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If Bridget's pregnancy was suddenly compromised somehow, then Nick would be free to be with Brooke, and all would be right in the universe.

Well, as promised, I am going to let you all in on my wish list for B&B for the upcoming year. My crystal ball was a little cloudy last year and not much of what I was hoping to happen actually did but I feel it in my bones...this is MY year!! Now I have put a lot of thought into this list over the holidays so get ready...there might be some things that shock you! Hell, I shocked myself!! Here goes...

I would finally be revealed that Thorne is Hope's Daddy. I know, I would be a logistical impossibility but with all the 'weird science' and 'fuzzy math' that goes on with B&B, it could be a very interesting wrinkle in Stephanie's grand plan to keep her family Brooke-free. This could work on SO many different levels. First, it gives Thorne a juicy story for the first time in, like, a year or so. It provides some tension between him and Darla as they are treading ever so closely to the land of the 'boring and stale married couple'. Let's spice things up a bit and throw some drama their way to test their 'perfect' union. I like them, don't get me wrong, but to keep them front and center, there has to be some kind of challenge. Poor Hopeless has called three different people 'Daddy' since she was born and since Deacon isn't due to come back anytime soon, why not give her a Daddy that no one can really be upset about. I mean, who 'hates' Thorne? No one. It would make Ridge jealous, Nick depressed and jealous, and Stephanie would have a heart attack FOR REAL. Brooke would have 2 children by Forrester men and not even Stephanie could do a thing about it.

I wish...Bridget would have some kind of calamity that results in a paternity test for that kid she is carrying. Let's be honest here...Nick would NOT be with her if it weren't for the bun in the oven she says is Nick's. In keeping with all the other fantastic and unrealistic storylines they have come up with in the past, why not let Dante be the Daddy and in turn help to release Captain Nick from his endless servitude to Malibu Barbie. Dante could have lied about the night she 'slept over'. Yeah, she woke up with her clothes on but anyone that has had a drunken one-night stand can tell you it IS possible to at least put your drawers back on after the deed. Hey, stranger things have been revealed, you know?

I wish...the 'real' Nick would come back. As I said in a recent column, I miss the manly and dashing captain that we first fell so hard for a couple of years back. I want the beard, I want the peacoats, and the Hell with everyone attitude he once had. If Bridget's pregnancy somehow is compromised (and don't burn me at the stake for saying's a soap opera pregnancy and therefore automatically subject to the untimely demise) then Nick would be free to be with Brooke and all will be right in the universe. I would rather them be together than to see her hook back up with Ridge, which brings me to my next wish...

I wish...that there is NO MORE BROOKE & RIDGE REUNION!!!! I can't stand even seeing them in the same frame on my TV and the thought of the writers toying with this abomination makes my skin crawl and my stomach do back-flips. It's old, it's tired, and it's just bad TV, period. I even read somewhere that Ronn Moss doesn't want their to be another Brooke-Ridge go-round and I agree. I'd rather watch paint dry than suffer through another go-round with these two.

I wish...that the writers work extra hard on finding a creative way to keep Felicia around and not have her be another 'here today, dead tomorrow' character that they have become famous for. It's proving to be a popular re-cast and her character (along with her little Jr. Sailor) are a fresh and welcome addition to a rather stale cast. I like her exchanges with Stephanie and if they are REALLY creative, the writers could have her involved is a whirlwind romance of her own. It almost seems as though she is being primed a little by Dante as it is. I know! Have Dr. Mark be the one who magically 'cures' her and let them hook up!! It keeps him around for awhile and it would be a healthier relationship than if she tried to get back with Nick.

I wish...Taylor would stop being so worried about what Ridge thinks and look out for her own sanity. Hook up with Hector and be done with it already! All this nonsense about her 'cheating' and Brooke running around trying to do a hatchet-job on her reputation makes her look petty. Taylor is human like the rest of us...ok, so what? I say she is better off without that slug of an egomaniac. This hysterical crying and ranting she has been going on with is sad to watch. She needs to realize he doesn't love her in the way she thinks he does and MOVE ON. Here's a man that loves you and would probably worship the ground you walk on...I wouldn't give it another thought. And the 'children'? They are almost grown...get over it. Enjoy some real romance and dump the Deadwood.

Final wish...that Eric and Stephanie DO NOT get back together. Hopefully Brad will find a way to keep Jackie around and he can hook up with her the RIGHT way. This nostalgic turn down memory lane surrounding Felicia's illness looks too forced. They are better off warring in my opinion. He is the worst father on this show and not such a great husband, either. Maybe a mature relationship with Jackie will set him straight. I also hope he has been a bit humbled by his trust deception he pulled on Stephanie and realizes that she did plenty behind the scenes to make sure he became the fashion king he feels he is. Stephanie should be with Massimo and I have trumpeted that for more columns now than I can count. It makes sense and I think the viewers would like that pairing. But hey, what do I know, huh?

Sorry for the late was a busy football weekend and anyone that has followed my weekly ranting knows that I am a football NUT. I'll be back on track next week with a look at the goings-on and we'll sit back and see if any of my wishes come true. I know...I'm not holding my breath, either! But a girl can dream, right?

Until next week....GO STEELERS!!!

Kristine Cain
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