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When Bridget was first introduced, we all were supposed to believe that she was a caring, perceptive, and intelligent woman who would be the future moral backbone to keep the Forresters together.

When Bridget was first introduced as a young woman, we all were supposed to believe she was a caring, perceptive, and intelligent woman who despite all that her mother had not done for her, would be the future moral backbone to keep the Forrester's together. And exactly WHERE did that character go? Now we have a woman who has become a crying , wretching, and naïve mess over a situation that she SHOULD have seen coming from miles away. If you ask me, it's more woman-hating misogynist writing that continues to portray all females as sex obsessed and insecure manipulators that wouldn't know a healthy relationship if it bit them on the behind. This last week did it for me. By Friday, that sink full of dishes was looking more important than watching the show.

Now don't get me wrong...I loved all the scenes that transpired around little Hopeless' near-drowning. Not because there was tragedy but because we saw one person being proven to be just a mere mortal like the rest of us and another who realized how much she needed that mortal in her life. True love. Plain and simple. Call me crazy. Call me a hopeless romantic. But it is so obvious now that the writers are showing the love between Brooke and Nick as more than just platonic. Both actors played those scenes so well, too. Very impressive and if Jack does not get an Emmy to take home next year, I'll throw myself off a building.

In the midst of all the emotional scenes played out in that hospital room, here comes poor little Budge looking to be there to help and instead gets an eyeful of Mommy and her fiancée sharing a near-intimate embrace. Ok, if I were in their shoes, I probably would be pretty touchy-feely too. The girl almost drowned for God's sake! There is a great deal of relief that comes long with the good news that she'll be ok and unless I'm blind, I still did not see anything inappropriate between them. They did not grope or kiss. They did not cross the line...not that they probably did not want to but I think for the most part, both Brooke and Nick have been above board where Bridget is concerned. Then the Budge the Peeper jumps to the worst conclusions and runs around hyperventilating around hospital corridors all week. Give me a break. Hey Budge...wonder what conclusions your fiancée would jump to if he saw you MAKING OUT WITH DANTE????????????????????????? Hello? Can you spell 'hypocrite'?

How could she not see that she probably DOES have some competitive issues with her mother and most certainly is making it a habit to fall for her cast-offs. The only hole in that theory, though, is Deacon. Brooke did not sleep with him until after he married Bridget and when the truth came out, Bridget left him. But the kissing incident and subsequent obsession with Ridge and now the relationship with Nick certainly fit the bill. Both men have been or are still in love with Brooke. Bridget could have had CJ, Mark, or Oz but no...they would have been too boring. No challenge there. So this begs the Bridget becoming Brooke?

Let's take a look...Brooke fell in love with Ridge who was engaged to Caroline. Brooke went after Thorne who was involved with Macy on and off. Brooke slept with Deacon who was married to her daughter. And Bridget seems to be doing the same thing...falling for guys that want someone else. It seems to me that in light of all this, Bridget is proving to be just a 'human' as anyone else on this show and less like the perfect virginal character we keep hearing about like a broken record from nearly everyone on this cast. My hope is this...less Bridget if this is what we have to see each week. All the boo-hooing and all the hysterics over something that is as plain as the nose on her face. Cut your losses, sister, and for God's sake don't use a pregnancy to advance your childish agenda. I am sick to death of accidental pregnancies being used as plot devices on this show, too. Have any of the writers ever heard of birth control? Darla, Brooke, maybe Felicia and now Bridget? Geez. Maybe the PSA at the end of the show should not have been about drowning but safe sex!

So Bridget has a bun in the oven, huh? How original. Ok, so she either aborts it(unlikely) or she has a well-timed miscarriage just after telling Nick to make him feel bad about loving her mother. Unfortunately I feel as though the writers are hell-bent on making Nick look like the bad guy here. Bad for still being in love with Brooke when he made a commitment to Bridget and now being torn between them. But I see it that he never stopped loving her and Bridget became the stand-in for Brooke whether he realized it or not. I don't believe he is a bad man and not an intentional manipulator like Ridge is. However, he is now painted in a pretty narrow little corner that will be tough to escape from with being vilified in the process. It's a shame really...for all the efforts to dumb-down the women on this show, equal effort is going into making the leading man of B&B look like a monster.

I'm getting to my rant early this week so hang on! Where does this notion come from that everyone that sleeps with/falls for Brooke is forever entranced by her and never able to love anyone else for the rest of their lives? That nonsense Eric spewed to Bridget was SO insulting! Sorry, but plenty of guys have moved on to other women...Ridge has over and over, Thorne did, Deacon did, Eric DID go back to Stephanie and so on. So save it, Eric...I suspect everyone is growing tired of this doe-eyed Greek tragedy crap you went on with after dumping Stephanie.

And while I'm on that subject, what is this nonsense about Brooke not being able to be alone? Ok, maybe NOW she can! Would that be so far out of the realm of possibility? I don't just seems like the writers are making her out to be incapable of being independent and I disagree. Give her a chance and let her character experience some downtime and see what happens. I know the fans would love it! I said in the last few weeks that I would love to see a stronger Brooke that can be alone and can focus on her kids and career with a man in the picture or not. The bottom line here is that if you want there to be a true heroine on this show, you have to give her the chance to really be one. Dumping Ridge was a giant step in the right direction and it would be a shame to see that wasted on involvement in another love triangle. Enough already! But all this dialogue from other characters is just laughable at this point. How much time has ERIC spent alone, huh?

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Could Brooke find happiness with Nick? Short and sweet. Am I way off base in my own support of his coupling or on target? Let me know...

Who's on the Soapbox?

Abihim writes... '...I really hope that Brad show women with self-respect and for the potential that have...I hate Brad...he has no respect for women in showing all his female characters as sex hungry and 'I need a man to breathe', he is insulting you, me, and women in general.'

Mag B. writes... ''s amazing how so many people are willing for Brooke to change and they want her to jump Nick's bones and destroy her daughter...for Brooke to be with Bridget she has to betray Bridget is that the new and improved Brooke?

Until next week, stay in touch with your's the best part of my week when I hear from everybody!

Kristine Cain
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