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That poor girl has no idea what she's walking into. Stephanie's accident left her without her beloved mother, and now it seems evident that she will be the newest honorary Forrester.

That poor girl. She has no idea what she's going to be walking into. Stephanie's accident left her without her beloved yet rarely seen mother and now it seems evident that she will be the newest honorary Forrester. Between the accident and the amnesia saga unfolding in Italy, it seemed more like the Discovery Health channel than CBS this week. Oh yeah, there was a little 'romance' this week at poolside, wasn't there?

First things first, though, as we met the newest teen prodigy Gabriella and got the 10 second Cliff Notes version of her life story. I didn't hear anything about a father, so I suppose we are to assume Helen was a single parent. Alone in the world and about to head off to college, she will be faced with the easier decision to stick around the mansion and hang out at the pool with Thomas and Caitlin no doubt. The three of them will become fast friends and I can already see the 'love triangle' coming from miles away. Thomas and Gaby will have so much in common as they have both lost a mother tragically. She's hot and he's horny, so you do the math. It's only a matter of time and Caitlin will be throwing herself to the front of the line of young virgins who want to sleep with Thomas. After all, he's such a 'catch' after learning the tricks of the trade from LA's sleaziest designer.

Speaking of Amber, spoilers are reporting that she ends up in Italy and spots Ridge lingering in Morgan's evil clutches. Imagine that...of all the cities ANYWHERE in the world for Amber to go to do some pouting over Thomas, she ends up in the Plaza D'Amnesia! Sure. Now that we know Morgan isn't around for the long haul, it seems to be only a matter of time for two things to happen...first, for Ridge and Morgan to do some mattress dancing and second, for him to be brought back home to his adoring wife. There has been a picture circulating on the Net showing Ridge hugging Ridge with Morgan in the background but he doesn't look like he knows what's going on. Ok, now how is Morgan going to explain that she has had Ridge in Europe all this time and never called anyone to tell them where he was or what was going on? Wouldn't Brooke be compelled to report her to the police and have her parole revoked? Or is that the cheap way the writers will ship Morgan out of the show? I guess that would be easy but it still doesn't make much sense that her character was brought back at all if the writers were going to do was cave into pressure to keep Ridge and Brooke together at all costs. It's a theory, of course, but I suspect that's exactly what happened. God forbid Ridge and Brooke aren't together right?

How crazy do you have to be to find some random blonde woman to pose as someone's wife just to convince them they have no life left in the past? Fruitcake comes to mind. Morgan really is an effective over-the-top type of villain though, and I will miss her. She's so obsessed with Ridge and so deliciously delusional in her actions that you have to cheer her on just a little. I did feel bad, however, when her efforts to turn on the Wooden One failed. It would have been nice to see Ridge succomb to sleeping with another woman after all the holier-than-thou rantings we all have had to watch for years. Hmmm...actually, I believe the email boink was the last time he slept with someone he wasn't supposed to. And it was Morgan, no less! I hope history repeats itself before Sarah Buxton's last episode. I know how we can bring her back in the future! Morgan can float back into LA toting Ridge's love child! If Ridge has had to love Brooke's love child with Deacon, could she be so gallant if it were Morgan's child? Now THAT'S what I call a good soap story!

I'm still a little confused with this newfound friendship between Broke and Hector. Everytime I see them together in a scene I wonder 'Did I miss something?' When did he come to care about her so much and at what point did she feel like she could tell him anything? It does seem like a natural thing to assume the writers are trying to set up a little attraction between them but interviews with Bell haven't pointed to that at all. I don't know. I just don't get it.

Speaking of things I don't get, Nick and Bridget. Ok, I have resigned myself to this pairing as it seems that my wish to have Brooke and Nick back together will not happen in my lifetime. Their chemistry was SO obvious but Bell can't let Ridge and Brooke go, so we have Nick and Bridget falling in love. There have been a few hot moments but now it seems to be getting a little corny as of late. The plane ride to romance and now more Jack Wagner songs by the pool just aren't doing anything for me. Why, you ask? I'm not sure if it's Bridget, the actress, or the whole nagging 'Brooke substitute' question rattling around in the back of my head. Don't get me wrong...I like the actress that is playing Bridget now and I think she is doing a good job compared to her short-lived predesser. And Nick is a character that could make a toothbrush commercial easy to watch. So what is it? Not sure, but what I wouldn't give for one smooch between Brooke and Nick right about now to liven things up around here.

We only had a brief glimpse of Thorne and Darla this week as they waited for Grandma Stephanie to babysit little Alexandria. Nice that she remembered she has a granddaughter! I'd like to see these two back on the canvas soon and noticed that even Caitlin and Thomas showed up this week long enough to wonder what's going to happen to Brooke and Ridge. Good Lord! Can't people just go to their local coffee house and talk about ANYTHING but Brooke and Ridge? These two should be talking about actually going out on a date or something. Be wild! Be free!

How about that little bombshell that Bridget dropped during her hot date? She never slept with Ozzie? My God woman? What were you thinking? Oh, that's were too busy thinking about your ex-brother Ridge. Fool. He may have sounded like Elmer Fudd but ol' Oz was still very easy to look at and probably would have been able to loosen her up a little. I also don't remember her character as being so uptight either. And all this 'extreme blue-blooded cultural' nonsense seems new as well. She didn't act like that when she was with Deacon. It's almost like she is trying too hard to be opposite from Nick socially. Lighten up, could do a lot worse than buffalo wings and a cold beer.

Last week's question didn't bring as many responses as I thought it would but it seems that it's a narrow margin of victory for our favorite sea captain as the hands-down preferred male lead if Ridge suddenly disappeared. I guess I can see why as he is the most popular male character on the show but how can Thorne's place be denied as he is THE Forrester son and one of the longest running characters on the show? So he married Sally's secretary? So what if he's running the rival company? So what if he is a normal and happy family man? When did all these things become a BAD thing? Oh well, you had my vote Thorne!

This week's burning the Bridget-Nick romance 'doing it' for you? All the chemistry of a smoldering flame or a damp dishrag? Weigh in with your thoughts...

Who's on the Soapbox?

Victoria writes... '...I also think Amber should become a 'together' character and a great designer and should shun the Forrester when they come calling for her return to the 'Forrester collective'.'

Mickey writes... ...I was actually very surprised that you thought Thorne should be the male lead over Nick. Sorry, can't agree with you there.'

Until next week, stay in touch with your's the best part of my week when I hear from everybody!

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