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Nick still loves Brooke, and you'd have to be blind and deaf not to realize that, but in the never-ending quest to alienate the fan base, the writers are continuing the Bridget-Nick nonsense.

An interesting week is behind us and an even more fascinating week is due now. Oh my...all the facets of soap drama all wrapped up in one neat little week of revelation and revenge. But here's my question...what exactly comes from the exposure of Stephanie's web of deceit? What's the point? Am I that lost that I don't see it?

I know she is a vengeful and aggressive manipulator that really does have some come-uppance coming her way. I understand that. I have seen her run over A LOT of people since the beginning but admittedly Brooke has been her favorite and most frequent target. Why is that exactly? Brooke has always tried to break up every marriage the prodigal son has had yet I believe the event that caused Stephanie to jump headfirst into the abyss of rage was Brooke's affair and marriage to Eric. Brooke was young and beautiful and Stephanie had become a bit frumpy and tired. I actually remember more pursuit on Eric's part than Brooke's (in her defense). Personally, I think Eric has been looking for an 'out' of that marriage for a long time. He has no problem doing the horizontal hold with other women...he scored with Brooke, Lauren Fenmore and crazy Sheila and ran around after Jackie and Taylor like a dog in heat. Stephanie should not have been too surprised that his eye and his libido wandered Brooke's direction. This event keeps being brought up more than anything else on Brooke's rap sheet. I suppose it would have driven me a little over the edge as well but honestly...to fake a heart attack and to go to such lengths in the name of revenge really does signal a definite trip 'around the bend'.

Now that we have examined 'the why', lets go back to my original question...what is really going to change after his exposure? Stephanie never suffers any REAL consequences for anything she ever does. Jackie will come in barking about truth and justice and this leads Stephanie to come clean with the whole family there. She will blame Brooke for her actions and descent into madness all in the name of eliciting sympathy for her. Sympathy for the Devil is more like it (sorry Stones!). Stephanie now has so many detractors in the cast that I have a hard time believing this will really change much in terms of how everyone feel about her. She has pissed off Ridge, Brooke, Bridget, Nick, Eric, and now the only ones left that USED to champion her causes even in the least little bit, Taylor and Thorne/Darla, will be disgusted too. Ok, so what? Eric probably won't divorce her over this. Thorne and Darla will not banish her, and she would have to go on a 5 state killing spree to get Ridge to truly write her off. Brooke will get some temporary satisfaction but Ridge will likely not leave Taylor as he has made the Tots so happy that he couldn't do it to THEM. Mass' mind about Jackie won't change just because of this. She was unfaithful with Deacon. No going back on that, right? He may be pissed at Stephanie from the friendship standpoint but Mrs. Marone should not be moving her stuff back into the mansion just yet. She is still too sleazy and manipulative for St. Massimo and will only get a temporary bounce from this latest foray into detective work. Hope it never comes out HOW she got Dr. Mark to talk!!

I guess for the legions of Stephanie haters out there I must seem like a wet blanket. She does have this coming to her, no doubt about it. Faking a heart attack is a cruel thing to do to your family and makes me believe somebody better get the net and QUICK. Several readers emailed me this week and last saying how fitting it would be that she have a heart attack for real and as with the boy who cried wolf, no one comes to help her. That could happen and it would certainly allow Susan Flannery to exit the show in grand fashion. I have to say this...she is the best actress on the show. Hands down awesome. KKL does a good job as well but she shows that talent best when playing those scenes with Stephanie. They are onscreen magic every time and it will be a shame when it comes to an end. They are the Kay and Jill of B&B and one of the reasons I have watched since the beginning.

Exactly how much of a puss do you have to be to get sucked into the desperate housewife seductive trap anyway? Poor Mark...just like Daddy, all looks and no brains. I was hoping that even in the midst of this juicy story his character may stick around but now that he will be run out of Beverly Hills on a rail, I'm not betting the farm on it. Oh well...it was nice while it lasted. I hope he did not move too much of his stuff into the fancy new condo! Screwed would be the operative word here.

Speaking of 'screwed', I wonder how secure Taylor will be feeling in her marriage renewal after Stephanie spills the beans? Not very I imagine. Ok, does she bolt knowing that Ridge only married her again because of dying Mommy and not because he 'picked her' or does she become totally codependent and stay in the marriage anyway? What a horrible situation to be in, huh? Brooke gloating on one end of the room while you could kill the old bat on the other end of the room for setting the whole thing up. Me? I'd cut bait and tell Ridge to move out til he REALLY decides once and for all. He needs to decide for the RIGHT reasons. Personally I still wouldn't have him if he were the LAST man on planet Earth but that's neither here nor there. Taylor, girlfriend, RUN! Don't be the consolation prize! Ridge should be alone, plain and simple. Doc can hook up with else and we all know where Brooke will end up.

