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Who locked the regular writers in a closet and took over the show? What a turnaround the last week has been!

As I promised last week, I felt it was the right time to give my Scoops 'faithful' the floor this week and to highlight some great emails I have received over the last couple of weeks. I am very lucky to have a great group of readers that check in frequently to either give me kudos or give me Hell, depending on my current take on the events of the week. I invite all opinions as long as people don't get personal or nasty. I think the 'counterpoint' position is good for me as sometimes when I am caught up on the frustration of the week's events I can lose some perspective. Many of you have been with me since the beginning of my Scoops run (almost 3 years ago) and I appreciate every email. Some of these are a real hoot and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. And people say I am funny??? Read on...

Holly from SD: I just watched the B&B...is Bridget turning into psycho woman..take her hand...take his...I wanted to puke!! Where is the common sense on this show?...and Stephanie? I know we have all wanted to kick some jerk in the nads but I thought Stephanie was above such actions?'

AC & LS: 'Not that we are superficial...is it us or does anyone else out there think that Stephanie is due for a much needed makeover? The chicken hair and evangelist suits have got to go...how can she expect to compete with the likes of hot and sexy Brooke looking like a frumpy old man in a suit?'

Alaine: '...the one thing that has never been answered is Dante and Taylor's relationship...at first he acted like he was in love with her and now he's in love with Bridget...'

Emily: 'Who locked the regular writes in a closet and took over the show?? WOW!! What a turnaround the last week has been!! Go Stephanie!! I only hope that Eric will continue to get knocked down a few pegs and that Brooke and The Wooden One will go down in flames right along with him.'

Mary: '...lets' hear it for Stephanie...I have always agreed with Stephanie's thoughts on Brooke and Eric's unfortunate undying loyalty to her...telling Bridget to forgive Brooke for sleeping with Deacon...what kind of father is he? RJ is Nick's son, not Ridge's...welcome back B&B as I am truly happy to watch daily...you lost me for awhile.'

Beth: '...didn't you notice that BEFORE Eric knew that Stephanie had the trust document, he was quick to inform her that the company was his and Brookes and she was OUT? Did you also notice that AFTER he knew about the trust, the company magically reverted back to him and Stephanie as he fed her the 'this is our company, we built this company together as a legacy for our children'...funny how fast he back-peddled on booting Queen Stephanie once he knew she had his family jewels on a stick!!'

Lynette: 'I don't agree with your comment that the writers need to justify the twist at Forrester Creations and the trust...bottom line is Eric knew about it, agreed to it to get the money, and then did not tell Stephanie...he is a cheat and a liar and deserves anything and everything that she decides to dish out.'

JQ: That was one of the funniest columns I have read yet...I laughed so hard I coughed my way into the kitchen for syrup...twice!'

Emma part 1: 'I know that you are a Brooke-hater but I'd truly appreciate it if you still kept your facts right about the history of the show...Eric never 'gave' any part of Forrester to Brooke...she got her shares from inventing BeLief...I don't know why you change the facts to suit your opinion...' (I replied that I know about the BeLief transaction and that I thought her accusation that I change facts to suit my opinion was off base and a little harsh considering I had NEVER said I hate Brooke...actually I have been more complimentary in the last year than ever before...check out last week when I said I thought her speech on the Marlin was gutsy). Emma replied back... Emma part 2: '...I'm sorry if my feedback offended you...it's obvious by the way you write the column that you hate, or at least, dislike Brooke...it's just that it seems in B&B that they rewrite history all the time and every single time it happens to be at the disadvantage of Brooke and her fans...anyway, I appreciate your comments that Brad Bell obviously hating Brooke's character...IMO the way he writes Brooke is one of the saddest things to ever happen to the show.' I agree and this shows what a healthy discourse should be between readers and those of us who do these columns each week. I appreciate Emma's reply and hope she stays in touch. I think she echoes many of the sentiments of Brooke's fans.

Sandra: '...FIRE all the writers of the show...let real people write the scripts...never have I wanted to date my daughters boyfriend and never would I marry my husbands father, brother or my husband more than once...'

Some great insights and what I think are thoughts representative of what many must be thinking week to week. This last week made me think I was in the Twilight Zone. Someone get the net...Bridget has finally gone around the bend! All this silly truth telling, hand holding NONSENSE is pointless, little girl! Why anyone would settle for anyone's sloppy seconds is beyond me. And what is Taylor thinking? Why be faithful when if given the EXACT set of circumstances, Ridge would have been all over Brooke like a cheap suit! GO FOR IT, DOC!!! Hector may not light my fire exactly, but he would be better to mattress dance with than that fossil of a husband she came back from the netherworld for!

Head-scratchers of the week: Who is dressing Nick these days? Was his shirt inside-out on Wednesday?? I think I had a shirt like that when I was in elementary school. And what's up with Stephanie already splitting the President's chair in half privately to Ridge? Poor Thorne...getting rolled under the bus and doesn't even know it. Could Hector have looked any goofier during the press conference? Staring at Jarrod as Taylor spoke and looking all gooey at her throughout. I don't want goofy...I want HOT and MANLY! Between Hector and Nick's latest transformation, I am thinking of buying stock in Jell-O. And the ultimate head-scratcher...why did we have to wait so long to see Taylor act so fallible and human? I thought her tipsy scene with Hector was great! It hopefully will help her image a bit. I hate seeing her get skewered so badly among the fans...I really think she is a great character and scenes like that help it along nicely.

Question of the week: Is Bridget taking Brooke's spot as the central female of B&B? Should she?

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