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Let's get this straight...Brooke and Nick love each other, but Bridget is pregnant, so Nick has to pretend that he is madly in love with Bridget, and Brooke has to shelve her feelings.

At what point do you say 'Enough is enough!' After my brief hiatus after a rather somber writing last week, I came back to the proverbial drawing board this Sunday and wondered how much more of this Bridget/Brooke/Nick warped triangle I can take. This entire 'plan' the writers are supposed to make us believe as even remotely plausible make me itch every time I have to watch it. Now Brooke is kissing Dante? Has the world gone mad?? Good Lord, where do I start?

Let me make sure I have this straight...Brooke and Nick love each other but Bridget is pregnant and now they can't be together. Nick has to pretend he is madly in love with Bridget and Brooke has to shelve her feelings or risk losing her daughter forever. Nick has to sleep with Bridget to prove he has no feelings for Brooke and Brooke now has to sleep with Dante to prove she is over Nick. Eric and Jackie know the truth and now they will be sleeping together to help them deal with having to keep their mouths shut. I guess a little tongue hockey will help them keep silent.

I hate this storyline. I hate that two great characters are forced to live a lie for the sake of an immature and now manipulative woman as Bridget has turned out to be. Call me crazy but she did not have to date and fall for a man that she knew had loved her mother. I find exactly as much blame in her court as Nick should share for not facing up to his feelings sooner. But just the fact that we are being subjected to another warped interfamily triangle is getting so tedious and insulting that I fear it could ultimately cost B&B in the ratings. I have to be honest here...that last 4 or 5 episodes were comparable to watching paint dry. It's such a letdown after suffering through so many months of the Nick/Brooke/Ridge nonsense and now it's just more of the same.

Really, folks...would it be so bad to have Nick risk Brooke's ire and just tell Bridget the truth for once? When did the truth become such a bad thing in LA? No one can tell it these days, that's for sure. If I were her mother, I would not want her living a lie knowing her husband is in love with someone else, no matter who that other person is. The whole thing smells to high heaven and I have to say I am tired of watching it. Brooke is never allowed to have a healthy relationship EVER and Nick has gotten the shaft from the moment he came on the scene. Really, what has ever gone his way? Things better change soon...and I don't mean change as in Brooke and Dante getting married or some other nonsense. I even saw the rumor mill has Nick having sex with Bridget. Ugh....I guess this is the 'Yeah, I love you more than Brooke sex.' I hope he pays attention to whose name he screams out during the deed!

Even in my mourning for what 'could have been' between Nick and Brooke, I have to endure an all new form of torture watching the immigration saga unfold at the Forrester House of Horrors. Gaby, who I am rapidly getting sick of, has finally pissed off the Queen of the Manor. Her and Testosterone Tommy were ID'd by the nosey little sister via a wayward condom wrapper. Hey, I have to give the kiddies credit for having the forethought to even use protection...God knows no one else in this show thinks about these things. Anyway, Taylor has had enough of the kids and their phony marriage. Agent Dunn got the call that ol' Bug Eyes should be shipped back across the border immediately. But as much as I think this story is pointless and boring, I will say this...is it me or aren't these two OLD enough to decide their own fate? If they are 18 or older, they can do whatever the want to. Live together. Sleep together. So Taylor should tell them to get packin' if they want to play house so badly. He's working as a designer for Sally now, so let him use that money to support his wife. He'll soon see that playing house and actually supporting one are two different things.

We all know how this story will end, though, don't we? Gaby will get pregnant and Thomas will will expect his parent's support or else no more Golden Boy! This silly fashion face-off will likely have some condition that either keeps him at home and sends Gaby packing or they will have a shot to have their own life. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Ok, so what. Ridge and Taylor's so-called marriage will be put to the test and I for one would love to see these two face their real issues for a change. Rumor has it that Taylor and Hector may be heading for a hook-up....I say HOORAY!! Both look good together and both are perennial do-gooders. I see a lot more heat potential between them than I could EVER see between her and the Wooden One. Eww...Ridge is just too ragged looking these days and I wouldn't sleep with him if he were the last man Earth. And I mean LAST. Taylor can do better and I think Ridge should really be the next character to go off into the sunset. His time has come and with Taylor having more lives than the average house cat, why not let her have a hot and steamy relationship that helps to let her shed her inhibitions a little. With just the right amount of romance, Taylor could be the next hot thing on B&B.

How about those wacky Twins, huh? Next. I still say that Little D/E should be aged to deflower the Forrester Girls and cause some real trouble in paradise. Any spawn of Deacon Sharpe would cause all kinds of mischief and would spice up these stale teen stories.

Here's a question...who should be the character to die in November? Brad has been quoted as saying someone will lose their life in November as a good death can spell better ratings when they need it most and open up other stories. So who buys the farm? Who should take a dirt nap?

A quick thank you to all that responded to my column from last week...many said they felt the same way and were doing what they could in their communities to contribute to the relief efforts. I have the best readers, hands down. Have a great week...

Who's on the Soapbox?

Merriellen writes... '...remember the scene where Bridget fins out she's pregnant? She didn't show the stick to Stephanie-that's the normal thing to do...I think she came up with an elaborate ploy to finally get back at her mother.'

Mandi writes... '...Bridget may have been a little misguided in lying about the abortion but Brooke always steals her men in some weird way or another.'

Until next week, stay in touch with your thoughts...it's the best part of my week when I hear from everybody!

Kristine Cain
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