As much as I love Nick, I have to say that I am surprised that he is so clueless to his love for Brooke. He still loves her and you'd have to be blind and deaf not to realize this. But in the never-ending quest to alienate the fan base, the writers are still shoveling the Bridget-Nick nonsense at us everyday. If I hear him defend himself one more time or her bellyache about how close he is with Mommy again, I will throw myself off a building! Well, not really but you know what I mean! She comes crying to Dante and kisses him AGAIN and then runs off with Nick after his 45th 'I really love YOU' speech. This is dragging and now to have another aborted wedding is just getting laughable. I just wish they would call it off once and for all. Let Brooke and Nick explore a real relationship...one that is not immediately woven into some nonsense with Ridge like before. This time they can finally have a courtship and establish a solid foundation. It's electric when they are in the same scene...just a shame that the visually impaired writers don't see it as well. I would NEVER miss a show with those two as the next sizzling couple. I imagine I am not the only one who may feel that way.

The laugh of the week, however, belongs to Thomas and Gaby for having to sit through the 'Get off her' speech from, of all people, Ridge! What a hypocrite! He walks in on the newly legal-weds getting busy and he decides to be a pillar of moral virtue. Ok, whatever. I liked how Thomas stood up for himself and for his nearly exposed wife. Good Lord, I was on the edge of my seat wondering when those things were going to fall out of the nightgown! Did anyone else notice that? Put some clothes on, girl! I would be flailing myself into the closet before those two could even open their mouths about how inappropriate we are. Have some dignity, little girl! This may heat up Thomas' loins but it won't make any points with the Rents. I'm not sure how I want this whole second shelf story to end up. I think they could make a cute couple but I don't relish a year or two of ducking the INS agents and living in the Forrester House of Commitment to make things look legit. There has to be a better way to wrap this up and move on to some other characters and stories. I am, however, rubbing my rabbit's foot even as we speak that Gaby doesn't get pregnant as a way to spice things up and keep them around longer than they need to be. I think we have had enough unwanted and unplanned pregnancies for a while.

My rants for the week...well, I already mentioned Gaby's peek-a-boobs. I guess my biggest rant for the week would have to be this so-called Jackie-Brooke alliance against Stephanie. On the surface, it seems sincere but I have to wonder if Jackie could care less about Brooke since all she has done for years is try to get her together with her precious Nicky. Hasn't she realized that if Ridge is made to doubt his decision in remarrying Taylor, that could jeopardize a reunion between Brooke and Nick. Or have the writers not caught that little wrinkle yet? It makes no sense and I believe Jackie is completely disingenuous in her quest to help Brooke. It's all about helping her get back into Mojo's bed, nothing more. She got caught with her hand in the cookie jar and now will do whatever is necessary to make things right. I guess I am not liking her very much these days. I just have an overall creepy feeling about her character lately.

My only other rant for the week is simple...I NEED MORE DANTE! That man is FINE and his acting I not half bad. The chemistry with him and Bridget is nice and it would be nice to keep seeing more of him. I only hope the evil B&B Revolving Door doesn't make him it's next casualty. There is so much potential there and watching the clash of the Alpha Males at the Beach House last week makes me believe he could really spice things up with many characters! By the way, I wonder whom I should ask about staying at the Beach House...I mean, it seems that ANYONE can crash there without paying a cent!

Not much in the way of juicy responses to last week's burning question...all agreed that Amber should NOT have any more pregnancies! That much was unanimous. I agree. As a matter of fact, I say she needs to stay OFF the canvas for awhile.

The question of the week...if Brooke and Nick make such a great couple (in my opinion), then I wonder who was the worst couple in B&B history? I don't believe I have ever asked that one. I vote for Sheila and Eric. The piranha and the jellyfish...what an awful combination. Weigh in as I would love to know what your thoughts are. Remember, you can go to the back of the rack with this one!

Who's on the Soapbox?

San writes... 'Why does everyone want to tarnish Taylor's character? Do we always have to bring the other person 'down'? And why is it that no one has called Brooke on going to the beach house before her day? Come on, she was so desperate and insecure that she was hoping sex would give her a leg up (literally!).'

Liz from Illinois writes... '...no, I hope Gaby doesn't have a baby as I would like to see her and Thomas stay together. But not a baby yet. I'll bet if they told Brooke about their situation, she would have understood better than any parent did. They (Ridge and Taylor) should be proud of their son.'

Until next week, stay in touch with your thoughts...it's the best part of my week when I hear from everybody!

Kristine Cain
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