help, either. They laughed and cuddled and while it was all couched in this 'we're just friends' thing, it was becoming obvious that they have some chemistry. I just don't know. I should be looking at this as a good thing for my favorite B&B eye candy Nick Marone but then again I can't help think that he is just getting a Brooke substitute. I know, I know...she is NOT Brooke but just how close this all is lends some credence to my argument. Could there be some truth to Ridge's theory that since Nick is clearly still in love with Brooke on some level? Maybe he's wrong. I hope it is not a rebound thing and I have always thought he would make a great half to the next 'super couple' that this show needs desperately. Nick and Bridget. Super couple. Hmmmm...

Bridget, on the other hand, seems like she has shifted from her Ridge 'jones' a little quick for this to be believable. At least Nick did have another woman in his life for a short time but Bridget hasn't wasted any time. She seems a little needy to me and while I think that this new actress does a better job than the previous, she is STILL not as engaging as Jennifer Finnigan. She is trying, though, and must realize how hard reprising a role like this must be. I do hope she lasts and I wish her luck. Bridget, however, is headed for a hard road if she is looking to shack up with Gilligan on the Shady Marlin. Brooke's reaction is as much a surprise to me as it probably was to many viewers.

I guess we don't want to share, do we? Brooke's jaw dropping entrance into the living room at Big Bear spoke volumes and now we know for sure what her reaction will be to this little pairing. I say GET OVER IT! Your had your chance and you went back to Redwood Ridge and His Planet-Sized Ego...she might not be my first choice for Captain Cutie but hey, he shouldn't be alone! He's too hot! He could teach her a thing or two since she has only hooked up with Deacon and Oz and he is infinitely better looking...and more fun. Captain Nick is a guy you would have a great time with over a beer or at a wouldn't matter.

Speaking of having a beer, I guess Sally will be shouting 'Bottom's Up!!'. To the victor go the spoils and the spoil was Thorne and his $50 million to buy into Spectra. I'm sure it will leave Eric a little light in the wallet, however, and make me wonder how Forrester will be able to keep the doors open. Caitlin better come up with some great new rags quick or Brooke's Bordello will be back in business for some quick cash.

What a treat to see Amber scurrying around the woods with Clarke planning her mineshaft revenge on Ridge. Oh my God...did I actually type that sentence? Yes and she seems hell-bent on getting Ridge and Bridget to cross the line in their impending tragedy. My guess is that all this will backfire and Amber will be much worse off than before. Thomas has made it pretty clear that he is interested in Caitlin again and Amber will be send packing to the trailer park once again. I still say her character is fast becoming worthless and should be back burnered FAST. I'm amazed when I hear the rumors that Thorne and Darla may be put on the shelf for awhile and yet Amber gets all this face time now. Where is the justice in that?

Not much in the way of responses on the question of the week about whether Deacon is worthwhile to the show or is he just filler as news of his recurring status has spread throughout soap land. My thought...he was great when he first hit the show but became bland and boring in these last few months.

As I sit here watching the start of the Super Bowl, I want to extend good wishes to all football fans everywhere that know this particular Sunday to be a truly spiritual day in the world of sports. And because I am still in mourning over the AFC Championship result, I must say...Go Eagles!

Who's on the Soapbox?

Poe writes... '...I like Amber. I wish they'd let her character have a little happiness...whatever Amber's plan, I hope she destroys Ridge.'

Elaine writes... '...I disagree with you about Amber. Here's a girl from the wrong side of the tracks trying to better herself and the almighty Ridge keeps blasting away at her.'

Keep the emails coming...I'd love to put you on the soapbox!

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