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There are many ways to end the Brooke-Ridge-Taylor triangle, but the common thread in each scenario is that Brooke and Taylor should both leave Ridge for good.

Last week I put out the call to all the readers of the Scoops and wanted to know how you all would wrap up this Three's A Crowd storyline between Ridge-Brooke-Taylor. I think I can safely say that it has gone on long enough but the burning question is exactly HOW should it end? The responses I received were great but see if you can tell what the common thread is throughout the proposed scenarios...both women should stay away from him! As I have the best readers in the soap column universe, here is a sampling of the great responses I got last week...

Kay wrote: 'My Idea for the end of the Brooke-Ridge-Taylor storyline is for both Brooke and Taylor is to dump Ridge and move on with their lives. It is degrading to see two otherwise intelligent, successful women continually competing for his attention.' Amen.

Silvia theorizes: 'Here's a thought-Ridge picked Doc, who shows up pregnant but the question is whether it's Ridge's or Dante's since they had a fling while he was rescuing her? Of course the father turns out to be Dante, then Ridge has to leave her and meanwhile Brooke has moved on with either Nick or Eric (since Eric is so down on Stephanie) and Ridge has to win Brooke back.' On problem here is the timing... she was rescued a while ago and Ridge only just last week tumbled with her.

Sue writes- 'I think the solution to Ridge's problem would be killing him off or he goes on vacation and disappears.' Well said!

Sue S. proposes: 'I think Brooke should tell Ridge she is not waiting around for him any longer...the secrets regarding Taylor and Dante will surface and tarnish her image a bit...Taylor should tell Ridge she has decided to move on wit someone else and kick Ridge out of 'her' house...the truth about Stephanie's fake illness will come out...Stephanie should then has a 'real' heart attack where no one will believe her...Taylor will be so disgusted with her best friend that she will go out and get drunk with Eric...Taylor and Eric will end up sleeping together and are found out by Thorne and Darla.' WHEW!! Not that's what I call creativity there at the end...Taylor and Eric doing the mattress dance! Hmmm...

Alexa see this: 'What should happen in the two wives saga? Both Brooke and Taylor should send that pathetic perverted Ridge back to Mama. Why either woman wants that scum is beyond reason. They are better off far away from him'.

Jo writes: 'If they want wild and totally unrealistic, I think they should bring back Deacon and have him hook up again with Brooke. When Deacon seduced Brooke, he used Brooke's obsession with Ridge as ammunition and ended up talking her knickers off by saying no one would ever love her like Deacon would. Now Brooke is free again and it's time for one of those pep talks.' Very if we could only get Sean Kanan back on the show, we'd have chance, huh?

Suzanne says: '...and on the Ridge wife thing? Back to Brooke please? I like Taylor too much and she needs somebody worthy of her and he ain't!'

Lorraine wrote: 'Taylor gets fed up with Ridge's waffling and tells him to take a hike. Brooke falls into Nick's arms again when she thinks Ridge has made Taylor his choice. Ridge's gets to have a go at Massimo's horny wife, since neither of his wives wants him anymore. Bridget turns into her mother and sleeps with the handsome Italian when she feels betrayed by Nick. Stephanie really does have a heart attack.' I like the Ridge-Jackie hook-up...imagine the possibilities! Ridge already did it to one father, why not both?

Genna emailed: 'I do think the Brooke/Taylor/Ridge show should end with Ridge and Taylor bonding over Thomas and his latest saga with Gaby and the fact that all this took place while daddy Ridge was playing daddy to a child that's not his and one tat may not even be his and his romping from bed to bed with his 'wives'. Maybe he should just move to UTAH or somewhere that men can have 12 wives or something.' Nah...he's such a jerk that Utah wouldn't want him!

A big THANK YOU to all that took the time to email in with your ideas. I can only hope that the writing corps at B&B has HALF the creativity you all do! I had more emails but had to whittle it down a bit for brevity sake. Now, on to my rants for the week and boy, there are many!

First, who dresses Thorne? Did anyone notice that God-awful flowered, tie dyed shirt he was wearing when visiting Mommy? Such a good looking man and always dressed like a hippie. And how about that Darla? The other Mrs. Forrester is a stitch...I like her and think she brings some fresh air to the screen when appearing with hubby. How can you NOT cheer them on? And talk about a fresh face to look at??? Can you say' HOT HOT HOT???' Dante can come swimming in my pool anytime!! I said not long ago that this show needed some more eye-candy for the heavy female oriented cast and my oh my did we get some? ASJ is great to look at and not a half bad actor at that. His scenes with Bridget were great and showed that Miss Priss is more like her mom than she cares to admit. Dante was totally disarming for the young med school student and I don't know about you, but I did not see her running away screaming from that zesty little kiss he planted on her! We need to see more of him and much much much less of Ridge!

While we are on that subject, exactly what did Ridge expect from Brooke during his post-sex romp with new old wife? He's blind without a cane, that one. I can't stand the half squatting gestures he makes when he can't explain himself well. Makes me itch. I was completely giddy at Brooke's responses to him however. I felt like dancing a happy jig down the middle of my street when she told him to get out. There really aren't enough words in the thesaurus to describe how vain and egotistical he has become. 'Hey Logan...just wanted you to know I screwed up but I still want my cake and eat it too, so can we still do it until I make up my mind for real.' I smell pork! P-I-G.

And then there is the fake heart attack conspiracy. Ok, so she faked it? Big deal. Like that will make any of this madness stop? No way. She doesn't care because she has never faced any consequences before for her shenanigans...why worry now? If the cute and slightly air-headed Dr. Mark spills the beans to the overly horny Ms. Jackie Payne Marone, Ridge still won't leave Taylor. The kids are all warm and fuzzy at the idea of their happy family back together again that he won't have the stomach to do the right thing. And while I'm at it, when did the good doctor become so gullible when it comes to women? Jackie could be his mother and she is throwing herself at him at a blinding speed that you would think he would pick up on that and tell her to take two Geritol and call him in the morning. Come on, man! Wake up! Has it been THAT long since you had a woman that you would fall for all this? Another damn shame and terrible waste of a cute doctor. He should be trying to seduce Brooke or Bridget or...anybody but Jackie!

Ok, time for the question of the week: Do you think Gaby will be the one to 'make Ridge a grandfather' or will it be Amber as some have speculated in the rumor mill? you even care about this storyline at all? Let me hear from you!!

Who's on the Soapbox?

Della writes... 'I'm not a Brookie, but I really thought the writers would give her a spine and let her keep it but I guess that won't happen! At this point, I don't either woman with Ridge.'

Susan writes... '...I am so tired of Ridge. I would like to see more of the Spectra gang and just ANYONE BUT RIDGE. Why do they think he is so important to the show? Everyone I talk to just wishes he and his women would JUST GO AWAY!'

Until next week, stay in touch with your's the best part of my week when I hear from everybody!

Kristine Cain
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