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As if Ridge's character wasn't already bad enough, last week we had the rare treat of watching him sink to an all-time low. He has officially gone around the bend and turned into Brooke's very own stalker.

As if Ridge's character couldn't get any we have the rare treat of watching him sink to an all-time low this past week. He has officially gone around the bend and become Brooke's very own stalker. Lurking on the balcony, spying around every corner, and showing up with luggage for Heaven's sake! The question is whether or not all this nonsense will work or whether it's simply primer for Ridge to finally go away and leave Brooke alone? Let's speculate, shall we?

If Ridge keeps pressing Brooke, I can't imagine that it will have much effect on her feelings towards making a life with Nick. I know full well there are readers who do not support a Nick-Brooke pairing, so lets just acknowledge that now and get it out of the way. So, given the obvious attraction of those two, now Ridge has more than his work cut out for him. Showing up with his bags and using RJ as a pawn to work the sympathy card with Brooke did not work. The manhandling kiss did not have much effect. He'll keep glaring and begging and manipulating Brooke for weeks until he finally goes to his 'other Daddy' to plead his case. That's what has me a little concerned. If Mass uses Jackie's legal situation to blackmail Nick into dropping Brooke, I see that backfiring HUGE. It would be just like Jackie to tell Nick NOT to make a deal with the Devil and let her figure her way out of this without Mass' or his help. Maybe she could go to Eric for some help. Anyway, with everything Brooke and Nick have been through just to get this far, I hardly think there is much that would sway them at this point. But WAIT! I forgot...we have the high school writers working on all of this so we have to remember that there has to be something that is supposed to turn the tide in Ridge's favor. Oh yeah...that's right. Brooke's Daddy is supposed to help his cause. NOT!

Unless Ridge or Mass offer that man his own country or island, I don't see where Stephen Logan can, in good conscience, try to convince Brooke to marry Ridge. He has always hated Ridge and everything about the Forrester's for as long as I can remember, so why him? It's weak and certainly desperate on Ridge's part. How do you make that call by the way? 'Hi Steve...this is Ridge, you know...the one that your daughter has been obsessed with for half of her life? Yeah,'s the deal. I have a million dollars with your name on it if you come back to LA, convince Brooke that you are a dutiful Dad again and actually care about her...then tell her how important it is to be married to the father of her little boy. If not, I'll tell her that you are still hittin' the sauce and you have become a pathetic shell of your former self. Great! I'll send you a ticket!' It's like the producers were more interested in bringing on another 'name' rather than steer this story in a direction that actually makes sense. Make sense??!!! Did I really say that? What was I thinking??

Mass certainly has become a jerk lately, huh? I think that has bothered me more these last few weeks than anything else. I liked his character quite a bit for a long time...nearly since he originally came on the scene. Now he is going schizo and focusing all his attention on the son that doesn't really care about him anyway. It's all about Ridge, all the time. What is it with Mass and Stephanie for that matter? Has he been THAT good of a son to deserve this misguided and nearly Freudian spotlight 24/7? I mean honestly...who was the last person (besides Nick) who really told Ridge that he is NOT the center of the universe?? Somebody give me a walk-on role for just one day and I'll give that man an earful!

Some has written to me saying that they are worried that Nick is just another part if Brooke's 'gotta have someone to chase' lifestyle. I don't know about that...she had a couple of choice opportunities to just take the safer route and go with Ridge but she is resisting that in large part, I think, due to her need to be free of all the paranoia she feels being a part of the Forrester's. She has even said it to Nick...she feels as though she does not have to look over her shoulder anymore. Sorry but you can't put a price on that kind of security and with any luck (and some choice words between Nick and Mojo), she will have that sense of security for a long time to come.

One question is it that Taylor could get a divorce/annulment from Woodzilla in a day or so and Bridget and Nick have to wait 6 months? Does anyone else think that smells a little rotten??? In a world filled with quickie marriages and divorces, timelines actually rear their ugly heads just in time for Brooke to find a little happiness. Imagine that? Anyone with half a brain should be able to see where the writers are planning to take this...make her wait 6 months and Ridge will use every bit of that time to curse her life some more with his presence. More forcible sexual advances, more staged crap with Hope and RJ, and more importantly, more time for him to pull a 'Stephanie' and change the world order to suit himself. Apple doesn't fall far from the tree, does it? I hope Brooke stays strong over the next few months and tells Ridge to pound sand. I really and truly mean it when I say that I would love to see Brooke happy and Forrester-free for the foreseeable future. I know it sounds crazy but I really mean it.

