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Morgan DeWitt gave new meaning to the word 'crazy'. The real shame is that now that she's back, we will all have to endure more screen time with Ridge.

I have always said one of the things this show DESPERATELY needs is a good villain to shake things up and help expose everyone's weaknesses. B&B has only had a couple of such evil characters and Morgan DeWitt, in her short tenure, gave new meaning to the word 'crazy'. The real shame of it is that now that she's back, we will all have to endure more screen time with Ridge. Couldn't she come back and cause trouble for another character? Massimo would have been perfect. He already has a vibe that is a magnet for the Fatal Attraction types, so why not?'s always been Ridge and the writers have 'jumped the shark' in what will no doubt become the most ridiculous story of this year. Lord, where do I start?

As I scoured the boards for the last few weeks, I began to slowly piece together Morgan's story and what her role would be in her return. I was hoping beyond hope that the rumors were untrue and that such a silly story would not be the vehicle for bringing her back into the fold, so to speak. Once again, though, the writers have shown how little respect they have for our intelligence and took the easy way out. After getting a well-deserved smack down from Nick, Ridge goes pouting off to the Café Russe to throw back a few. His head is still reeling from that when he sees Morgan slithering over to him and tries to dispatch her quickly. He is clearly still disgusted with her, as he should be, but doesn't get very far before he blacks out and falls to the floor. After regaining consciousness, in her hotel suite, he amazingly remembers nothing about her or what happened. In true twisted and sociopathic fashion, Morgan exploits the situation (she's crazy but not stupid) and makes him think they are some kind of 'couple'. Ok, now MY HEAD is spinning! She finds out on the Net that he may have a concussion and seems to magically be able to whisk him out of the country without him even thinking twice to look for his wallet to see who he is or maybe for a cell phone, etc. Yeah, right.

Ok, how do you get him out of the country without his passport? Oh, that's right...HE HAS IT ON HIM! Right...I mean, don't we all have them just hanging around in our pockets or purses? I do. Please. I know that this is a form of entertainment that find it's appeal in the fantasy of it all, but it can't hurt to have a few realistic problems that we all face everyday. No carries those things with them everyday. Alas, she has him in her clutches and is heading to...Europe? WHAT? And I hear that Amber ends up there as well??!! Apparently Morgan's mommy is a, get this, neurologist and tries to help Ridge get his memory back. Maybe I should make an appointment with her first so she can tell me why I still watch this show sometimes.

Brooke mellowed this week as she started to miss our wooden hero and told Nick that she wants to work things out for the 'sake of the family'. Hmmmm....for someone who can't stand Stephanie, she sure did sounds a lot like her this week. I knew it...Brooke has every bit of her identity wrapped up in whether or not she is WITH Ridge. What a shame. Here was one opportunity, albeit for a pretty weak reason, for her to finally break away from Ridge and this co-dependent fixation to find a relationship that would help her find herself. But no. She has missed her golden opportunity to rediscover our beleaguered Captain before he became too involved with Bridget but now it's too late. Brooke is waiting for Ridge to come home while Nick whisks her daughter off to points unknown. Does she still have feelings, though, for Nick? Would Nick drop Bridget like a bad habit if Brooke said she wanted him? Will we ever know the answers to these questions? Not unless there is a writers strike and I finally get my ticket to LA.

Speaking of Bridget and Nick (Nicket or Nidget, take your pick), I can't believe how outspoken fans on both sides of the aisle have become in expressing their displeasure at this union. Bridge and Bricky fans are lighting up the Boards everyday with ill wishes for this pairing and I can understand why. I personally think some of their scenes have been nice and don't see it as the WORST coupling B&B has ever had. I do, however, get the nagging feeling that while Nick may be sincere in caring about Bridget, there is still something missing when they are onscreen. I can't quite put my finger on it...he LOOKS at them differently. The look he gives Brooke is very fixed and a little deeper maybe. I don't know. The scene on the plane was cute but there was something missing. I'm sensing a cheap ratings-inspired triangle coming.

Back on the ground, Amber spent her week getting used to the idea of being without young horny Thomas AND her job. Thorne did the right thing and canned her and all her drama. Do you blame him? He doesn't need her and maybe now we can have another character introduced in the future as the new hot designer. Of course that would mean we actually give screen time to someone other than Ridge, so that won't happen. I was dancing a happy jig in my living room as Thomas sent Amber to the curb for the last time and has decided to make his moves on the virginal Caitlin. That's's one of the few stories that makes sense.

Guess who's coming to dinner? Or, maybe it should be 'guess who's coming back to the mansion with her tail between her legs'? Jackie had magically decided to see if Mojo will take her back (when did all that happen?) and just when she walks through the door, Queen Stephanie is there to lob the questions at her about her motives. My question is...why doesn't Jackie make her move on Eric? She could snatch him away in less than an hour! Now THAT would be good TV! Besides, why go back if all Mass is going to do is remind you of what you did wrong? Too much pressure for me...move on, girl! Younger, better looking, and successful...hey, it worked for Brooke right?

Just one little tip for the makeup department...use waterproof mascara! It was hard to pay attention to the scene with Bridget's eyes running halfway down her face.

No one is very supportive of the idea of a Brooke-Hector pairing. Last week's question brought some very focused 'NO's' in large part due to the belief that Hector was too good for her and that her obsession with Ridge would never allow her to really love any man. A couple said the opposite, that Hector was too saintly for a flawed woman like her. Either way, the readers gave it a resounding NO.

This week's thought provoking query...what would this show be like if Ridge was written off? Could it survive and would it be better or worse? How would the show be different and what direction would some of the characters take? Be creative!

Who's on the Soapbox?

Liz from WI writes... '...I don't want Brooke and Hector to get in a romantic situation. For the time being let her give up on men entirely. I have always loved Brooke and truly wanted her to stay with Thorne...still have hopes that the baby she had with Deacon would be Thorne's...wouldn't that be something?'

Pat writes... ...I for one do NOT want to see Brooke and Hector together in any format. He's too sanctimonious and she's too slutty. Let there be at least one man in LA that hasn't slept with Brooke.'

Until next week, stay in touch with your's the best part of my week when I hear from everybody!

Kristine Cain
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