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Massimo Marone -- dad to many, ghost to most these days. He's an accomplished soap actor, and yet it seems that he has become as invisible as Thorne.

Ok, so who is REALLY to blame for the amazingly obvious lack of Emmy nominations for B&B? The actors? The producers? No...while I was reading the list, it dawned on me that the only logical people to point the finger to is the writing staff. It's sad, really, as there have been some great individual performances and yet it all gets left in the wake of critical favorites such as The Young and the Restless. While their following is strong and they enjoy the advantage of a full hour of programming everyday, I still believe in our little 30 minutes of over the top and reality defying show. As a matter of fact, I believe in it so much that I have come up with some categories that the Emmy's may want to consider using in the future.

Best Resurrection by a Recurring Character: Who else but...Hunter Tylo as Taylor Forrester. More lives than a cat and the most illogical explanation in soap history. A dummy in the coffin. A forged death certificate. A shadowy Prince from the Desert that just can't let go. Her return signaled, for some, a harkening back to the good ol' days of B&B and to others merely a desperate attempt to buoy the sagging ratings. Neither proved to be overwhelmingly successful yet Taylor's return from the great beyond was a good thing for the show in my opinion.

Best Disappearing Act By A Major Character: Massimo Marone. Dad to many, ghost to most these days. We have rarely seen him since Deacon left town and his marriage fell apart for the last time. He's an accomplished soap actor and yet it seems that he has become as invisible as Thorne these days. Why? He's the best foil for Eric on the show and a powerful match in the meddling department to Stephanie. I hope he gets involved somehow in the power struggle at Forrester and becomes the biggest pain in the rear that Eric Forrester has ever had to endure.

Best Ongoing Crying Scene: Katherine Kelly Lang as Brooke 'Somebody Get Me A Damn Tissue' Logan. Is it just me or does nearly 1 out of every 2 shows end with Brooke crying about something or someone? Somebody get that woman a Kleenex!!! Does she own stock in Mabelline Mascara? As much as that woman is made to cry, that makeup should be strong enough to handle nuclear winter!

Best Use of Geometry in a Soap: The Perpetual Romantics Triangles of B&B. Nick/Ridge/Brooke. Then there was Nick/Bridget/Brooke. But wait! There was Ridge/Brooke/Bridget. How about Dante/Bridget/Nick? Ridge/Taylor/Brooke? What will it be next...the rectangle of Ridge/Bridget/Nick/Brooke? Hmmm...

Most Underused Character: Thorne Forrester. Though we are seeing him more these days, he still does not have a juicy story to sink his teeth into. Even though he made it to the executive suite, he still seems to be living in the basement. Poor Thorne. I suppose we are to believe that his brother is actually more appealing to watch onscreen than he is. NOT!

Best Use of a Government Agency: The INS. They helped provide the lame reasoning to justify Gaby's departure from LA and Thomas' bedroom to be exact. After her mother died in a car wreck, she found out she was an illegal alien and married Thomas to insure her citizenship and her place in a college classroom. Instead, she got caught with her panties down by Thomas' recently returned from the dead Mommy and a whole lotta flack from the Feds. I say...good riddance!!!

Most Ruined Male Character: Nick Marone. As I have said for months now...BRING BACK MY DASHING CAPTAIN!!! He has become a waffling and weak character due to the endless triangling with Brooke and now this latest sham of a marriage to his Princess Bride. I pray for his return to being the strong and confident character he once was. It's just a shame that the plot device miscarriage will likely spur this return. I just hope he doesn't come out of the other side of the nonsense as a jerk like Ridge.

Most Ruined Female Character: Bridget Forrester Marone. When played by Jennifer Finigan, she was a lot of fun to watch. A little bit fiery and a little bit vulnerable all wrapped up nicely within a woman who can really act. Now we have a whiny, controlling, and manipulative woman who, for all her incessant criticisms in the past about her mother's behavior, has become the very thing she swore she would not be...a younger version of her mother. However I swear it seems that Brooke is more mature these days than Bridget, if you can believe that. Hypocrite with a capital H. A really tanking of this character...makes me yearn for the days when she was sneaking into clubs with her girlfriends and flirting with bad boys. Ah, memories.

Best Bribe in Daytime: Stephanie Forrester's fake heart attack bribe to Dr. Mark. A cool million, huh? Too bad he was so stupid as to go out and try to spend it all in one condo! Tipping off Jackie doesn't exactly keep your business a secret you know! Oh well...that means we won't see him again for awhile and Stephanie will never live it down. People are still bringing it up months later. I know she deserves all the Hell she has gotten for it but you have to admit, it signaled an all new and more creative low for everyone's reviled family matriarch.

Well, that's all folks. I'm sorry for the late posting but I am crafting this while I am on the road again and don't have a reliable Internet connection until Monday night. Thank you for all of your congratulations for my Steelers. It's been nice to see their 26 year drought of Super Bowls wins come to an end. Seahawk fans...there is always a very promising next year for you and your team-certainly the best team in the NFC and more than worthy opponents.

Everyone enjoy your Valentines Day!!!

Kristine Cain
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