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It seems like the emasculation of Nick Payne Marone is going into overdrive, and it won't be long before we have Bridget leading him around by the nose.

In the infinite wisdom (or utter foolishness, not sure which), we saw Morgan's rather unceremonious departure from the B&B canvas at the hands of her Mommy and Amber. But no sooner does the wayward wooden one return to LA with a growing set of memories, but then we are treated to a fairly unconventional proposal at the local dive bar-turned-classy restaurant by the docks. In short, a week that only insults our intelligence a little bit.

No don't get me wrong, I like romance just like the next person but making Chuck's into a classy 5-star type of establishment is a bit of a stretch. Is it classic Nick? Yes. He could have stroked a check and paid for the night's lost money from their regular customers but to propose THERE? Try again, sailor man! I am starting to share the opinion of some other viewers who have recently expressed their displeasure at the dew-eyed trailing puppy dog that Nick has become since he became involved with Bridget. At first I thought it was cute but now I have to admit I often long for the hot, mysterious Captain Payne who wore turtlenecks in the spring and had a beard that added to his worldy look. A man's man. Rugged, smoldering, and brooding. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like the emasculation of Nick Payne Marone is going into overdrive and it won't be long before we have Bridget leading him around by the nose. What a shame and what a waste. His old qualities could actually lighten Bridget up a little and show her what a real man is all about. Cheesy serenades and loads of goofy dialogue are wearing thin. Really, what would a scene be like between them where he says little and becomes forceful with her, taking her off guard and getting all caught up in the passion of it all? Now THAT might be interesting viewing.

It seems that each week I open more and more emails from viewers saying they do not like this pairing and yet here we are, on the brink of another rushed sprint to the altar for our favorite captain. This time, however, it seems more about getting a hold of someone to replace Brooke than to have someone he really loves exclusive of whom they are related to. I was holding out hope that this relationship might not have a 'rebound' air about it, but I am getting a bad feeling that it does. It's all too soon, too rushed. Little feels natural to it like it did with Brooke. In the beginning before the WTD storyline crushed the life out of it, there was a steady build-up and attraction there that was very plain to see. Now? It just looks like Bridget is a convenient runner-up as now we have a PROPOSAL for pete's sake! This story has taken such a rapid 180 degree turn that only the nonsense in Venice could compare!

I must take the opportunity to apologize to Sarah Buxton from the Scoops staff that her contract was put on ice so quickly and her storyline axed for no good reason. She and many like her that have been sucked in only to be booted within weeks of signing on the dotted line should never pick up the phone again when Bell's number pops up on the caller ID. Run as fast as you can because unless you are KKL or Ronn Moss, you have NO job security. To add insult to injury, however, is the WAY in which these disposable characters must make their exit. Last week was truly the most insulting storyline I have seen in a while. Let's get this straight...Morgan goes through all this trouble only to have her Mommy walk in after all these years and claim that her psychosis is her fault for being such a bad and disconnected mother. And by the way, I'll just take care of her and you don't need to call the cops. Bye now. And that's it? Good Lord!

There should have been some chase scenes or some drugging of Ridge or SOMETHING? But you don't end this for the B&B faithful like a bad self-help episode of Dr. Phil!! After all the build-up and fan excitement at finally having a villain back in the fold, she leaves with a whimper after an abbreviated and weak storyline. But that's not the only bizarre part of last week's viewing. How about the tender goodbye between Morgan and Ridge? Oh come now! Petting her face and telling her mother to take care of her. If that dope could remember memories of Brooke after hearing the nauseating and overplayed 'Unforgettable', couldn't he have remember that this fruit loop kidnapped his daughter and almost killed his WIFE Taylor? He should have had her by the throat for everything that nut-job had done to his family but again, we left with a whimper. As he flew back to the States with Amber (why?) and Massimo, he dreams of being reunited with his beloved Logan and we are to believe that all is right with the world. I can only hope there will be a fly in the ointment somewhere as these two have just gotten so old. Think about it 'Bridge' fans, are you tired of seeing Brooke cry? If the show is intent on keeping these two together, just DO IT and move on to some more interesting stories and characters. There are many missed opportunities and with sweeps coming in May and the important summer teen-viewing season fast approaching, the writers better do something quick to sustain the ratings and interest in this show.

Jackie sure did put her foot in her mouth last week, huh? The comment about Ridge potentially sleeping with another woman and how inexcusable it was made me laugh out loud in my living room! Mojo's facial expression was priceless as he obviously felt the same way. Hey Pot, this is're black! Can you spell 'Hypocrite'? Not the best choice of words for her as she is trying to get back in Massimo's good graces. I am not getting such a good feeling about these two either. Again, we have a story that ended too quickly (boytoy Deacon) and now the writers are scrambling to do something with Jackie, so hey...why not go back to Mass? Sure, it makes sense, right? WRONG! I would have liked to see her float around LA for a while as a single woman and maybe run into Eric a few times at Café Russe (the only restaurant in LA). I still say that the chemistry between Eric and Jackie would be smokin'!

Now for the results of last week's burning question, should CBS have renewed B&B for another 5 years? I had about 60% say yes and 35% say it should not have been renewed. The remaining 5 % said they did not care anymore due to flagging interest in the show altogether and that they barely watch at all. Sad, very sad. Two years ago when I was new to this column, it seemed like everyone was truly interested in watching and the boards were humming with activity. Now people could care less and the renewal supporters just feel like if they hang in there for a little while longer, maybe the stories will improve and the constant focus on Ridge and Brooke will subside. They are the 'glass half full' folks and I do admire that, however I still see no signs of change.

Now, for this week's question...with rumors of a 'surprise' at Nick and Bridget's nuptials, what do you think that might be? I honestly have no clue on my own but would love to know what you readers think.

Who's on the Soapbox?

Scott writes... '...the best thing for B&B would to ad some new YOUNGER characters and develop some solid stories that involve characters not named Ridge or Brooke!'

Carolyn writes... answer your question (about renewal), not if we are going to experience 5 more years of Rigid worship, Hogan's tears, RM's bad acting, and Nick, my dashing sea captain, running around with a woman-child instead of a fiery, sexy woman who is strong and can compliment him instead of make him look desperate.'

Until next week, stay in touch with your's the best part of my week when I hear from everybody!

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