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What the hell are Ridge and Massimo doing sitting around replaying old scenes from Goodfellas? They sound like a mob family whose next move is to have Nick rubbed out if he doesn't dump Brooke!

It's a crazy week here at Scoop Headquarters and while I was going to take a break this week due to some out of town stuff that needed to be handled, I decided to at least leave you all with some pertinent questions to mull over before I post the new Scoops this weekend. Don't worry...I'm not closing my laptop out of frustration over the stories with holes big enough to drive a truck through. I'll be on fire this weekend for sure! Besides, I haven't taken a break in...well, a really long time. I can clear out the mental cobwebs and be back to 'school' Brad on how nutty these stories are becoming.

But I could not take my mini-sabbatical without posing a few questions that even made me scratch my head over the past several days...I like to call this my "What the Hell/Heck?' questions...I'll abbreviate to 'WTH?'

WTH are Ridge and Mass doing sitting around replaying old scenes from 'Goodfellas'? They sound like they are a mob family and their next move is to have Nick rubbed out if he doesn't dump Brooke! Did we all miss that memo that said these two were poster-children for father and son bonding?

WTH did Jackie do to deserve being sent to the clink and then denied bail like she was Ted Bundy?

WTH kind of new age, fancy cancer treatments does the ex-AC Slater have going on that he can bring 'em back from a coma, throw in a new liver, and do some speed-chemo to make Felicia well enough to do some tap dancing at her bedside?? Sign me up for that clinic if I ever get sick!

WTH DID Brooke ever see in that Moron-e, Ridge?

WTH (Where?) did Mass get pics of that unbelievably cute pirate picnic if he had NO idea where they were when Ridge was ranting and raving in his office? Are the crabs wired with little digital cameras now?

WTH (Why?) would anyone ever want to see Brooke Logan go back to a blubbering and insecure mess of a woman when she does nothing but smile when she is around Nick?

Questions, questions, questions.....if this doesn't give you readers a little peek through the window of my thoughts for the next Scoops, I don't know what will. I'll be back on Saturday night and I'm coming out swingin'!!!!!!! Have a great rest of the week!!

Kristine Cain
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