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Brooke has had quite a week, huh? With the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that she had to finally scrape Ridge off her heels, she instead remained passive.

Brooke Logan Forrester has had quite a week, huh? And though there have been a litany of things she has done in the past to frustrate me, lately I have been giving her the benefit of the doubt as a female that can be every bit as strong and self-assured as anyone else. I have tried to stay hopeful that if given the right situation, a new and improved Brooke would emerge and shock everybody. Then I have to witness the scene on the Shady Marlin to round out the week and all that went right out the window. Brad has done it again.

The wedding debacle was classic of course and I couldn't have wished for a better end to another dysfunctional Forrester nuptial. With the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity she had to finally scrape Ridge off her heels, she instead remained passive and said little if anything right up until she took off her dress. I was hoping for a more confident response to Ridge's questions before they all left to see Felicia expire. I know her silence said a lot but still I felt that she could have given both Nick and Ridge more to go on. Just a mouth agape and another tear in her eye. I would have had no trouble telling Ridge to get out and locking myself in the room with the dashing captain, but that's just me. That being said, the worst was yet to come...

To have Nick see Brooke 'comforting' Ridge in his hour of need brought back irritating memories of the Venice scam between Thorne, Brooke, and Ridge. What a rotten trick to play, huh? Anyway, this notion that a man that just lost his sister to cancer needs to be sexed up to be comforted is just plain foul. It's beyond foul...it's depraved. And she fell for it? Nick did not need to see that and exactly how did she think he would feel anyway? He came there to get an answer and instead he got an eyeful! I would feel pretty betrayed myself! Her last words to him were 'I love you' and then she allows the Wooden One to sleaze all up on her? Nope...gotta be stronger than that, lady! I'm hoping that by the end of that scene she began to realize that the sole foundation of his 'love' for her revolves around SEX, that's all. In his hour of despair, he is thinking about? SEX!! UGH!!! Brooke is little more than a sexual object to him, period. But how could she fall for it? I had hoped she would have been strong enough to tell him right from the start that she would be there to help him talk out his feelings and support him, but that's it. Than again, Brad seems quite content on objectifying Brooke and seems happy to see her being pawed at by the dress-maker. Makes my skin crawl.

So Nick sees what he sees and when Brooke shows up at the Drunken Marlin, she had the nerve to tell him how disappointed SHE is? I almost fell off the couch watching that! Nick had every right to give it right back to her and remind her that had she not been nearly butt-naked on top of Ridge, he would not have gotten hammered and ended up falling around the boat with Taylor (don't even get me started on this subject now!). He's right and if she would look beyond herself for a second she would see how this all got started. Do I believe they will get past this? Yes, but not after much debate about nothing. The rumor mill claims that Brooke will have a hard time with 'what she saw' on the Marlin. What? What she saw was two trashed people who could barely stand up. They never kissed and it just doesn't seem like they have much liking for each other anyway. By Brooke's definition, they were comforting each other, right? Get off the high horse and just get with the Captain as quickly as you can...you'll be happier and we can all move on to watching some other stories unfold.

Other stories like......Felicia being alive!! Yes, the rumor mill is 'alive' (get it?) with buzz that Felicia is getting a reprieve thanks to the efforts of her mother. I guess that explains why Stephanie was so calm and content talking with Bridget and Dante on Friday. She knows something that no one else does...yet. I guess this is where Hector's life-saving brother comes into play as Felicia medical savior. I am really curious as to how he will be introduced and what the fan reaction will be. The jury is still out here at the Scoops keyboard.

What's up with this show and their need to bring people back from the dead? Will Felicia be the new Taylor? More live than a cat! Don't get me wrong...I never wanted Felicia to die in the first place. She is being portrayed by a great actress and this show needs another female besides Brooke and Taylor. Personally I have always thought the Forrester sisters were horribly underused characters right from the beginning. Felicia keeps everyone on their toes and the core characters could use a little bit of that. And I suppose Brad got the hint that having Kristen be a no-show was not too cool...rumor has it that she will be back for the fake funeral. Maybe Stephanie will call Omar and use the same people for the wax Felicia to put in the casket.

Did I miss the memo that said Massimo would start acting as meddlesome and obnoxious as Stephanie? Hanging around Brooke's house like a ghoul is a little beneath him, isn't it? I was waiting for him to go upstairs and stand watch at Brooke's bedroom door...yuck! Doesn't he have anything better to do or don't the WRITERS have anything better for him to do? His tirades to Nick and Jackie were a little off the deep end as well. I am hoping for a better story for him the in future, too. Nice to see him but not quite like this.

Loved the dress Jackie was wearing, by the way. I thought she was the best looking woman at the Almost Wedding. And I have to give kudos to her defense of her son and Brooke's OBVIOUS attraction to each other. And how about her giving it right back to Woodzilla?? The best dialogue of the week was between Jackie and Ridge. I have been waiting a long time for a snappy and cutting exchange between these two. Ridge deserved a little slap upside the head for not having his eyes open to what is really going on. I almost threw something at my TV every time he said 'Brooke made her decision'. IS HE LOST???? Does he need a hearing aid? I don't remember hearing anything of the sort. If there was ever a character on this show living in la-la land, it's Ridge.

I'm thinking that the writers are falling farther and farther into the abyss of indecision when it comes to poor Taylor. Poor drunken lonely Taylor. Now she is the town lush stumbling and bumbling onto people's boats. I truly hope we don't have to endure some weird attraction to Nick now our out of the good doctor. It's one thing to be friends I suppose but anything else between these two just leaves me flat. They already said hey don't even like each other, so why force something just because you don't know what else to do with this character. I'd rather see her have a hot romance with Mr. Fireman than get involved in some convoluted triangle with Brooke, Nick and Ridge. It's a little like being on a treadmill and not knowing how to get off safely.

Question of the week: Do you like or dislike the direction that Taylor is taking? Has she become more real or more cartoonish?

One more question...Patrick Duffy as Brooke's dad??? Did I read that right? Why are we constantly going for the 'name' when casting in this show? And I swear, and please quote me here, if we go down the road of another secret paternity angle with this latest Stephanie and Brooke rumor I will jump off a building! The thought of another Jill-Kay story makes me itch! All this secrecy and build-up has got me worried that Brooke's dad is coming back for another round of Who's My Daddy. Maybe Stephanie is Brooke's mom. Maybe the level of family inbreeding can reach all new heights! Let's hope the story doesn't include the words 'paternity', baby switching' or 'adoption' because that is one of the only other options Brad could explore...Brooke being adopted and having no idea who father is. Hey, Massimo has pretty active loins...maybe he is her Daddy! With the history of this show, nothing and I mean NOTHING is out of the realm of possibility.

Until next week....

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