And on that positive note, how about Felicia's incredible cheating of certain death thanks to everyone's favorite meddling Mom Stephanie? Geez...she probably even gives the Grim Reaper a headache! She cheated death and kept Felicia hangin' on and I am happy about that, too! I want her to wake up, sleep with the new doc, and take that precious baby back from the Malibu Beach House. Bridget is not mature enough to be raising a baby at all! She has enough issues to deal with and a poor baby will get lost in the shuffle. Felicia is a great character with so much upside potential that she could give Brooke a run for her money in screen time. Since we can't get Kristen back for any length of time unless someone is getting married or dying, we might as well have at least one Forrester sister. The 'X' factor here, though, is what Dante will do when he realizes Felicia is still alive. Will he keep pursuing Bridget without the easy glue of a baby to keep her nearby or will he give up altogether. Felicia will keep the kid I believe but how involved will he be now? I hope he's not some pig who was just using the baby to jump in the sack with Bridget. What a disappointment that would be for a character that I was hoping would be more than a pretty face (and nice pecs).

And what's all this speculation about Taylor having the hots for Nick?? Exactly how many different directions are we going to send our favorite shrink? I couldn't believe she showed up on the Marlin like that with coffee and googly eyes for Nick! How many more times to we have to go to the 'Brooke vs. Taylor' well when it comes to a man? Call me crazy but I do NOT see any chemistry between these two. Actually, I laugh out loud at the prospect of them even being intimate. I guess he has disliked her for so long and she has resided on her pedestal for so long that I can't fathom these two getting busy at all. There is no sizzle, no spark, nothing to make me WANT to tune in tomorrow at the prospect of seeing I feel with Nick and Brooke. THAT'S chemistry!

And by the way, kudos to the person who decided to replace Hunter Tylo's picture from her newly resurrected hair extensions to her current and more stylish 'do. I was wondering how long that would take. I suppose Dr.Ramirez is going to be around for a little while, too as he made the new intro line-up.

Ah, the good doctor...I can't look at him for any period of time without thinking of him flirting in the halls of Bayside High. Slater goes from fluorescent muscle shirts to domestic abuse in real life to stupid pet tricks and all the way to being the healer of the rich and comatose. WOW! What a journey! I am, however, looking forward to seeing how he and Hector relate to one another. I'm sure there will be lots of obligatory tension and clashing of ideals...with this writing as of late, could we expect anything less? I thought the good doctor's time spent watching the Felicia's "This is My Life' dvd was interesting and seems primed to make him fall for her. Makes sense I suppose and I think they would look great together. No matter what happens, though...I don't want to see Felicia end up with any of the established men on this show. She has too much potential for that and maybe I will be wrong and Dr. Ramirez' character will give us a nice little injection of fresh testosterone. With the never-ending 'Brooke Logan Show' everyday, it would be a nice change of pace.

I have to say that Susan Flannery's scenes last week during that farce of a ceremony were outstanding! She is such a great actress and makes the action and feelings so believable (which can be very hard in the soap world). Her stellar acting almost made me excuse the fact that the producers weren't bright enough to explain why Felicia's BODY or CASKET weren't there during the service! HELLO!!!! Is everyone in that family lost or do they not notice she's not there?? What's is Eric's problem? You mean he has not once asked to see her one last time? No body, no urn...nothing! I guess it's just another example of how little credit we all get for being observant. Well, this viewer noticed! See...all the more reason for me to get my round trip ticket to LA to help them out!! I'm available...anytime!

Last week's answers to the question of whether Ridge's time on this show has come and gone were not at all surprising. Not one reader said they wanted him to stay and all seemed to be of the opinion that Ronn Moss is probably ready to hang it up anyway. Who knows? I guess all we have is our wishes for Ridge's demise, right? I do wish Ronn Moss well in his musical endeavors as that seems, in my opinion, to be where his talents truly lie. A Ridge-Free show is a happy show!

This week's question is a loaded one...why do you like or dislike Brooke Logan? I believe I asked this last year about why people disliked Taylor so much, so I felt this was fair. What makes you a Brooke-Fan or a Brooke-Hater? Be specific and I will dedicate much of next week's column to your responses. As the lightening rod for this show, it seems fitting I start with her when putting the major characters under the microscope.

One last footnote...I would like to do a little 'WOO-HOO!!' to the George Mason Patriots as they advance to their first visit to the Final Four in school history. It is my college alma mater (undergrad and graduate) and I am looking forward to now being able to wear my GMU sweatshirt proudly and not be asked 'Where's that school?' First my Steelers, now my college! Isn't life wonderful????

Have a great week!!

Kristine Cain
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